10 big stories from February 2019 worth reading again

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It’s come an gone in the blink of an eye, almost as if it’s the shortest month of the year. (Get it?).

February, for the most part, has been dominated by folding smartphones over on Gearburn, and in-depth investigations on Ventureburn, but what happened here, on Memeburn?

In preparation for the month of March ahead, we turn back the pages on Memeburn to refresh your memory. These were some of the more popular stories on the site during the month of love.

Mass panic ensued after some Instagram users found fewer people were following them 🙁

Many an Instagram follower was lost on the morning of the 13th as users woke to discover that their accounts were barren wastelands. Hyperbole intended.

The Bachelor South Africa causes a Valentine’s Day stir

South Africa’s edition of The Bachelor debuted on YouTube, which, needless to say, caused some commotion among the general populace.

Ramaphosa’s second SONA is dominated by ‘President’ Malema, and another unsuspecting fashion favourite

When Cyril Ramaphosa announced that Julius Malema might actually win the 2019 Elections, we think everyone forgot about his proposed boy band to be formed with DA leader Mmusi Maimane.

But it was another ANC MP who stole the show for her immaculate dress sense.

WhatsApp Business hits iOS

Usually privy to features first, iOS played second fiddle to the web and Android this time around.

A pastor brings a living man back from the dead

Apparently, it’s pretty easy to resurrect a man in a coffin provided he’s not actually dead. Feeding him afterwards however is a bit more tricky.

We chat with EskomSePush’s developers, the duo at the helm of the country’s most downloaded load shedding app

At its peak EskomSePush was used by more than 300 000 users in South Africa. It’s one of the more interesting success stories coming from Eskom’s failures.

DStv Compact users indulged in free Showmax

Free? Did you say FREE? *Clicks*

21 Savage surprises himself and US immigration when he finds out he’s actually British

In what could’ve easily been the premise for an episode of Punk’d, rapper 21 Savage was held by US immigration officials after it was discovered that he was born on the Queen’s island. And no, not Queens, New York. Great Britain.

Elon Musk laughs at, umm, a malfunctioning dolphin?

Take a dead, drowned deer. Sit Elon Musk down. Show him said deer. Musk laughs maniacally. Instant reaction meme.

Feature image: Marcus Byrne via Unsplash

Andy Walker, former editor


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