Uber Eats now delivers over-the-counter medication

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As part of its expanding delivery services, Uber Eats has announced a partnership with Medicare Health that allows users to order over-the-counter pharmacy medication.

The new feature comes as South Africans continue to socially distance and use delivery services for basic essentials.

“Need Genpayne, ACC200 or Corenza C? Skip the trip to the pharmacy and get it delivered from Medicare on Uber Eats,” Uber’s announcement to users says.

Uber also recently rolled out Uber Connect, a package delivery service available to users.

How to order medicine on Uber Eats

To order medicine on Uber Eats, users need to search for Medicare Health on the app.

After selecting an available Medicare outlet, select the “Self-Medication” menu.

Here you will be able to order items such as Corenza C, Benlyn, Ibumax, Nurofen, Advil, Sinutab, Valoid, and other medications.

Medicines available include categories such as winter and spring essentials, pain relief, stomach care, ointments, dermatology, and more.

To order a medication, you will need to be 18 years or older. You also need to provide your name, surname, address, and phone number.

However, you can opt to have the pharmacist call you to collect your information instead.

You will also need to declare if you are using other medications.

Users then select their payment method and confirm their order through the app.

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