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All posts tagged "USSD"

  • 20+ essential USSD codes to remember for Vodacom, MTN & beyond

    If you're a prepaid user on one of South Africa's mobile phone networks, chances are that you use a USSD code every day. Whenever you check your airtime, load more airtime or request a call from someone who has more airtime than you, you're using a USSD code. Often, you'll remember these as some of the most used codes, but there are a few you might not know exist. Below, we take a look at some of the USSD codes you really should remember, as well as their functions, for the biggest networks in South Africa. Note: we'll be sure to...

  • Mass mobile marketing campaigns: why basic tech works better

    The emerging markets mobile landscape does not, as yet, reflect those of more mature economies. Indeed, the smartphone penetration levels in a mid to high tier emerging economy still sit at approximately thirty percent. Moreover, the most popular mobile activities in those markets have nothing to do with downloading apps or making in-app purchases. To use the example of South Africa again, the most popular activity is still sending and receiving “Please Call Me” messages. Coupled with relatively high costs for data, the majority of people in these countries are economically unable to enjoy the world of...

  • Orange to bring Facebook to ‘every phone in Africa’

    Mobile telecommunications giant Orange has launched a brand new service which it claims will make Facebook “accessible on every phone in Africa”. The French-based company says that it will allow its subscribers across the continent to via USSD -- a technology used by all GSM mobile devices to send information across a 2G network. It is already used widely in Africa for services such account information and callback services. This means that...

  • Five ways to decide if HTML5 is for you

    They say that the only certainties in life are tax and death. Nowadays there seems to be a third: you need to mobilise your business, or go out of business. But while this might be a certainty for many, what is less certain is how you go about this. Especially because it sometimes feels like you are getting conflicting, yet equally eloquent and passionate, advice about which path to take: native, HTML5, hybrid, and so on, and so on. HTML5 is the latest contender to enter the fray. This is the most recent iteration of the mark-up language that writes...

  • The key to USSD growth in Southern Africa

    USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data), has enormous potential to deliver new products and services to mobile customers in sub-Saharan Africa, but has yet to come into its own as a mature, fully-fledged service. Like SMS, USSD has a low barrier to entry for subscribers and customers. It is intuitive, menu-driven and works across all handsets, yet unlike SMS, USSD services and availability varies greatly across Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and regions in sub-Saharan Africa. "Just about every handset made in the last 10 years handles USSD sessions and menus, and all GSM handsets will at least handle basic USSD, which...