5 games from rAge 2014 that left us saying ‘more please’

Borderlands-presequel A weekend of rAge (god damn, I hate how that's spelled) mayhem has come and gone, leaving many gamers' hands pain-stricken, stiff and their hearts filled with lust for forthcoming titles. Although there was a ridiculous array of new releases to choose from, one couldn't quite play them all. But because there were so many, how on earth could you pick which to play? It's okay, but if you didn't play these five games, you weren't doing rAge correctly. These are ...


The evolution of the motorbike: the beginnings of the burgeoning bicycle

bicycle The Evolution of the Motorbike takes look at how the humble motorcycle has evolved over time, from the early concepts to the present, and what lies beyond. In the first edition of this nine part series, we look at the technical underpinnings and historic progression of the motorbike's greatest predecessor -- the bicycle. For standing on two thin wheels, the motorbike as we know it has a staggered and layered past. From its initial timid conception back in the mid 1800s ...


5 tips to keep your startup looking professional on a budget

Startup office A business’ professional appearance is directly correlated to the degree of competence, trustworthiness and available resources they exude to clients and potential leads alike. If someone were to consider using a business’s services, only to walk into their office and find its clutter reminiscent of a pigsty, they are very unlikely to trust that business with anything at all, much less their financial interests. As a result, the professional appearance of any business is extremely important, whether it’s a startup or ...

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Yes, please freeze my eggs: Apple and Facebook’s new game-changing benefit

Oocyte cryopreservation In a very cool move, Facebook and Apple have decided to pay for female employees to freeze their eggs as a benefit, reports NBC News. Facebook started doing this recently and Apple will apparently begin in 2015. Apple has said that it will pay its full and part-time employees US$20 000 for the procedure and the storage of the frozen eggs. The procedure usually costs around US$10 000 in the United States, with annual storage costs running to around US$500. African companies take ...

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Skype tries to take on Snapchat with quirky video app called Qik

Skype-Qik Skype has just relaunched an app called Qik (pronounced "quick" and not to be confused with Kwik). Unlike its flagship Skype service -- which is somewhat formal -- the new video messaging app is geared for all those impulse moments you'd love to share with friends but certainly not the public. In April this year, the original mobile video streaming service, Qik, was put down only to be relaunched now as a mobile video messaging app. As the name suggests, Qik ...

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Three years on, FNB’s banking app hits the million device mark

FNB app There's been plenty written about South African banking giant First National Bank (FNB)'s banking app. Rightly so too. When it launched in 2011, it was the first of the big South African banks to have an app which allowed its customers to do their banking on smartphone or tablet. A slew of innovations, along with a few potholes (geo-payments anyone?) in the intervening three years have catapulted it to a million device installs. In a release marking the milestone, FNB ...

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Watch these desserts try out to be the inspiration for Android L

Lava Cake In the next couple of days, Google will officially release Android L into the wild. It'll bring plenty of new features and promises to run as smoothly as a curling stone across freshly polished ice, but the thing that everyone's really wondering is what dessert it'll be named after. If the latest video from the Mountainview-based giant is anything to go by then the competition between the various 'L' desserts is heating up. Will it be Lemon-Meringue Pie? Or will ...


Data hoarding could put your business on the wrong side of the law

Judge gavel As yet another barrage of data leakages makes news headlines – most recently publicly exposing FNB and Gautrain customers’ personal details – businesses need to consider whether these security incidents are as a result of data hoarding issues or due to operational oversight, especially as the new POPI legislation and its strict guidelines loom. Early in October, Mybroadband announced the discovery of serious security vulnerabilities allowing data leakages by the web application of FNB where the online card tracking facility ...


LG Tone Pro review: the best, most discrete wireless headset yet

Tone-Pro-4 I've never liked over-the-ear headphones. For me, and many others, it's an uncomfortable experience. Headphones squish the ears, keeping heat in and muffling noise. I'm an inner-ear music-listening kind of guy and because of that, I've been stuck with ugly, wired earphones most of my life. LG has a solution for people like me and it's called the Tone Pro, a wireless stereo headset. Based on its price (US$69.99), battery life (15-hours plus) and design (it's both comfortable and styled ...


Kalahari: obituary for a fallen ecommerce giant

Karlahari Full Name: Kalahari Dot Com Age of Death: Died at 16 Years Old Residence: Naspers Head Quarters, 40 Heerengracht, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa Day and Date of Death: Tuesday, 07 October 2014 Place of Death: Takealot Head Quarters, 7th Floor, Atlantic Centre, 14 Christian Barnard Street, Foreshore, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa Cause of Death: Merger From humble beginnings in 1998, just two years before the dot com bubble, was launched, and in no time would become the largest ecommerce outfit in South Africa. Read ...






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