6 inspiring insights to learn from photo-editing startup Over’s story

over-cover Photo-editing startup Over is all about inspiration. Just follow its Instagram account and you'll find a range of motivational -- often quirky -- images overlaid with memorable quotes. But it's not just the product that makes a lasting impact. Behind the pretty photos, the filters and the fonts, the company and the people running it are a shining example of what can be achieved locally. Founded by American entrepreneur Aaron Marshall but born out of South Africa, the company has been ...


Angry Birds Epic review: wicked fun, but bores easily

Angry-Birds Epic "Mich, will you review Angry Birds Epic?" the Gearburn editor asks me. I answer before he finishes the question. I like Angry Birds, it's my airport/can't fall asleep/on the train activity. Interestingly, I had not downloaded this version of the game prior to this conversation, so I quickly do so and begin my review. You have to hand it to Rovio (creators of the Angry Birds series) for taking a very simple game and creating an empire out of it. Every ...


Comfort and convenience, but at a cost: the Suzuki SX4

Suzuki SX4 I've never been entirely certain where I stand on smallish SUV crossovers like the Suzuki SX4. One the one hand, I can understand their practicality and the need for a little extra headroom, bootspace and ground clearance than your typical hatch offers. On the other, I'm still (fairly) young, childless and have never battled to fit into the driver's seat of any car I've ever driven. I was therefore at a little bit of a loss when it came time ...


Google Plus finally backtracks on its real name policy (after 3 years)

Google Plus Black Don't really want to attach a full name to your Google profile? Perhaps your online persona is all centred around a nickname? Google has heard your pleas -- it's backtracking on its much-contested real name policy. Since Google Plus launched back in 2011, its policy required that users share their full common names -- and if you didn't abide by the rules, your account could be flagged and suspended. Questionable activity included having a mononym (for example, just using your first ...


In our connected world, everything can be hacked

Hacker The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of actual objects that are accessed through the Internet. These objects contain embedded technology that allows them to interact with their external environment, and other objects. The IoT is connecting new places, such as transportation systems, energy grids, healthcare facilities and suchlike to the Web. However, any object that can connect to the Internet, and can represent itself digitally, can be hacked, or potentially controlled from any location. The IoT has become a ...


This Lego Doctor Who 50th Anniversary tribute is all kinds of awesome

Lego Dr Who The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special was one of the most eagerly anticipated events in geek history and it delivered in spades. It's difficult to think what could've made it better, except maybe Lego. Yeah, Lego would've definitely added to the awesomeness. How do we know that? Well YouTube channel bookshelfprodutions made a stop-motion Lego tribute to the episode and it's just ridiculously awesome. Interestingly, it looks like the team behind the video is also trying to get support for ...


The Western Cape Taxi Council is not loving Uber and its tech savvy ways

Uber App It's the end of the work day, I get into my Uber and settle in for contemplative ride home. The driver begins the trip and starts a meter as well. I am not sure why he has done the latter but I say nothing and we begin. Half way through the ride as I direct him toward the turn into my neighbourhood, he says to me: "don't worry about the meter, it is just a precaution." My first thought is ...


How bitcoin is fixing some of the web’s biggest problems

tools The web has changed how we communicate, entertain, learn, make money... the list goes on and on. Still, there are so many people who take advantage of the system due to traditional limitations. To name just a few areas in need of remedy, cyber crimes such as fraud, piracy, censorship, and monopolies are all hungry for innovation. Luckily, the web has managed to give birth to new technologies that can help it fix itself. Very notably, bitcoin is one of those. ...


8 concept-to-production cars that got lost in translation

Concept cars that got lost in translation You know how it works. A car manufacturer dramatically whips the covers off a stunning new concept vehicle, leaving the automotive world with its collective jaw pinned to the floor. And sometimes, once said automaker has established that it’s created enough buzz around the potential new model, it proudly announces that, yes, a production version will indeed see the light of day. We all cheer heartily, since, well, that’s exactly what we wanted all along. Read more on Motorburn.


7 mythical heroes who defined gaming

gaming heroes Throughout gaming's history we have been blessed with many heroes. These characters have inspired us to excel in our gaming sagas and helped us to immerse ourselves ever deeper into the narratives we love so much. These 7 have secured their place in our hearts but some have not only shaped the way we see games but the very landscape of gaming itself. This list is a testament to their prominence in the gaming world. Read more on Gearburn.






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