Samsung, AI infiltration and the expected exponential tech shift

There’s a deliberate shift to move more towards embedded AI across consumer tech from Samsung, which means elevated personalization, predictive intelligence, and AI leveraging on the horizon for the consumer.

This is an intelligent plan from the south Korean multinational considering their recent introduction of the S24 series lineup.

While the world evolves under uncertainties tied to inflation and supply chain disruptions, the consumer electronics industry appears to be steadfast in navigating through the challenges.

It’s clear that the industry, the tech industry, to be exact, has witnessed a deliberate shift in consumer preferences such as the need to integrate tech such as artificial intelligence.

Samsung has picked up on the scent as seen during its vision statement at CES 2024, where the South Korean electronics multinational pointed out how AI would enable people to experience their devices more intuitively and conveniently than before.

Samsung is aware that with AI, the focus shifts to smarter, redefined user experience and more for devices. When we look at how Samsung unpacked their S24 series we see just how the focus moved more on how AI redefined user experience.

Samsung is deploying AI to be optimized in user homes, to be used more effectively while incorporating most of its other devices, that fall in line with the Samsung ecosystem. With that said, let’s look at some of the highlights including what to expect from Samsung this year.

What’s the latest?

Samsung plans to focus and elaborate on how AI tech is transforming visual display products alongside how digital appliances are used.

We’re all likely to see the introduction of the new The Premiere 8K, a projector that features not only 150-inch display but also the world’s first wireless 8K transmission projector.

We’re likely to also see how Samsung plans to use AI to make its products more energy efficient through features like Smartthings AI energy mode

There’s also Samsung’s vision for SmartThings and strategy on how the firm plans to make the connected device experience safer and more inclusive not to mention energy efficient.

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