How to check your voter registration online in South Africa

check voter registration online iec south africa

If you want to check whether you’re registered to vote in South Africa and your voter registration details, you can do so easily online.

Using the IEC Voter Portal, you can check your voter registration status and whether you need to update your details for the municipal elections.

The site lets you enter your ID number to check your registration status, voting station, and ward details.

check registered to vote south africa

Simply enter your ID number, complete the captcha test, and select “Check now”.

The site will then load your voter registration information if you are registered.

This information includes your last registration date, ward, voting district, voting station, and voting station address.

It also provides you with details on your current ward councillor. When an election is scheduled, it will include the next election date.

If your address has changed, you can use the “Find my voting station” tool to check where you should vote for your ward.

If you need to update your details, you should use the online voter registration portal to register your new details.

For more information on how this works, check out our guide on how to register to vote online.

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