Google+ Hangouts on Air now available to all

Google Plus introduced Hangouts On Air last year to a limited number of broadcasters, which allowed them to "hangout" with many of their fans for all the world to see. The internet giant is now extending Hangouts On Air to everyone, according to a blog post by Google's Engineering Director, Chee Chew. "Today we're excited to launch Hangouts On Air to Google+ users worldwide. So if you have something to say—as an aspiring artist, a global celebrity, or a concerned citizen—you ...

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The Cameroon Startup Challenge: Is the next global company in Cameroon?

Sanaga Ventures and VC4Africa are turning their sights to Cameroon to uncover the most innovative web, mobile or hardware-based startups. The Cameroon Startup Challenge offers a cash prize of US$5 000 and an opportunity to receive mentorship and incubation at ActivSpaces, Cameroon’s leading technology hub. “Innovation can come from anywhere in the world, and the next global company might very well be from Cameroon. We want to do what we can to make that happen”, says Ben White, founder of ...


Facebook’s Yahoo! dodge: The best move in tech history?

When Facebook's IPO goes into full swing next week, the company is expected to be valued at around US$100-billion. Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg meanwhile is set to walk away with a valuation of around US$25-billion. That's a large number, but it could've been a lot smaller if Facebook hadn't made what may turn out to be one of the best dodge's in tech history. Back in 2006, Yahoo! tried to buy the company for US$1-billion. Today Yahoo! is valued ...

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MPesa: What does Kenya’s mobile darling look like five years on?

When MPesa launched five years ago, only the most optimistic would’ve thought that it would turn into the economic force of nature it is today. Today the mobile money service has around 15-million users and about a third of the Kenyan GDP passes through it. Some think that MPesa has disrupted entire economies and others that it is the only real economic disruptor of the 21st-Century. The numbers bear that kind of thought out too. People can deposit money into MPesa ...

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They’re watching you: Non-members of social networks are still products

Social Networks A few people I know have removed their Facebook profiles, in the interest of gaining back some sense of privacy. In fact, I even know a couple of people who have never signed up to a social network in the first place. Sometimes I envy these people, just because they are taking a stand against a growing phenomenon that is rapidly turning personal data into a commercial product. Still, I have often wondered how much of a difference it makes ...

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Five minutes with 22seven founder ahead of Net Prophet talk

Christo Davel Online money management system 22seven blew into our collective consciousness at the beginning of this year under a controversial storm. Most of that controversy centered around the fact that the service allowed third-party applications to access users' banking details. The innovative startup is the brainchild of 20Twenty founder Christo Davel, and is billed as an "intelligent money-saving tool" that plugs directly and securely into users' personal bank accounts and then delivers analysis on spending habits. It’s one of the sexiest startups ...

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Does Google Auto-Translate spell trouble for your email campaign?

tin can phone Last week Google launched its auto-translate feature for Gmail, in theory making email a lot simpler for people who don't speak the same language. The automatic message translation (AMT) tool, which started as an experiment in Gmail Labs during 2009, has finally graduated to full inbox operating status. AMT works by providing you with an automatically prompted translate button for any message that Google recognises to be in your non-default language. So, if your default is set to Russian, Gmail will ...


Logitech Tablet Keyboard [Review]

Was typing ever an issue on the iPad? For some, yeah it's a pain in the ass. The lack of tactile feedback leads to spelling errors, frustrations and eye rollings as you scream at the gods saying, "Why Apple, why?". So let's say that you fall into one of these camps. In this instance you need the Logitech Tablet Keyboard, an incredibly fancy piece of tech which connects via Bluetooth to an iPad, or an iPhone if you're mad enough. ...


Rocket Internet to launch price-comparison clone across SE Asia

Rocket Internet is set to launch a price comparison site in South East Asia called PricePanda. The German-headquartered startup incubator has made something of a global empire for itself from cloning successful ecommerce business models. In fact, a recent article from GigaOm pegged the number of companies owned by Rocket Internet at around 38, operating in 58 countries. As is the case with most competing sites, PricePanda will allow people to see the prices of products across a number of ...


Evernote to build data centre, expand Chinese presence

Evernote wants to expand its Chinese presence in a bid to crack what chief executive Phil Libin calls "the hardest" market. The company behind the note-taking and archiving software says it is preparing to build a data centre in China. The move will improve the company's service in the country but will also make its more than 1.1-million users in the country more vulnerable to government censorship. Indeed, the company may need to self-censor information on the service. Even Chinese ...






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