On SA startups going global: 7 case studies you can learn from

globe At the recent South African Innovation Summit, Christine Strutt partner at intellectual property law firm Von Seidels, spoke about the importance of startups having an international mindset from day one and why some of them succeed. Throughout the talk, titled Startup to Grown-up: Local Innovations with a Global Mindset, Strutt used the case studies of seven outstanding startups from the Western Cape, South Africa which have all managed to scale internationally. The need to highlight these specific companies' stories came ...


12TB massive vs 2TB portable: which is the more useful hard drive?

duo-3 Dilemma: I have two hard drives for review. The enormous 12-terabyte Western Digital MyBook Duo (US$650), and Seagate's ultra-slim 2-terabyte Backup Plus Slim (US$150). Both are USB 3.0, and boast transfer speeds that reach 240MB/s. But which one is more useful than the other? You'd think this was an easy decision to make, 'cause size matters. That's only half the story though. Come with me as we explore both drives and discover which one will make the most difference in ...


Got a family but hate SUVs? Try one of these 5 stylish MPVs

kia-soul The multi-purpose vehicle is dead, right? Well, the abrupt rise of the soft-roading SUV has all but killed off the traditional family hauler. But not entirely. There’s no denying that the crossover SUV is now the undisputed king of family motoring. These days, they come in all shapes and sizes, from the hardworking Renault Duster all the way through to the full-fat Range Rover Sport. Most, of course, are road-biased, front-wheel drive derivatives, although even those with real off-road ability ...

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Now, more than ever, the cloud makes a ton of sense in Africa

Cloud Joburg With flexibility, rapid deployment and low cost, cloud computing continues to take the world by storm. These are also all very good reasons why cloud computing is ideal for those companies which are expanding into Africa (and, of course, for domestic African businesses). But while the concept of cloud is as good here as it is anywhere, the make or break comes down to good governance in service specification, implementation, management and support. While there are a lot of unique ...

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Instagram is hosting its first analogue photo exhibition

Everyday-Africa-Nana-Kofi-Acquah-@africashowboy Instagram has always been a sort of exhibition, albeit a virtual one. Users take pictures of themselves and just about everything else they think is interesting and, like brick-and-mortar galleries would hang photographs, users share them with their followers. As is the case with any other exhibition, the photographs can be horrifying, exhilarating, melancholic, happy, gruesome, orthodox, raunchy and conservative. But the virtual exhibition is already colliding with a real gallery space. Instagram is hosting its first real exhibition in ...


SA’s Coca-Cola vending machines to dispense free Wi-Fi

coke "May I offer you some free Wi-Fi with your cool beverage?" Word recently came out that Coca-Cola vending machines in South Africa will start dispensing more than just soft drinks, but free Wi-Fi as well. This initiative comes at the back of a partnership with UK telecom operator BT Global Services and refreshment giant Coca-Cola South Africa. According to Infotech Lead, BT has already launched a pilot project in two key areas, including Umtata in the Eastern Cape province and Nelspruit, ...

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Meet Bash: the new bug that’s apparently worse than Heartbleed

Matrix Just when we thought it was all over, there's a new bug in virtual town, and it's called Bash bug. A few months ago the web was up in arms about security concerns regarding the notorious Heartbleed bug. The encryption bug put OpenSSL under compromise which means that a lot of websites were forced to restructure their security in order to protect sensitive user information. The security flaw is said to be inherent to computers' shell which is the user ...

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Experiential design: Helping brands stand out from the clutter

clutter We live in an era of mass personalisation. Go to Nike, you can choose the colour of your shoes. At Mini, you can mix and match practically every part of your car. You can even get personalised smartphone covers. Times have changed for retailers because consumers now expect a lot more than a homogenised shopping experience. They want to be drawn into your business and exposed to something new and surprising. They want to feel a connection with your brand and ...

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3 key insights SA’s tech ecosystem can take from Israel

Israel Mind-set, connectedness and government support are everything when it comes to building and sustaining a far reaching tech culture set to breed innovations across the globe. If it is a key imperative for tech businesses to replicate their business models and product innovations on an international scale, some key insights and lessons can be learnt from Israel, dubbed ‘the start-up nation’ who has successfully built an intimate tech culture and community with a far reaching global impact. 1. Connectedness Everyone in the tech ...


Danish-developed robotic tongue out-tastes Belgian winetasters

wine-picture The annual World Blind Wine-Tasting Championships took place in the southwestern French town of Leognan in 2013. The settlement is near France’s wine-growing capital of Bordeaux, the port city nicknamed "La Belle Endormie" (Sleeping Beauty). Teams from different countries lifted wine glasses with utmost flair, sipped and allowed the wine to swirl in their mouths before unleashing their verdict. Belgium emerged as eventual winners, but the convention of wine connoisseurs, like everything in the universe, is about to get a ...






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