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This brand ‘broke up’ with Facebook and Facebook doesn’t really care

new facebook news feedIf you've been anywhere near the internet recently, you'll have seen them -- the posts alleging Facebook is pushing brands' updates down in their fans' newsfeeds in favour of promoted posts. Facebook itself even acknowledged that brands wouldn't be reaching as many of their fans as they used to, as its new algorithm changes began to prefer certain types of content over others.All of this was just too much for food delivery startup Eat24, which decided it had had ...

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Measure these 3 non-financial marketing metrics and optimise your growth

Non-financial-metricsAs a marketing executive I’ve learnt that marketing strategies may require adaptations as the implementation process unfolds. Yes, even the best strategies! All businesses are challenged to attain and maintain a competitive edge, market position as well as customer retention strategy. The IT sector is dynamic and it is an intensely competitive marketplace, fast-paced and innovative.Competitive forces beyond the control of the organisation make agility in strategy execution and data analysis key. Those responsible for marketing have to ensure; (1) ...

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Does the tech revolution mean we can gamify insurance?

InsuranceOne of the by-products of the ongoing technological revolution is an increasingly savvy and engaged consumer. As consumers become more techno savvy they have access to a wider array of product and service offerings and are demanding a change in how organizations communicate with them. Changes in technology have fundamentally and permanently affected consumers’ expectations of service standards and altered their views of companies. This new breed of ultra-engaged customer is using social media and a host of other online ...


Dark Souls II review: fan service

DS-2-4I read a lot of Dark Souls II reviews just after the game was released, but many of them seemed off the mark. This is a tough game, but not impossible. Yes, it's hard but that's to be expected from a title like this, the third game in the Souls series (it follows Demon Souls and Dark Souls). Dark Souls II is a teaching experiment in pain and perseverance. You either love it, or you learn to love it from ...


Bootstrapping Journey: self-funding your startup in South Africa

Bootstrap"You're only as good as your last game," is a common saying in the world of sport. The same goes for business and sales, and especially when a company relies on its product to sustain itself from the get-go (instead of a providing a medium- to long-term promise to investors with open cookie jars). Software company Journey is one of the many startups in South Africa and the rest of the continent that decided to self-fund its business.The company made its ...


Facebook’s going to use drones and lasers to bring the world online. Serious.

Facebook dronesWe thought Google's Project Loon sounded like an equal mix of ambitious and crazy, but now Facebook's joined the game too. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the social network is working on connecting the globe through the use of drones, satellites and lasers to beam internet access to regions which haven't been reached through terrestrial connections.In a Facebook post, Zuckerberg explained that his company had brought five members of the team from drone maker Ascenta on board a ...


Twitter set to up mobile game downloads with its new ad product

TwitterTwitter is reportedly on the verge of launching a new mobile ad product aimed specifically at app makers. According to Bloomberg, the product will allow people to encourage downloads of their apps on the social network.The product, which allows people to download an app if they click on an ad, is clearly not designed for weekend warrior style app builders, but for ecommerce and gaming giants looking to attract people to their apps.Given that Twitter has been ...

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What kind of social sharer are you? [quiz]

Psychology of sharing When you tweet an interesting article you've read on your favourite political site, or share that massively viral video on Facebook, do you ever stop to think what it might say about you?In all likelihood, your answer to that question would be a resounding "no" (unless you're incredibly self-reflexive). In fact, if research from The New York Times is to be believed, then the kind of stuff you share and where you share it means you can be one of ...


From Kickstarter to exit: how Oculus made billions without building a single product

oculus-riftWell this is interesting. Facebook has been on a Yahoo-cum-Google spending spree of late. As everyone who cares and some who don't now knows, the social network has doled out US$2-billion on a startup that hasn't actually finished building its product. Welcome to the "Unicorn Club" Oculus."Oculus has the chance to create the most social platform ever, and change the way we work, play and communicate," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement following the acquisition announcement.Read more on ...

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Facebook’s Oculus buyout has resulted in some brilliant memes: here are our favourites

Titanic-OculusAh the internet... always making jokes and finding the humour in every billion dollar acquisition. While Kickstarter backers of the Oculus Rift are losing their minds over the fact that the Virtual Reality startup just sold them down the Facebook river, the other side of the internet is finding humour in it.When you think about it, the Oatmeal pretty much called this acquisition a while ago and it seems that Hitler is not having it either. It's all just ...






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