Here’s a solution to protect advertising budgets against load shedding

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Load shedding’s impact on the business sector has been destructive and has left advertisers especially dependent on ratings and Above The Line budges in the dark.

The impact of load shedding on advertisers has been cumulative, making it almost impossible to salvage measured consumer data.

The issue has prompted innovation from one digital marketing firm called YDigital which has structured a load-shedding solution for advertisers, and brands to continue tracking viewership during outages.

Working closely with load shedding monitors to equip advertisers with the ability to strategically activate campaigns across mobile screens and devices when Eskom cuts power for up to four hours.

Now advertisers can opt to launch their campaigns when the power is off or on.

This can launch campaigns which can be paired with personalized contextual messages.

Load shedding sync

YDigital Media, has introduced a first in the market solution.

Imagine lowered TV viewership and you’re an advertiser?

Advertisers can now choose to trigger their campaigns only when the power is off or on.

This is done through detection, based on the users location.

Devices are synced with brand creatives when the region is affected by load shedding.

Nick Hodge, Managing Director of YDigital outlined it this way; “by working with the load-shedding monitor, we can quickly understand where power outages are going to happen, or when the lights will come on or go off. This enables us to deliver relevant and contextual creatives to targeted mobile devices thus gaining an incremental reach and elevating the brand’s impact and salience.”

“For instance, this approach can be highly tactical as a fast-food brand could easily produce timeous creative that is turned on as soon as the power goes off in a specific area, encouraging consumers to visit their stores and buy their dinner.”

He adds “we can serve ads when the power returns and use real-time creative to engage audiences where they are so that they are served the same set of ads across physical TV sets and mobile devices, increasing engagement, reach and frequency.”

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