Samsung Galaxy S5 hands on review: feature-rich with a brilliant display

GALAXY-S5_WhiteBefore I even touched the Galaxy S5, which was lassoed to a glowing table at a fancy Samsung launch event, I came in with diminished expectations. I wasn't a fan of the Galaxy S4, yet I loved the S3 and S2. Samsung has embraced plastic and eschewed the full metal look, which the HTC One so beautifully rocks. It's also almost identical to the S4 in terms of hardware and design (have a gander for yourself). So do I love, ...

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Here’s why no ecommerce outfit can ignore mobile…or the desktop

ecommerce computer cardIf you've ever told anyone you're even contemplating setting up an ecommerce presence, you've most likely heard how important it is for you to be on mobile. If the person you were talking to was a mobile zealot, they may have even told you that your shop should be mobile or first or even mobile only. Thing is, it turns out we still prefer buying stuff on our desktops.According to a new report by internet research house eMarketer, the ...

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#OscarTrial: the social media stats the week Pistorius testified [Infographic]

Oscar BatemanIt's been a stand out week in the murder trial of Olympian Oscar Pistorius -- but you didn't have to be in a court room in South Africa to know that. The proceedings in the North Gauteng high court have been shared around the world through live streams, news articles, word of mouth and not least, Twitter. So just how much is the online space wrapped up in the case?As Pistorius takes to the stand again today, new data from ...

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Turns out just 5% of Weibo users post most of its original content

sina weiboAnother scathing report documenting Sina Weibo’s decline hit the press yesterday, just one week before the Twitter of China lists on the US stock market.This one comes from the South China Morning Post via Hong Kong University’s Weiboscope, which reveals a huge original content gap between users. While monthly active users grew to 143.8-million according to the company’s prospectus, Weiboscope says only 10 million of them are posting original content.The university project, which makes censored Sina Weibo posts ...

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The end of XP slows down decline in global PC market

I love my computerWhen Microsoft finally ended support for Windows XP earlier this week, a lot of us braced ourselves for the inevitable conversation we'd have to hold with our less tech-savvy relatives. You know? The one about why they'd absolutely have to upgrade this time?Well it turns out your stuck-in-the-mud relative wasn't the only one reluctant to part ways with the massively popular OS. A whole load of businesses have been avoiding the upgrade too. For many of them, it seems, ...


Twitter tests browser notification feature with select users

twitttterTwitter, notorious for sneaky roll out experiments, is at it again. The latest in a series of Twitter tweaks is a desktop notification system geared at users looking for a more integrated web experience. Twitter has started testing the feature secretly on a select handful of tweeters.Chrome, Safari, and Firefox users have long been privy to Twitter desktop notifications, although the feature has never been run through Twitter itself.Back in January, Twitter announced that it was revamping its desktop site ...

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Reachocalypse: is Facebook really trying to screw your brand page’s reach?

ScrewSo I’m sure that it’s not news to anyone that Facebook’s recent changes to its Newsfeed algorithm have left many a marketer in a bit of a flap. Hate pieces are being written on an almost daily basis about Facebook’s apparent greed and arrogance -- the latest one making the rounds is Eat24’s “Dear John” letter. Now as funny and witty as I found this letter to be, I think there are some realities that marketers need to face if they ...


7 car gadgets you shouldn’t be caught dead buying

LED EmoticonIf you own a vehicle that’s well past its prime (or, indeed, one that’s simply a little too low-tech for your liking), you may be tempted to spruce it up with a spot of aftermarket gadgetry. And although there are some useful and even ingenious automotive-flavoured additions out there, they are unfortunately about as common as an honest second-hand car salesman.But if you simply can’t shake the hankering, then our advice is to at least tread carefully. Very carefully. Why? ...


Can features like Chat Cards and Newsfeed make Mxit cool again?

Mxit 7Not so long ago, Mxit appeared to be caught in something of a malaise. Alan Knott Craig Jr, the man who promised to change the company from the ground up had parted ways with it, the board appeared reluctant to appoint a new CEO and its product was stuck in pretty much the same place it had been in for years. No one can accuse it of that now.In the space of a few months and under new CEO Francois ...


5 reasons why Sony’s Xperia Z2 will beat Samsung’s Galaxy S5

Sony Xperia Z2 and accessoriesAt Mobile World Congress 2014, almost every smartphone brand showcased what it had been busy with during the past 12 months. Samsung showcased the Galaxy S5, Sony demoed the Xperia Z2 and LG displayed the G Pro 2.These are powerhouses devices, but we think the real battle would be between the Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2. So if you're planning to buy the Xperia Z2 or the Galaxy S5, here's five reasons why Sony's device will beat Samsung's latest ...






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