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Google ScreenWise pays you for your data

Google You're the product! I hear this over and over on all of the geeky sites that I tend to frequent. It's a direct response to every article that comes out describing how yet another "free" online service is gathering every last shred of data on its users, in order to gain access to some of that precious advertising revenue. Now, Google is finally acknowledging that your data is worth a lot of money. In fact, it's willing to pay you ...


Apps4Africa looks to tech for climate change solutions

Apps are important. After all, they're everywhere: on our smartphones, tablets, PCs and even TVs. There’s a reason people talk so enthusiastically about the so-called "app economy". One initiative is looking to recognise that with a global completion. Apps4Africa claims to encourage “individuals to develop technological solutions to environmental challenges” The latest iteration of the competition offers people the chance to win US$15 000 if they can provide a winning technological solution to the problem of climate change. So prominent ...


5 Gum promotes Two Door Cinema Club tour using only social media [Update]

There are a few things you need when it comes to organising a major music tour: the band, venues, equipment. If the tour is to be a success, however, you need a major across-the-line marketing campaign right? Chewing gum brand 5 Gum is looking to question that logic. The brand is organising a South African tour for up-and-coming UK band Two Door Cinema Club. Here’s the kicker though, 5 Gum is marketing the tour exclusively via social media and word ...

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The Amazing Spiderman looks set to sling a web of viral proportions

Yes it's going mad. It's all most of the internet is talking about it. Peter Parker's return to the big screen in the all new movie, The Amazing Spiderman. The last Spiderman franchise ended with more of fizzle than a bang, but this new "untold story" has all the geeks excited. Starring Andrew Garfield of The Social Network fame, the movie promises to be a 3D spectacular. With a YouTube count of more than 2-million views, this trailer is well ...

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Not free, not open: The Memeburn interview with WhatsApp’s Brian Acton

In one of only a handful of public interviews ever given by WhatsApp, co-founder Brian Acton talks exclusively to Memeburn about simplicity, speed and simplicity, and what it takes to make some cash. The fact that WhatsApp is so popular is no surprise, and yet to become the number one smartphone messaging app in a sea of same-same services is mysterious. Sure, people like to communicate, and will latch onto a service that lets them do it easily and cheaply. ...


Your Twitter following — more than friends

Black Twitter You see it everywhere: “Follow us on Twitter!” For good reason, too. Businesses correctly recognise Twitter as a major marketing tool – a way to reach users who are increasingly active in social media. Companies and websites alike are constantly seeking new followers as a means to get out a specific message. However, the composition of your following, in many ways, is more important than the total number of followers you have. Below, read about some basic strategies used to ...

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5 Reasons we need new specialised social platforms for business interaction

social media Utilising social networks to benefit your ideas or business can be tough. Fortunately, there are more options out there than we tend to exercise. We decided to take a look at the reasons why our current social platforms just don't cut it anymore, and what we can do to combat the war zone of tweets, stumbles and pins -- to come out on top. 1. So you don’t get lost in the mix Existing social platforms are excellent for tapping into a ...


Jump Shopping launches new eCommerce price comparison tool

Jump Shopping has launched a brand new price comparison tool aimed specifically at the South African ecommerce market. The tool, called FindPrice, is reportedly aimed at helping shoppers keep track of the deals they find online. According to Jump Shopping, it does this by listing products from a number of stores by category. The ecommerce platform also claims to have built “new and extensive filters” into FindPrice. These filters, it claims, allow for offers to be "matched and grouped ...


Logitech Wireless Touchpad: reinventing the wheel

Who ever thought that turning a mouse on its belly and rubbing its little rubber nubbin would be preferable to standard mouse control? The trackball actually predates the mouse, so screw that antiquated form of movement and embrace the gleaming future of control with the Logitech Wireless Touchpad. Overall design With the colour scheme of a killer whale, the Touchpad is a thing of refined beauty. Logitech knows how to design desktop gadgets. The Touchpad's smooth surface feels dense and resilient, it's ...


Silicon Valley’s dirty little startup secret

Silicon Valley In San Francisco cafes and bars, even on the street, I overhear people talking about their startup ideas, business plans, and goals. And there are tons of incubators, Angels, wannabe Angels, VC firms, making investments in startups. And there's lots of money being made, especially among the Super Angels, the incubators such as Y Combinator, the micro-VCs, and people such as Jeff Clavier, Dave McClure, who have made fortunes selling startups to larger companies. Sometimes startup teams can go from seed ...






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