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Advertising and Media

  • Online advertising: Cautious Optimism

    I’ve always wondered where the gazillions in online advertising revenue went. If the pundits and their skyward-pointing graphs were to be believed, I doubt very much I’d still be working, but filing this column from Mauritius. Of course then it was de rigueur to foam at the mouth over the projected revenue of the reckless dot.boom era. It was all part of the hype: that internet-is-going-to take-over-the-world-and-kill-newspapers mumbo jumbo we all know so...

  • The power of information

    People are still asking today how it was that the world failed to mobilise during the Rwanda genocide. Nearly a million Africans were hacked and slaughtered, making it one of the most appalling genocides in history -- yet the world didn’t lift a finger. Could it be that the world (and even Africa itself) doesn’t really care a jot about what happens on the “dark continent”? Or is it the case the world...

  • Audio streaming online: Dare to Stream

    Radio “streaming” may draw in a surprising amount of listeners, but the business prospects have yet to evolve. Matthew Buckland considers the current landscape and future prospects of the net’s audio capabilities. Thanks to the world wide web, regional and national South African radio stations have become, in a sense, worldwide broadcasters. Stations like 5FM or Joburg’s 94.7 Highveld Stereo can now be picked up, via the net, anywhere from Khayelitsha to...

  • South African websites: Who’re the Big Fish?

    South Africa’s online publishers pulled in about 3,5-million unique users or readers and about 106-million page impressions in the month of August. It’s the first time we have been able to get this kind of overall picture of the industry and measure the big publishers together on the same, powerful statistics system, with this level of detail and accuracy. We know now that we have two publishers far ahead of the pack. They...

  • Mugabe’s Online Nightmare

    Net Savvy Mugabe’s Online Nightmare The Daily News website and Zimonline continue to publish news critical of the Mugabe regime, and there’s not much Jonathan Moyo can do about it. Matthew Buckland looks at the power of websites as tools of democracy in Africa. When South African mainstream media were covering the banning and demise of Zimbabwe’s biggest independent daily paper, the Daily News, what wasn’t widely reported was...

  • Google ads fuel dot.com recovery

    In case you were one of the billions who thought Google was just a search engine, think again. It’s so much more. It is one of the most sophisticated, targeted network advertising agencies on the net or anywhere. Those seemingly innocuous text ads that have been popping up on search engines, news and content sites all over the world are part of a new-generation, mega-successful network advertising model, called keyword search advertising....

  • Joe Bloggs ‘Journalism’

    Everyone’s heard of Joe Bloggs. A few have heard about Salam Pax. So what do the two have in common? They are both ordinary people, the grassroots, the citizenry. Joe Bloggs refers to the fictional everyday man and Salam Pax is a real, everyday Iraqi that captured the imagination of the world press during the Iraq war. (more…)

  • SA’s quiet revolution

    Somewhat of a quiet revolution appears to be taking place in South Africa’s media world. Late last year News24 launched their 24-hour interactive news channel 59 on DSTV. It’s not quite a TV channel and not quite a website. In fact it is something in between. What we are seeing here is the start of something pretty amazing and pretty big. It’s a successful application of what is known as “convergence”. Convergence hasn’t had...

  • Are websites killing newspaper circulations?

    Websites are often singled out as one of the main culprits for falling print circulations. Simply put, the argument is why would readers bother to buy a newspaper if they can get the same publication for free over the net? It’s not a new debate, but yet it persists. It’s the question at the back of every newspaper editor’s mind when faced with declining numbers. Print circulations around the world are showing signs...

  • Mine’s bigger than yours, I think

    It’s billed as the most measurable medium in the world, yet ironically, for a long time internet measurement in South Africa has been in somewhat of a flux. While there is no doubting the veracity and integrity of the readership figures being put forward by reputable online publishers, it’s been difficult to get a completely accurate picture of website readership in South Africa. In the early days of the wild, wild web there were...