Did you get a random Facebook friend request?

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Meta has apologized for an issue where users received unwarranted friend requests when secretly viewing other user profiles.

The issue has been addressed according to Facebook.

The social media giant confirmed a recent update as the cause for confusion.

The said bug led to users of the app sending unprompted friend requests.

Friend requests were sent mistakenly after users perused another user’s profile.

Stalker or no stalker bug

In reports, it seems those who perused another user’s profile had Facebook sending requests to them.

The bug has been remedied but possibly highlighted a way to keep prying eyes at bay.

While the Meta-owned company apologized for the mishap, its the possibility of a stalker less Facebook that has our curiosity.

Imagine knowing when stalking someone’s profile that a friend request would be sent.

The recent bug is not the first bug to cripple the social media platform.

Last month, a different bug affected ads as the social media network halted advertising in response to the glitch.


Can tik tok now let me make folders on my profile seen as im #famous #known

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Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all stopped working one Monday evening as the services experienced outages on 4 October 2021.

The Facebook-owned companies all experienced a concurrent outage which meant that users could not access the platform websites or refresh their apps.

Each service confirmed that they were experiencing issues in posts on Twitter.

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