Off-Facebook Activity: view and change how Facebook tracks you around the web

Off-Facebook Activity

Facebook on Tuesday launched Off-Facebook Activity, a feature that allows you to manage the information third-party websites share with Facebook.

Previously called Clear History and only available in certain countries, the tool now helps users all over the world track and control what data Facebook collects when you’re online but not using the platform.

Found under “Settings” in the Facebook app, Off-Facebook Activity gives you an opportunity to manage the information you share, clear your history and disconnect your account.

Once you’ve selected the tool, you can choose to view the apps and websites Facebook collects your activity from and remove them from your account.

This gives you more insight into what you share online, how Facebook tracks you and how ads may be targeted towards you.

According to Facebook, collecting data and targetting ads are an important part of its business model.

“These ads are what make most of the Internet available free of charge, including Facebook,” the company said.

Off-Facebook Activity, however, is meant to create a more transparent relationship between the company and its users.

Early this month, Facebook also “revamped” its Privacy Checkup tool to further help users understand their privacy options on the platform.

Off-Facebook Activity is now available for Facebook users worldwide.

Feature image: Facebook

Shereesa Moodley


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