World’s smallest police chase is all kinds of cool [Video]

This video contains so many kinds of awesome, I can't even begin to count them. Take one pico projector, add in some video footage from a couple of iPhones and you get the smallest, most badass police chase in history. The video is made by TheTheory which, according to its website, is "a pseudonym for writer/director team Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp". In case you're calling "Fake" on this one, the team claims that the video "was all projected and ...


The people who break Google: 15 deadly SEO sins

google broken magnifying glass There are a number of, what the industry calls, “black hat” SEO techniques that companies (and even some SEO Consultants) may be tempted to practice so that they can try to push their rankings for target keywords to the top of the Google search results. Unfortunately there are still those SEO firms who guarantee their clients number one position on the first page of Google for target keywords, or maybe in some instances they are a little more cautious and don’t ...


What kind of internet troll are you?

troll Do you spend an awful lot of time posting comments on the internet? If so, it's possible that you are a troll. But, just knowing this is not enough. There are so many different types of trolls operating on the net today. Take this handy, informative and completely serious quiz to find out… What kind of internet troll are you? 1. Someone writes a truly heartfelt blog post that lays bare the very essence of their soul. You decide to post ...


Innovation: It’s all about seeing David in the block of marble

Michaelangelo Think about the great innovators for a moment. They're different. Whatever field they're in, they don't just look at the world, they see it. Great innovators are constantly trying to fix things, even if they have to break them first. They're the kid who tears apart his remote control car in a bid to try to make it go faster, all grown up. Om Malik from GigaOm writes: The present isn't as interesting to most of us who live ...

Social media

In a band? Use social for a chance to to play London’s 100 Club

100 club This is cool. The 100 Club in London attained legendary status in modern British music, having played host to some of the most influential artists on the planet since 24 October 1942. Now you and your band could have the chance to play there just by using social media. Renowned shoe brand Converse is looking for South Africa's best unsigned talent to get out of the garage and be transported to London to play a gig at the 100 ...


Flipboard for Android officially arrives

A little under two years ago Flipbaord launched on iOS, promising to be the app we'd all been waiting for. Now it's finally available on Android. The award-winning app that helps people "stay up to date with the things that matter most" can now be downloaded across all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up. Flipboard for Android has been in Beta since 30 May. Earlier, users were able to use a basic version of the app. Flipboard was initially set to ...


Upcoming UN summit could change web freedom forever

An upcoming UN summit on international telecommunications could see wholesale changes in a global treaty that would diminish the internet's role in economic growth and restrict the free flow of information. That's if a group of dozens of countries reportedly engaged in secret meetings ahead of the summit have their way. The US delegation attending the World Conference on International Telecommunications to be held in Dubai in December has vowed to block any proposals from Russia and other countries that ...

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Connected devices in China will be worth over US$700 billion by 2020

GSMA Connected Life Infographic The GSMA and Machina Research are forecasting a six-fold increase of connected devices in China -- currently worth US$116-billion to US$707-billion by 2020, bringing forth what they are terming "the Connected Life". Connected devices include smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics and devices that have machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity. No, it’s not Skynet taking over the world, it just means your car can communicate with your house and let your family know your ETA. Or that it can locate the nearest charging station ...

BlackBerry, News

CellC sees 8ta’s BlackBerry social deal, raises it one more

A few days ago South Africa's fifth mobile operator 8ta announced that it would be offering a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) package for around half its usual price. Today, the country's third operator Cell C responded with two offers of its own. Like 8ta, it will offer the ‘BlackBerry Social & Email’ which gives you full access to online browsing, BlackBerry’s native messaging app BBM, BlackBerry mail, internet browser, social networking, and BlackBerry App World. The only real difference between ...

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Facebook to let you edit comments, finally

Facebook ipad Have you ever delivered that witty riposte to someone's Facebook status only to realise that it contains the kind of typo that makes you look like a monumental idiot? Unfortunately there was never much you could do about it. Until now. The social network has started giving users the ability to edit or delete their comments below someone else's post. Facebook will begin rolling out the update in small batches over the next couple of days. It's not just comments ...






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