Startup 90: SA’s new accelerator looking for the startup recipe of success

Startup-90 Startup accelerators are tricky things. The idea of putting together some business fundamentals for a company in a couple of months sounds crazy, yet startups the world over tend to thrive on it. South Africa, however, still needs to find that one recipe which compliments its specific local needs. Startup 90 thinks it's up to the task. The relatively new accelerator on the block is hoping to create a uniquely South African programme to help tech startups scale while staying ...

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6 Cs that will dominate the business IT space in 2015

Server Room Not all that long ago, company IT wasn't all that complicated. As long as everyone had a working computer, with a working internet connection and working software then everything was more or less fine. A whole host of factors have changed that. For one, people are no longer bringing dumb phones into the office with them, they're bringing in a huge range of smartphones and tablets and they want to be able to access their work from them. While that ...

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Instagram has over 300 million users, adds verification badge

cat instagram A picture says a lot, certainly more than 140 characters can. Just ask Instagram, which now has 300-million users, snapping over 70-million selfies, sunsets and sandwiches every day. Yup, Instagram is now bigger than the likes of Twitter. In its announcement, the Facebook-owned photo filter app said it's also going to launch a handy verification badge for better authentication (and sorting out the plebs from the celebs of course). This means that you're likely to see a follower drop, for those of ...


Spotify curates “Top Tracks In Your Network” playlist from what the people you follow listen to

Spotify Imagine a Facebook News Feed but for music. This is what Spotify has done with the “Top Tracks In Your Network” feature, a personalised and constantly updated playlist based on what the people you follow are listening to. It’s available today in iOS and Android and will come to desktop soon. The new feature relies on a Spotify's recently introduced social graph and it does the work for you. It is also not intrusive in that it does not update ...


UNICEF and Millicom want to make the web safer for kids

Unicef Millicom UNICEF and emerging markets telecoms giant Millicom have signed an agreement aimed at making the web a safer place for children. The partnership will apparently strive for positive change within the industry through pilot implementation of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles and the UNICEF and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Guidelines for Industry on Child Online Protection. In an official release announcing the partnership, the two parties say they plan to create standards for good practice in the telecommunication ...


YouTube introduces video offline playback for Android

YouTube offline Google has introduced offline video playback for YouTube mobile users. This feature is only available on Android devices in India, Indonesia and the Philippines for now and Google is not giving a time for when it will roll out to other places. Videos that support playback will include an offline icon which offers a choice of playback. Once cached, the videos selected for offline playback will be available to watch without internet access for up to 48 hours. Google explained ...

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5 apps that make being a student easier

university-105709_1280 Being a student can be a tricky affair. In university, no one really cares whether you take your work seriously. You’ll find yourself on a slippery slope: missing lectures, procrastinating, and neglecting note-taking and hygiene. So here’s a list of five apps that can make your academic life easier, in addition to having a menacing alarm. 1. Google Drive Google Drive is essential when it comes to work. It allows you to create word documents, PowerPoints, and spreadsheets, and houses ...


Winning five Euro NCAP stars for safety is about to become a lot tougher

Crashed car The Datsun GO -- a budget hatchback built specifically for emerging markets, including South Africa -- recently came in for severe criticism for failing to score a single star for adult occupant protection in a Global NCAP crash test. The Indian-market Datsun – the first model from the budget automaker since it was revived by Nissan – does not feature airbags or ABS. But this lack of seemingly basic safety equipment wasn’t the main reason behind its embarrassing zero-star rating. ...


How can online retailers optimise operations this Christmas season?

Online Christmas With festive season shopping now in full swing, some online retailers are discovering too late that they can become victims of their own success. Too many shoppers, attracted by too good a deal, can slow a website down or even take it down for hours, resulting in lost sales and potentially worse -- reputational damage. In the price-sensitive South African market, shoppers are quick to respond to a special offer, which could backfire for the online retailer if its website ...


PlayStation TV review-in-brief: should you buy it?

Sony-PSTV-leadjpg There's quite a bit of movement in the connected TV space, and console makers are zoning in on this phenomenon. Consoles are becoming the centre of the living room and as a result, home entertainment too. So those consoles that can stretch their non-gaming legs invariably trump those that don't. I'm talking about the Xbox One here, but Sony has launched something interesting for its PlayStation range that seems to get one over on its Microsoft rival -- the PlayStation TV, ...






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