7 startups hitting the right note with Africa’s musicians

There are a lot of music tech startups popping up across Africa. It shouldn't be that surprising when you look at Nigeria, which boasts the largest music industry on the continent. According to CNBC, the country's industry produces 550 albums of different kinds of music annually. It's even said that the entertainment industry would pass the US$1-billion mark by 2016. Similarly echoed in other parts of the continent, Africa's music industry faces many obstacles like an ever-changing infrastructure, piracy, and lack ...


Samsung’s all-metal Galaxy Alpha is 2014′s most pointless phone

samsung-galaxy-alpha-white-540x334 Can you list all the models available in the Samsung Galaxy family today? I just tried, but ran out of fingers. Perhaps it's fitting then that the Korean tech giant should add yet another device to its over-complicated and never-ending lineup, just before the iPhone 6's launch. And wouldn't you know it? The phone Samsung's aiming squarely at its American rival is flaunting a similar jacket and shades, like a less popular kid trying too hard. Read more on Gearburn.


Take that Amazon: Google announces ‘Project Wing’, its delivery drone building effort

Project Wing Google X, the highly secretive research arm of Google, has announced its latest project: autonomous delivery drones. Wait, haven't we heard this one before? Yes, yes we have. But unlike the fragile-looking Octocopter delivery drone Amazon promised would be part of our future last year, Google's "Project Wing" drones actually look like they're up to the task of doing day-to-day autonomous deliveries over sustained period of time. Google has also been able to give a much more viable demonstration ...

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Flipagram, the photo story app, is now available on Microsoft’s Lumia devices

flipagram Flipagram, the photo-cum-video story app, has today been launched for Lumia devices. The app, previously available on iOS and Android only, allows users to create short videos from photographs. The videos can then be set to music, creating a personalised video photo book. Unlike Vine or Instagram's video feature, Flipagram allows users to meld ready-taken images together, to form a storyboard. The app also lets users narrate the stories, turning the static memories into living pieces of art. For Windows users, it ...


Calling all young designers: Facebook wants you for its first Africa hackathon

Facebook iPhone hand Facebook is really gearing up its activities in Africa. The social network will host its first Creative Shop Hackathon in Africa as part of Loeries Creative Week Cape Town. The hackathon is designed specifically for young creative designers with under two years of experience. The idea is to offers the designers an opportunity to work on a real creative brief for the Loeries Creative Future Scholarship. The Hackathon will be overseen by Rob Newlan, Head of Facebook Creative Shop Europe, ...

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Facebook has a new breed of troll: here’s how to protect your brand from them

Troll For many brands, Facebook has become about acquiring fans, maintaining high engagement rates and, of course, doing one up on competitors to secure bragging rights. Running impersonal competitions and giveaways are a sure fire tactic to tick the fan growth and engagement boxes. They are also a sure fire way to attract the lesser-spotted Facebooker sub-species, known to embattled community managers as ‘serial competition enterers’ or less subtly as ‘competition trolls’. Facebook and community managers alike want people to like ...


Looking for a change? 5 reasons to start a company in the Philippines

nightlife-phillipines You may not be familiar yet with South-East Asia, so here’s a big picture to give an understanding on why it matters when it comes to startups: A market of 600 million people, a (big) third of which in one country alone: Indonesia and its 17 000 islands. The Philippines just got their 100 million Filipino. A fast-growing middle-class, with 24% of the Philippines population in this category as of 2013 (Business Mirror) The social media capital of the world. Top smartphone penetration? ...


Who needs hypermiling? 5 ultra-simple ways you can save fuel

fuel-gauge Virtually everyone who pays for fuel (that’d be most of us, then) is keen to make each precious tank of petrol or diesel last as long as physically possible. Some motorists, of course, take this obsession to ludicrous lengths, attempting to, say, decrease their vehicle’s rolling resistance by keeping two tyres on the white line, or trying to reduce the car’s aerodynamic drag by drafting (read “tailgating”) a large truck. Read more on Motorburn.


4 stellar TV shows ‘inspired’ by even better games

A-time More than ever before, TV and film look to the medium of the game for inspiration. Just look at that enormous pile of shit, Age of Transformers. It's made over $15-trillion-zillion and counting, and is essentially a third-person fighting game, starring Mark Wahlberg. I'm not here to discuss the truly awful films Hollywood's infecting us with (sans Guardians of the Galaxy), but instead to talk about Black Jesus. Confused? You should be. Earlier this year, I wrote about a few television shows ...

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5 retailers that are completely changing how we see mobile

Mobile Payments Mobile technology is abundant, yet many retailers have failed to take advantage of its popularity. The App and Play stores are filled with shopping apps, but not all e-commerce apps are created equal. To stand out in a tech-driven market, retailers must find new and creative ways to fulfill their customers’ wants and needs, providing them with the best experience possible while shopping on the go. My company learned what it takes to create an app that will truly engage ...






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