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6 top tips for controlling your privacy on social media

Private Sign If you are concerned about your privacy online, social media is inevitably going to throw a couple of hurdles in your path. In its basic form, the social web encourages sharing and broader engagement that can translate to a much looser control over your private interactions and your personal information online. Every day we use our favourite social media channel to communicate, engage, and to maintain our relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. We also use the social web as a ...

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IPv6: Is your business ready for a new web?

Internet connection The address space used by the current version of the Internet protocol, IPv4, is rapidly running out. The familiar four number code is fast being usurped by a new protocol -- IPv6 -- which provides over four-billion times more space, and infinitely more options for companies worldwide. Although IPv6 technology has already been deployed extensively in many large networks, it has yet to be implemented on a global scale. World IPv6 Day, which took place on 8 June, marked the ‘official’ ...


Microsoft mystery event gets a location

This had better be worth all the fuss. Microsoft's mystery event, scheduled for a couple of hours' time, finally has a location. The announcement that's thrown the tech world into a froth of speculative frenzy will take place at Hollywood's Milk Studios. According to its website, the studio "stands at the crossroads of the fashion, music, photography and film worlds. ... Milk spans contemporary culture and is a hub for supporting partnerships with some of the industry's most visionary talent ...


Life without Facebook: Scarier than you can imagine

I love my computer Last night I indulged in a little fantasy, imagining what my life would be like without Facebook. I had a bad day and was cross with the world and I thought: I’m going to delete my entire Facebook account. I suppose the fact that deleting Facebook in my head means getting rid of the world is quite telling. I realised that I don’t know where on Facebook I would delete my account, so this morning I started to investigate. Under ...


Google: Government take down requests on the up, even in Western democracies

Google logo Government requests to take down online content are on the rise, even in Western democracies not usually associated with censorship. That's according Google's latest Transparency Report, which disclosing data about such requests as well as traffic patterns and disruptions to Google services from different countries. The internet giant says it has seen a definite rise in the number of requests to have political speech removed from its properties: When we started releasing this data in 2010, we also added annotations ...

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Why we should still be sceptical about the success of Facebook ads

Facebook Like Facebook seems to have succeeded in holding back widespread concerns about the effectiveness of its advertising platform with a recent paid-for study by comScore, in the wake of GM's announcement that its Facebook ad campaigns don't pay. That's a damning announcement by GM and it's not something that any company does in such a public manner. Many seemed to dismiss this event as GM being clueless about how to run social ad campaigns. But that's a poor argument because GM, like ...


No Barnes & Noble at today’s Microsoft event [Report]

If you were looking forward to Microsoft announcing that it would be going after Amazon tonight, sorry. You're going to have to readjust your expectations. According to Dow Jones, via Business Insider, the idea that the event would have something to do with the book seller is "not true at all". A Barnes & Noble spokesperson has also confirmed that the company will have nothing to do with the event. If Microsoft is indeed releasing a tablet, it now seems more ...

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Twitter goes googoo for #LadyGagaSA tour announcement

lady gaga sa Brace yourself, South Africa. Gaga is coming. Speculation in the country been rife since events company Big Concerts updated its Facebook cover photo last week to an image which looked suspiciously similar to her Born this Way Ball tour poster, but it's official: Big Concerts broke the news via social media this morning after an announcement on national radio station 5fm. The tickets for the Grammy-Award winning artist's shows in Johannesburg (30 November) and Cape Town (3 December) go on ...


Mozilla to build ‘simple’ iPad browser

This is interesting. Mozilla is set to build a browser for the iPad. And here's the thing: it has no tabs or search bars. According to Mozilla, the browser called Junior (cute right) "makes browsing more fun, more ergonomic and re-thinks browser user experience from the ground up". TechCrunch reports that browsing the web is reduced to pressing one of three buttons -- "forward, back, and a plus that displays a list of recent sites, bookmarks, and a search bar. The ...

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Facebook to pay $10-million in sponsored stories settlement

Facebook Ever thought that the ads proclaiming how your Facebook friends "like" some or other fan page are an invasion of their privacy? No? Well, some Facebook users did — and they took Facebook to court over it. Five Facebook members recently filed a class-action suit against the social networking giant, alleging the “sponsored stories” feature in Facebook violated Californian law by publishing users’ “likes” without compensation and with no opt-out function. They agreed on a settlement, which means Facebook will ...






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