Siemens is challenging these students to innovate real solutions to real problems

Cyber Junkyard This is pretty cool. Siemens has just announced the finalists in its Cyber Junkyard competition, which challenges students to design and build engineering solutions to 21st century industry problems. Now in its 11th year, the competition aims to promote engineering skills and encourage tertiary students to apply theoretical knowledge from the lecture halls in real-world settings has expanded to include a new business development component. Unlike previous years, where Cyber Junkyard participants had to recreate and improve a prototype innovation supplied ...


Apple’s old timey classic Watch needs to be a fashion statement in the age of tech

Watch meme lead After months of waiting, Apple has finally announced its wearable, the Apple Watch. Fanboys and girls everywhere have been waiting for the tech giant to get into the wearable space and it seems that the wait was well worth it, or was it? Apple argues that its watch represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology. Everyone's favourite tech company has really put some thought into the tech of this device. It is a square face, tough sapphire ...

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Why social media is the SEO queen of the digital kingdom

Chess Queen By: Lelanie Roux and Madré Roothman There’s nothing like the satisfaction of checking your website analytics and proudly looking at the organic traffic giving your website the authority it deserves. Many say that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has slowly dwindled into the claws of death, but it is your organic search traffic that proves the “many” wrong. Now that your website has the authority and the ranking you have worked so hard to achieve, the next step is to investigate how you ...


3 of the weirdest car launches of recent years

Chevrolet_Volt_hatchback_(concept)_01 Launches are a pretty big deal for car makers. It is, after all, the first time they get to show off what is often the result of years of hard work, research, development and testing. You can understand then why they'd be so keen to make a big splash with their launch events. So the media and celeb invites are sent out, a swanky venue and some up-and-coming performers are secured and, if everything goes to plan, everyone leaves at ...


Times Media Group’s Vidi brings video-on-demand to South Africa

Vidi launch Call it the Netflix of South Africa, but Times Media Group's Vidi video-on-demand service goes live today and hopes win over those who can't stand to watch moving pictures on a cable box any longer. Offering both a monthly subscription option (for R149) and an instant rental option, which demands anything from R15 for a library title to R27 per newly released picture, there are no contracts associated with the service. Times Media Group notes that users can choose to leave ...

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At R50 a pop, this site wants to be the marketplace for all skills and talents

fifty-rand-note What are you willing to do for R50? “I will design your book cover … for R50″, “I will install WordPress so you can build your own website … for R50″ or design your business cards and so forth. These are all micro-jobs people are willing to do on For A Fifty — a new site that hopes to change the way people distribute their skills and businesses outsource tasks. Launched on 25 August 2014 by Noleen Mariappen, For A Fifty is ...


Be like Batman: why a super-mobile workforce is imperative

Bat signal The reality of time pressures today, is that we all feel like we spend our days chasing something, whether its sales or deadlines, but it’s the chase that seems to rob us of our time and has become a new age criminal. While no one discredits the value of office bound workers, it is this growing need to get more done in less time and more efficiently that has created the need to establish a force that can act as ...

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More than filters: the science of Instagram [Infographic]

Instagram mobile When I’m speaking at a conference, one of the most common questions I’m asked is what do I think the future of social media is. I’m not great at distant future predicting, but I do believe the story of the present and near-future of social media is visual content. From the impact of images and video on Facebook and Twitter to the new crop of media-centric social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, it’s clear that inbound marketers need to be ...


Playing it safe: Apple’s best launch in years was also its least risky

Apple launch products It's difficult to go into an Apple event objectively these days. If you're a fan, which large numbers of the tech press are, then launch day is pretty much like Rex Manning Day for Mark in Empire Records. That is, something to be greeted with unbridled enthusiasm. For the non-fans, it's all a bit sterile, a bit samey and about as exciting as a visit to the dentist. So where do these respective viewpoints stand after today's launch? Well the ...

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What to do about your outbound marketing before it’s too late

Too late You have been warned! If you persist in sending unwanted communication to your bought or acquired marketing lists, it is a matter of time before you will be reported and blacklisted, and hopefully not prosecuted. I received yet another unsolicited email this morning from a person selling services that do not interest me. I had just unsubscribed when I was sent another email containing information that does not resonate with me at all. The information was irrelevant and did not present ...






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