4 crucial steps to get your event trending on Twitter

Black Twitter Co-authored by Jonathan Houston According to, if you want to trend on Twitter, all you need is around 100 people tweeting the same hashtag simultaneously. Sounds simple but this may not be that easy to pull off. It’s about the volume of your audience rather than the volume of your tweets. So here is how you should set about doing this. The process rules are simple enough so that you can take this process and copy it for your own ...


Microsoft Surface: Diplomacy is for the birds

microsoft_surface The Microsoft Surface looks alright... nice one Microsoft. But, while you were strutting your stuff on the catwalk of LA’s swanky Milk Studios, could you hear the collective grumble rising from the tech industry? The Surface is an assault on your arch enemy’s iPad and MacBook Air, turned up to eleven, but you’ve offended your hardware partners. You see the Surface as an archetype, your hardware partners see it as a competing device for tablets and Ultrabooks. By saying things like ...


Okay, maybe Microsoft hasn’t got the cool thing taped just yet [Video]

Microsoft's big tablet reveal went a long way to showing that the company was well on the way to regaining its cool. Mostly. You see, there was one teeny tiny blip. While he was showing off the "smooth" browsing capabilities of the Surface it froze. Nothing helped, not even jabbing at the Windows button (to be fair, that's exactly what we would have done. At this point, you can imagine what was going through his head. Still, Sinofsky stuck with ...

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Google Maps: Now with real-time traffic overlay

cape town traffic overlay google maps We recently reported on the massive changes Google was making to its Maps offering. Today a few more of those updates roll out to the general public. As of today Google Maps traffic overlay is fully functional in seven new countries, including South Africa with cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town covered. Now when plotting a route from one point to another, Google maps will give you a few options with live traffic info and real-life time estimations for ...

Le Web, News

YouTube founders to lift veil on their new site Zeen next week [LeWeb]

Zeen The mystery around Zeen, the new site from the founders of YouTube will be lifted next week. That's the lowdown from co-founder Chad Hurley, who was speaking at LeWeb London. At the moment, there's precious little information about the site, aside from the promise that it will allow people to "discover and create beautiful magazines". Zeen is the latest project from Avos, the company that Hurley and fellow YouTube founder Steve Chen started last year. In April 2011, it was ...


Go Daddy set to forge its own passage to India

Go Daddy is set to join a growing list of big online players plying their trade in India. The web-hosting giant today announced that it had identified the BRIC giant as "a priority market" for its "global expansion" and has already hired its first ever international executive to run operations in the country. The company has appointed Rajiv Sodhi as Managing Director of Go Daddy India. The former Microsoft executive will be responsible for overseeing Go Daddy's expansion into the ...


Facebook hovercards: Now with Timeline cover photos

As tech news goes, this is no Microsoft tablet announcement, but it's still interesting in an "oh that's cool" kind of way. Hover over someone's profile picture in your news feed. After a while their basic bio information will pop up. That's been around since 2010, but it just got a little prettier. Along with the information that's always been there, you'll now see their cover photo. As The Next Web notes, Facebook appears to be taking ...


Assange remains hidden in Ecuadorian embassy

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange remains hidden in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he is seeking political asylum. The man behind the well-known cable-leaking site turned to the embassy after the UK Supreme Court refused to reopen his appeal against extradition to Sweden over alleged sex charges. Assange denies any guilt in relation to the sex charges, but is afraid that Swedish authorities will hand him over to the US, where he will be treated unfairly. According to the ...

Microsoft, Tablets

Microsoft may have finally cracked the convergence code with Surface tablets

microsoft surface keyboards The gloves are off as Microsoft, for the first time, commits to a range of computers that bears its own name. In a very Apple-like way Microsoft held a super-secret event in Los Angeles which got the Tech world speculating and claiming all sorts of inside info. Many were close, predicting a Microsoft tablet. The reality was far bigger than the hype suggested. Microsoft launched a well-executed and extremely innovative range of tablets appropriately called Surface. The Microsoft Surface tablet ...


Queuing for a ticket online: Is Computicket crazy?

lady gaga sa So the general idea of booking something online is to satisfy the need instantly. The idea of standing in a queue while online does not sit so well with me; but that’s what is happening on online ticketing site Computicket as it attempts to deal with the demand for the South African leg of a Lady Gaga world tour. So maybe I’m being melodramatic or maybe the promise of a digital world if instant gratification has spoiled me; but the queuing ...






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