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  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailer teases us with more Rowling excellence

    The first official teaser trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is out, and it does, indeed, look fantastic. It is set withing the 'Happy Potter universe' established and written by J.K. Rowling. This prequel film to the series follows the exploits of writer Newt Scamander as he traverses through New York's own wizarding world. The trailer shows off a suitcase able to disguise itself to Muggles, a mention of Albus Dumbledore, and flying plates. The script is written by Rowling, herself, which will be a treat for fans. It will be interesting to see how the movie turns out....

  • Drone smashes through CT entrepreneur’s window, hits him in the head

    Cape Town has a reputation for bad drivers, but if this video is anything to go by, the city's drone pilots might not be much better. The video was posted by internet entrepreneur David Perel, who was the unfortunate victim of the rogue drone. According to Perel, the drone smashed through his fifth floor window and hit him in the head. "While sitting at my desk I head what sounded like a missile followed by a huge bang and glass all over me," he writes in the video's YouTube description. Fortunately, Perel was uninjured but it's pretty clear...

  • Feast your eyes on the first teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    After the critical success of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, it's time for the next big screen Rebels vs. The Empire cinematic. This time, it's a darker, grittier version of the Star Wars universe. The movie that nobody asked for, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story takes place between Episode III and IV and chronicles how the Rebels stole the plans for the original Death Star. We know the succeed, we know many of them die, but we don't know their personal stories. Watch the full trailer below.

  • Think you have mad Snapchat skills? Check out this stop-motion video

    This is pretty damn cool. Snapchat user Joe Penna, who calls himself MysteryGuitarMan! on YouTube, has created an 85-second stop motion film which may just be the highest form of art created on the ephemeral social network. Called 8-bit Snapchat, the film uses what Penna describes as "some fruits, Snapchat, and a LOT of free time". The film takes the form of a classic side-scroller and will make you feel even older for being so confused every time you open up Snapchat.

  • This awesomely cheesy video shows why you should build indie games in Cape Town

    There are many reasons to live in Cape Town, from long-warm summers to world-class food and an amazing mix of oceans and mountains. But it's also a great place to build indie-games. At least, that's according to this gloriously cheesy, 90s-inspired promo video. As well as the city's more well-known attractions, the video touts the Rand/Dollar exchange rate, the cheap price of pizza (fuel for game devs), and alternative gaming events as reasons for making the move. We're certainly sold (although already being based in Cape Town means we're probably based). Have a watch and decide for yourself. And...

  • John Oliver explains the FBI Apple encryption debacle (video)

    John Oliver's take downs are the stuff TV legends are made of. They work, largely, because they are driven by facts. This week saw Oliver taking on encryption in light of the FBI and Apple case. Oliver makes it clear that the matter is not as simple as people want to make it. "There is no easy side to be on in this debate. Strong encryption has its costs, from protecting terrorists, to drug dealers, to child pornographers. But I happen to feel that the risks of weakening encryption, even a little bit, even just for the government, are...

  • Glimpse Spider-Man in the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer

    At long last we get to see Spider-Man in Marvel's upcoming Captain America: Civil War. His appearance may be little more than a tease, but it his our geeky senses tingling. The majority of this new Civil War trailer covers the same scenes we've seen in previous trailers, but from different perspectives. It's filled with fight scenes between Captain America and Iron Man, the heroes clashing, devastation and destruction, a great Ant-Man shot. Not to mention epic voice-over exposition. Overall there's not a lot new here, but we do get to see why exactly the government is pissed off with the Avengers. Finally,...

  • Sacha Baron Cohen previews new movie, Apple product launch style

    Sacha Baron Cohen knows how to troll. Even his movies can be viewed as one long troll. At the Oscars, for example, he was specifically asked to come as himself, a request that perhaps should not have been made in the first place because he showed up as Ali G without the academy's knowledge. And now to promote his movie, The Brothers Grimsby, he has created an Apple product launch parody video. The Brothers Grimsby is a comedy opening this week, 11 March 2016, in which Cohen plays a die-hard football fan who insists on joining his secret agent...

  • Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot is now totally bully-proof

    For now, a big part of robotics hinges on human engineering. But what happens when a robot proverbially grows its own brain and acts on its volition, perhaps even against humans themselves? In Boston Dynamics' latest video, the robotics company showcases Atlas droid, an electrically powered and hydraulically actuated robot. This bot can perform different and menial tasks, from opening doors, or picking up boxes. But it's a lot like a human too: it has a knack for stumbling on snow, and it even puts up with its fair share of bullying from its creators themselves. In the video, Atlas is pushed...

  • This sign language interpreter had the best time during #SONA2016

    While many South Africans were left depressed by Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Thursday night, there was at least one person having a little fun. As the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) were disrupting the address with their calls of "Zupta Must Fall!", it was left to one TV sign language interpreter to figure out the best way to convey what they were saying. Read more: #SONA2016 looks set to smash 2015’s massive social media traction The result? One of the best pieces of parliamentary TV...

  • Donald Trump’s Friends Day video will move you in unexpected ways

    Thursday this week marked Facebook's 12th birthday and its first inaugural Friends Day. People around the world got the chance to reminisce about some of the experiences they'd had with everyone they're friends with on the social network. It was great for most of us, but what about Donald Trump? That's the question YouTube comedy outfit Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues set out to answer. While we wish we could say that they found the real one, what they ended up putting together is pretty damn entertaining.

  • You can now play a 360 degree game on YouTube

    It looks as if 360 degree videos could be one of the big trends of 2016. Spurred by the consumerisation of virtual reality, these videos are changing the face of film-making as we know it. But the format could also change the face of gaming. Evidence of this potential shift can be found in a video called "Follow the Blue Ball" , which bills itself as YouTube's first interactive 360 game. Read more: Bjork releases a 360-degree music video Utilising YouTube’s 360 degree playback, the video prompts the viewer to follow one of three balls as it...

  • Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell’s awkward holiday video features Toto, is better than your’s

    So you're one of comedy's power couples. How do you make sure you'll never forget your final vacation before having kids? Well, if you're Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, the answer involves turning the whole thing into a musical tribute to Toto's 'Africa'. Filmed on a trip they took to the Serengeti a couple of years ago (their first child was born in 2013), the video was released earlier this week and already has more than a million views. Read more: Meet Penny Sparrow’s ‘wonderful, thoughtful’ black friends "This was our last trip before having kids. Our sole objective...

  • This SA-filmed VR sci-fi short is worth a watch

    If you've got a dedicated VR device or Google Cardboard on hand, then you might want to take a look at this sci-fi short, filmed and produced in South Africa. Called ATMOS, the short is produced by Rose Lovell and directed by Durban-based director Matthew Nefdt. Filmed on the Eastern Cape's Wild Coast, ATMOS is a tale of humanity’s desperate flight from a dying earth and allows viewers to "stand on the shores of another world, discover other life, and explore an alien environment". Read more: Art meets VR in new Joburg exhibition According to the release, "Atmos transports...

  • Meet Penny Sparrow’s ‘wonderful, thoughtful’ black friends

    It's fair to say that there's been more than a little anger and vitriol on South African social media over the past couple of weeks. It comes as relief then to discover that the country's citizens are capable of taking on that rage with honest-to-goodness humour. Video has emerged of Penny Sparrow's -- she of the racist Facebook post comparing black people to monkeys -- "wonderful, thoughtful" black friends. Read more: #PennySparrow: Twitter isn’t buying estate agent’s half-baked apology The video stars young, black urbanites "Xola" and "Khanyise" and explains why Sparrow's posts were totally misunderstood. It also offers valuable...