8 essential apps every budding technology journalist needs

Journ-Apps Apple likes a tag-line or two, doesn't it? Remember that "There's an app for that" quip that instantly turned into a meme? We're all for that line. In fact, we believe that you should be equipped with an app for every potential situation one should find oneself. And you know what? There is an app for every situation out there -- from being lost in a big African city to snapping that perfect picture of a yellow daisy. The possibilities ...


Inspire Mastery: looking to the bright future of SA’s tech ecosystem

sunset A successful entrepreneur knows how to master his or her environment. An idea can only take you so far. The skill lies in knowing how and when to execute. Inspire Mastery is a series that looks at some of the trends that are driving the journey of South Africa’s savvy tech entrepreneurs. The best part of a journey is the exploration. That, and the expectations. Though South Africa’s yet to become a leader in tech, it’s showing some promising signs. And ...

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Apps are changing enterprise software: here’s how

Mobile icons Like many other aspects of the technology industry, mobility has an indelible impact even on enterprise software. That’s probably most obvious in the recent introduction of apps which are fully capable of running small enterprises, either as stand-alone modules, or as a fully integrated suite.. These apps reflect a remarkable evolution of enterprise resource planning software from the once monolithic, very expensive and highly complex software of yesteryear, to flexible, inexpensive and easy-to-use applications of today. But why an evolution, ...

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Weekly Roundup #03: SA digital agency landscape, iPhone 6 and BMW’s new hybrid car

Agency Logos-001 Welcome to our Weekly Roundup, our weekly podcast that discusses tech trends, innovation and news. Joining this podcast edition are brand manager Jason Bechervaise, reporter Andy Walker and managing editor Mich Atagana. This week we're chatting about some the tech world's top happenings of late; from Memeburn's bible of South Africa digital agency landscape to the iPhone 6 launching in SA and Air New Zealand's safety instruction video going viral. Over the past few years we've seen these agencies merge, ...

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Kiwi airline safety video goes viral, thanks to The Lord of the Rings of course

NZ-lord-of-the-rings Don't you just hate airline safety instruction videos? A necessary evil, few airlines have managed to make these clips or demonstration bearable to their passengers. Well, Air New Zealand seems to have cracked the code, by making one of the most boring video categories go viral. How did it do this? With The Lord of the Rings, of course. Riding on the fact that movie adaptations of JRR Tolkien's popular fantasy series were filmed in the country, the major airliner uses ...

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Facebook launches anonymous chatroom app called Rooms

rooms-app The world's biggest social network, Facebook, just launched a stand-alone app called Rooms, which wants to bring back the good old days of chat rooms, with a twist of modernity. Designed by Facebook Creative Labs, Rooms is completely independent of its big blue parent. You don't need a Facebook account to sign in for instance; you can make up your own pseudonym if you like. When you sign-up to Rooms, you're asked to create a new category (called "rooms") -- anything from Berlin ...

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Ello raises $5.5 million to build its back-end infrastructure

Ello Ello has raised US$5.5-million in new venture funding, according to CEO Paul Budnitz. Even with the funding, Budnitz insists that Ello's ad-free ethos will be maintained. Investors have been made to sign a letter, he says, committing to Ello's ethos. “This company will never have ads and will never sell user data,” says Budnitz. “We've basically enshrined, in the most powerful legal way possible, our mission into the company.” Budnitz says the money will be used on product development, focusing ...

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It’s official: Amazon’s Fire Phone is a total flop

Amazon Fire Phone Well this is a little embarrassing. When Amazon launched the Fire Phone, we were pretty sure that it had the potential to do really well. That hasn't happened. Not even slightly. Four months after its launch, the Fire Phone is officially a flop. While Amazon won't tell us exactly how much of a flop, there are some clues if you know where to look. For starters, the ecommerce giant is reporting a US$170-million charge on inventory requirements thanks poor Fire ...

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Future Nokia devices will be branded as Microsoft Lumia, company confirms

Lumia 1520 So it seems Microsoft has finally stuck the dagger into Nokia's ailing heart. The company once famed for making those indestructible Nokia 3310s we could never seem to destroy, will not have its branding on future Lumia phones. Instead, the brand will be known as Microsoft Lumia. We all knew this was coming, but we're pretty sad, nevertheless, to see this iconic name die. While there are currently no Microsoft Lumia devices on the market, Tuula Rytilä, Senior Vice President of Marketing ...


The evolution of the motorbike: steam, gasoline and World War One

Triumph-Model-H The Evolution of the Motorbike takes look at how the humble motorcycle has evolved over time, from the early concepts to the present, and what lies beyond. In the second edition of this nine part series, we uncover the infant motorbikes of the past, what technologies these astounding machines employed and the role the First World War in particular played on their development. Last week we focused on the engine-less, pedal-powered predecessor of the motorbike -- the bicycle -- to gain ...






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