Apple Watch: all you need to know about Apple’s digital ticker

Apple-Watch In a typically stylish Apple event held in downtown San Francisco, Apple finally launched its Apple Watch to the world after spending the past six months teasing the general public. The Apple Watch, which will be available in two sizes (1.5-inches and 1.65-inches), three guises (average Joe, Sport and "Watch Edition") and a plethora of strap options, will likely put a cat amongst the Huawei, Samsung and LG pigeons of the wearable world. The device, however will start at a base ...


9 things Jon Stewart taught the world about South Africa

Jon Stewart Jon Stewart taught the world a great deal. After more than 15 years as host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, Stewart announced he'll step down later this year, and with it will come a drop the global average IQ. Thank you Jon. — Comedy Central (@ComedyCentral) February 10, 2015 Stewart’s “fake news” taught Americans more about the world that their own news channels did, including the ever valuable lesson that Africa is in fact not a country. In fact, Stewart taught the world so ...

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M-Pesa users can now send money between Kenya and Tanzania

MPesa Stand Mobile money service M-Pesa is usually one of the first names mentioned when it comes to revolutionary African mobile products. It has however been largely restricted to use within the individual countries it operates in. Until now, that is. M-Pesa customers in Kenya and Tanzania can now send and receive money from each other at the same cost as sending it locally. Speaking in Dar es Salaam, Vodacom Tanzania Managing Director Rene Meza said that the large amounts of money ...


Huge number of women still don’t have access to mobile devices

GSMA A new report titled ‘Bridging the gender gap: mobile access and usage in low and middle-income countries’ by GSMA reveals that there's still massive inequality between genders when it comes to mobile access. According to the report, a woman is still 21% less likely to own a mobile phone than a man. This figure increases to 23% if she lives in Africa, 24% if she lives in the Middle East, and 37% if she lives in South Asia. "Closing this gender ...


The Apple Watch event: I’ve seen this film before

Apple Watch If Apple's keynotes were a film franchise, they'd be playing to empty theaters by now. Things were pretty innovative at the start, to be sure, and the return of the main protagonist after years in exile was something to be celebrated. But in the past few years, his successors have put in performances so formulaic that seasoned members of the tech press can probably predict what puns Tim Cook will break out on the day. The latest event threw out ...

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SA online media could soon get code of ethics, regulatory system

iab south africa The Interactive Advertising Bureau South Africa (IAB), a voluntary non-profit body which represents the interests of the South African digital industry, has announced that it will be spearheading efforts aimed at creating a cross-platform news media code of ethics. The body, which was previously known as the DMMA, today announced that it has entered into discussions with the South African Press Council to explore the viability of the code as well as a voluntary editorial content regulatory system. The envisaged ...

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The US government filed for 95% of all Pinterest user data requests in 2014

pinterest pins In its annual transparency report, Pinterest claims that the United States government was responsible for the majority of requests for user information in 2014. Of the 41 requests Pinterest received, 39 demands for information in 54 accounts were from the United States. Canada followed with one request for three accounts and Australia with one request for one account. Both Canada and Australia had their requests denied, but Pinterest ceded to 32 American demands, denying only seven from the US. "While the ...


What should banks be doing to protect themselves from cybercrime?

Bank Vault When the prolific criminal Willie Sutton was asked why he specifically targeted banks, he purportedly replied: “Because that’s where the money is.” So it’s no surprise that cybercriminals have made banks a focus for online heists. Following the recently reported series of Carbanak cyber-thefts that taken up to a billion dollars from banks worldwide, a new survey* of 175 heads of financial organisations showed that they rated online attacks as their second-biggest perceived danger to their industry. The reason why banking ...


5 seriously outdated myths around DDoS protection

Security screen Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have evolved to become a lot more sinister than they once were. Yet too many organisations are pinning their defence hopes on outdated and ineffective solutions, or even gambling by having no defences at all. These risky approaches are based on the top myths in organisations today, around DDoS attacks: 1. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are the panacea A CDN merely addresses the symptoms of a DDoS attack by absorbing these large volumes of data. ...


Uber Nigeria: how the world’s sexiest startup is faring in Lagos

Lagos-is-surprising-the-world-Uber In July 2014, Uber commenced operations in Lagos, Nigeria, a city notorious for its horrendous traffic jams. Despite that, the disruptive company's operations have boomed. At least that's according to Uber Lagos general manager Ebi Atawodi (pictured above) Exponential Growth Within six months, Atawodi said, Uber has recorded exponential growth in Nigeria in terms of demand and supply. There has been 10-times growth in the company’s supply within six months, which also means there are 10 times more Uber drivers in Lagos ...






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