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Shifting to the next phase of CRM: marketing automation

Red Button Marketing professionals are forever being swamped with snazzy new buzzwords and trends that are poised to transform marketing practices. This is especially true when it comes to CRM, which evolves and innovates at an alarmingly fast pace. It is difficult, as a result, to identify the tools and technologies that present real value, and that offer marketers tangible opportunities in the long term. One of the trends that has undoubtedly come to the fore over the past several years is ...


Fixing the African startup space: stop looking at Silicon Valley

hammer We are at a very exciting stage in the African Startup space. The attention we are getting internationally is great and we are seeing competitions, incubation spaces and accelerators popping up seemingly weekly. It is great to get the international support and attention, but beware the hype. The international ‘plug and play’ formulas offer limited value and struggle to create any kind of consistent momentum and value in the local markets. Read more on Ventureburn.


11 TV, film and gaming mashup videos too batshit crazy to ignore

TVfilmgame Gaming's a weird passion. Most people see at a gamer and think "look at this nerd and their obsession with that Pac-Man game." But those who spend their lives vegetating on the couch watching cable television, are insulated from the same sort of stereotypical insults gamers are traditionally labelled with. Why is it more acceptable to be a film or series-addict than it is to be a gamer? Can't we all just get along? Some, like those who made these ...


10 cars you’ll really want to drive (for now) in Forza Horizon 2

Forza Car Chart Forza Horizon 2 is shaping up to be a petrolhead's wet dream and while we’ve seen a few of the locations where you’ll be able to thrash the car of your dreams, the makers have released the first 100 cars, of the 200 due to appear in the driving simulator. Over the years, the Forza series has made a name for itself based on incredibly realistic renderings of real life cars coupled with top class gaming experience. Horizon 2 looks to ...

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Bolt: Instagram launches a new photo messaging app in 3 countries (incl SA)

Instagram Bolt Yes, it's real. After a few not-so-well-kept secrets snuck out of Facebook HQ, the Instagram team has officially unveiled its new standalone messaging app. It's called Bolt. Bolt is a photo-messaging app built in the same vein as Snapchat and Taptalk, which allows you to rapidly take and share photos with your friends. You simply frame your photo, add some text if you want and tap your friend's avatar -- the app quickly snaps and sends the shot, which the recipient ...


Twitter aims to up its image search cred with Madbits acquisition

Twitter Twitter looks set to up its image search game following the acquisition of startup Madbits for an undisclosed sum of money. Founded by Clément Farabet and Louis-Alexandre Etezad-Heydari, Madbits is the latest in a series of deep learning startups to be bought out by big tech companies in the recent past. The notice on the Madbits site announcing the acquisition is a little light on detail around what the company actually does, but the information that is there would suggest that ...

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Greenpeace calls internet cats to help save tigers on International Tiger Day

Cats Save Tigers Greenpeace What do you get when you combine Lil Bub, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Nala and Venus the cat? That would be latest species-saving campaign from Greenpeace. No, really. The environmental organisation has rolled out something special for International Tiger Day. Its #CatsSaveTigers campaign is a partnership with some of the internet's biggest kitties, which sees them using their social media influence to raise awareness about the plight of their larger cousins. In the last century, the world's tiger population has ...


IDEO’s Tom Kelley, Ogilvy UK’s Rory Sutherland to headline Digital Edge Live

Digital Edge Digital Edge Live, the annual digital marketing conference organised by Native VML, has lined up a couple of heavyweight headline speakers for its 2014 edition. Tom Kelley, Partner at world-renowned design agency IDEO and best-selling author of the Art of Innovation and 10 Faces of Innovation will join Rory Sutherland, Executive Creative Director and Vice Chairman of Ogilvy One London and Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather UK at the event, which takes place in Johannesburg on 30 September. Alongside ...


Tracking ebola: 8 internet resources to help keep abreast of the epidemic

ebola Ebola is fast becoming Africa's (and indeed, the world's) biggest contemporary health problem. The latest outbreak, originating in Guinea, is now the largest in recorded history with most of West Africa in the midst of the suffering. Since February, there have been over 1 200 reported cases and around 700 reported deaths, with this number continuing to climb as the epidemic balloons. Recently two American nationals were diagnosed with ebola disease, which has sparked fears of the virus piggybacking on international ...

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Tech meets art: how AR apps can create a digital dance archive

P(AR)take featuring Ester Van Der Walt & Maipelo Gabang (1) Dancer, academic, choreographer and producer Jeannette Ginslov marked the 40th edition of the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown by unveiling an ambitious project and a first for South Africa –an augmented reality (AR)-based, digital archive combo called P(AR)take. Using AR app Aurasma, Ginslov has created triggers for 10 videos of dance performances on the Main programme of the Festival, reaching back in time to 1984 and as recent as 2013. According to Ginslov, the project aims to spur and enhance ...






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