Who knew an ad for Apple AirPods could be this adorable?

apple airpods ad

Product advertising is supposed to fill you with a lust for that product, even if you don’t need it. Apple probably wrote the damn book.

Its latest ad for AirPods showcase how its Korean users customise these wireless earbuds. And they’re adorable.

Complete with tiny mascots, shins, baby sharks, burger skins, stickers, and a rainbow of colours, the ad doesn’t sell users on the merits of the AirPods itself, but rather its community of customisers.

The 38-second long ad debuted on Thursday and has racked up just under 50 000 views, with a more-than-favourable like-to-dislike ratio.

For users in North America, Europe and Asia, these custom protective cases are easy enough to find. Skins and stickers too.

Options like a novelty gaming console, milk tea cup, and even a pack of cigarettes are all available online.

For South Africa, there is a dearth of options.

That said, should Apple’s recent event date invite hint at anything, perhaps we’ll soon be getting AirPods in a variety of colours. Two new versions are also possibly in the works and could even launch next week, according to analysts.

If not, well, I guess users will just have to settle for cute little cases instead, as sales of wireless earbuds don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Of you could just enjoy Cape Town’s splendour in the company’s other ads.

Feature image: screenshot, Apple Korea via YouTube

Andy Walker, former editor


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