Instagram tests schedule tool, spells trouble for some third-party apps

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Good news for Instagram content creators, as Instagram is currently testing its very own schedule tool for both posts and reels.

This will mean account holders of the popular image social media platform will have the option of scheduling content without third-party plug-in apps.

The feature is expected to be rolled out soon, after its testing phase.

Third party tools such as HubSpot, buffer, Schedugram, Loomy and Tailwind, will soon be impacted by Instagram’s looming upgrade.

Instagram’s API allowed marketing tools such as Loomy, hubspot and Tailwind to schedule Instagram posts in advance.

This means content creators will soon have the function to post content to their audiences, at a time when they’re not even behind the publish button.

Instagram is working on the feature to schedule both posts and reels.

Intagrammers’ will probably need to turn the feature on, for access.

Users will also have the options to view all scheduled posts and set a time and date for publishing.

Scheduled posts will most likely have an edit feature once scheduled, like it’s sister app Facebook.

There will most likely be a schedule tab before posting, to allow users to select a desired time for posts to go live.

Before, Instagrammers used to rely on third party tools which did what Instagram plans to introduce which was schedule, edit and allow users to schedule posts for a later time/date slot.

On Hubspot, users have the option to preview, schedule and manage content before posting content.

If the content is part of a campaign, Hubsport allows creators to tag the content to the desired campaign set, by a user.

Instagram is most likely going to provide similar features.

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