Rocket Internet’s Asia ecommerce domination is well underway

Rocket Internet is fiercely growing its global empire. Last week, the German company entered Burma with an ecommerce play and now it seems that the company also has plans for Cambodia where it has launched yet an another ecommerce site, reports The Next Web. According to a report from the Pheom Penh Post, a representative from Rocket Internet said "the company would invest 'millions' in Cambodia". The site, is in English-Khmer and currently sells electronics such as mobile phones, laptops ...

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5 great tools for managing your social media feed

social media sign If your job title contains the word 'digital' then change and stress is something you are quite familiar with. Being immersed in the digital age means that no two days are ever the same. Facebook tonight is probably different to Facebook tomorrow, new platforms pop up overnight and the rules of the game are constantly evolving. Managing digital platforms is no longer as easy as updating your Facebook status. Now you need to worry about which messages are relevant to ...


How political parties can use mobile and social media to reach voters

social media A political election is much like a marketing campaign showdown, and the team with the best product usually sways the biggest audience. Look at Barack Obama in his first campaign -- cited as the most successful “new marketer” in history for his ground-breaking use of online and social media to reach out to potential supporters. Finding the triggers to a nation’s touchpoints -- what policy matters to them, how they need to hear information and how best to get them this ...


5 entirely necessary websites about cats

cat website I have said it time and time again. Despite the efforts of various counter-revolutionary forces to make the internet about other things, like social interaction, the spread of important information or porn, everyone knows that the internet's true purpose is to glorify cats by any means necessary. It is well-known among people interested in the actual truth (this is not even a conspiracy theory at all), that the internet was originally created by brainwashed human slaves at the behest of ...


How an HTML 5 mobile game reached millions on Mxit

It’s a hit on Mxit, millions have played it and HTML 5 powers it. This is Moonbase from Maxxor. Gearburn spoke to one of the directors at Maxxor, Adrian Frielinghaus and found out how this cross-platform game hit the big time. Presented below is an extremely off-the-cuff conversation with Frielinghaus and as per his request, we won’t be using his image in the interview. Frielinghaus, “hates corporate images” and would prefer that we show a picture of Moonbase instead. Read more on ...


TaxTim will dramatically change your opinion on filing tax returns

Death and taxes. Both certain and both capable of evoking equal measures of despair. When tax season lumbers around, it’s hard enough to recount the cost of living lawfully, without the filing process being tedious and daunting. Take heart though, a South African startup called TaxTim is about to throw all your preconceptions about filing taxes out the window. Launched in November of last year, TaxTim is an approachable, virtual tax assistant who helps you complete your tax return by asking ...


Religious hardliners request Russian Facebook ban

Things are not looking good for online freedom in Russia. First the country's parliament approved a controversial web censorship bill and now religious hardliners want to ban Facebook. According to Russia Today, activists from the Orthodox Church are angry at the social network's decision to launch same-sex marriage icons, calling them "gay propaganda”. The activists apparently believe that the icons could make young people tempted to explore homosexuality. In fact, the church in the city of Saratov, southern Russia, asked ...

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More ‘social television’ in China: Sina is launching a web tv service today

sina web tv Chinese online media giant Sina is set to expand the amount of multimedia content on its popular micro-blogging platform today with the launch of its own social television service. A deal with BesTV New Media will give Sina Weibo's 300 million users more reason to stay on the country's most popular social network. According to Bloomberg, the web tv service will be launched today in Shanghai and will hopefully bolster Sina's social media efforts against competitors like Tencent. Mao Taotao, ...


Digg pulls a Myspace, sells for $500 000

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Social media news aggregator Digg is being sold for less than a tenth of what it used to be worth reports the Wall Street Journal. The company, which was founded in 2004 by entrepreneur turned angel investor Kevin Rose, was once worth US$160-million and managed to raise US$45-million from big name investors such as Facebook investor Greylock Partners, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen. The site works much in the same way ...

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Twitter: still no plans for IPO

You know when a tune gets so ingrained in your head that you recognise it instantly, even if you haven't heard it in years? That's what Twitter's stance on the possibility of an IPO is starting to feel like. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said the company still had no plans to go public: “We are going to remain private as long as we want. I like being private for all sorts of ...






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