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  • 7 tools that make an entrepreneur’s day simpler and more productive

    Busy entrepreneurs have many responsibilities to manage each day, from doing the admin and managing finances, to attending meetings, conference calls and networking to overseeing staff and communicating with customers and suppliers. During these busy times technology is a big enabler, entrepreneurs benefit greatly from the apps and online resources they have at their disposal. Below are some online resources that make an entrepreneur’s day simpler, more convenient and more productive. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Here’s what we should expect from the Huawei P9

    Huawei will be unveiling its latest high-end smartphone (or smartphones) in London today, in the form of the Huawei P9. What should we expect from the device though? Well, between numerous leaks and the Mate 8 launch several months back, we can paint quite the picture... It's expected to have dual cameras HTC and LG aren't the only companies to dabble with dual-cameras, as Huawei's Honor 6 Plus did the same back in 2014, featuring two 8-megapixel cameras on the back. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Fibre to everywhere is in South Africa’s near-term future

    South Africa’s telecoms industry is on the cusp of its next wave of growth, thanks to the growing uptake of bandwidth intensive applications such as Cloud services and Internet TV streaming from businesses and consumers alike. Fast-changing user behaviour is putting pressure on telecom operators to evolve their business models. It’s thanks to competition from innovative start-ups and small operators that the larger players have had to step up their game in fibre, Ramdhani says. We’ve been talking about the cloud and Internet TV for years but didn’t have the infrastructure to support the concepts. Now it’s finally coming to fruition...

  • WhatsApp rolls out full end-to-end encryption to its billion users

    WhatsApp, the Facebook owned instant chat platform, is rolling out its full end-to-end encryption, ensuring that each message, photo, video, file, voice message, group chats and voice calls user's send are encrypted. The encryption is by default, given the users chatting are using the latest version of the app. WhatsApp states that in the years to come, people's digital information and communication will be far more vulnerable to attacks and the only way to protect users is end-to-end encryption. Read more: Always put the user at the centre of your security strategy The company has been working on the encryption...

  • Instagram suspends British user’s account for uploading a cake

    Instagram is a strange social network. Built on a pile of images from across the world, there are instances when the company feels that some snaps are just too damn tasty for public viewing. And by tasty, I don't just mean worthy of censorship. Worthy is an interesting word here, and tasty even more so. Why? Well, because Instagram this week thought that a baked good was just too provocative to be hosted on its network. A British mom Sue Moseley, uploaded an image of an Easter simnel cake her daughter Fiona baked, but was greeted by an account suspended notice...

  • IKEA embraces virtual reality shopping with HTC Vive app

    IKEA isn't a company synonymous with bleeding-edge technology, but virtual reality and online retail seem to go very well together. At least judging by the company's latest move. In a bid to sell more online, the Swedish company has announced a virtual reality test app that features a "virtual kitchen experience," and effectively lets the shopper use products from the IKEA catalogue, build a kitchen and even change perspectives. IKEA explains that "consumers can use the app to explore one of three differently-styled kitchen room settings." "The user can change the color of cabinets and drawers with a click. Another feature is...

  • This free workshop will help you get to grips with social video

    When it comes to social video, there are people doing it incredibly well, and others doing it incredibly badly. In the case of the latter, it's largely because the people running the accounts know they need to have a presence, but aren't exactly sure what to do with it. In a bid to remedy that, the Red and Yellow school of advertising is hosting a free workshop on 20 April 2016 in Cape Town aimed at developing participants' social video skills. The school has partnered with cinematographer Stephan Hambsch for the event, which it says will address the fundamentals...

  • Keep up to date with Panama Papers leak through Reddit

    Reddit is a pretty incredible source of cat photos, but it can also be used to keep current with some of the world's biggest stories. And there's no bigger story this week than the Panama Papers. The world's biggest data leak, consisting of over 2.6TB of sensitive legal data, is currently causing massive waves online, but it's fairly esoteric. While we rounded up the top ten things to know about the leak, if you're looking for up to the absolute minute current information, Reddit is your best friend. The message board site boasts a Reddit Live update thread, in which it's using...

  • Digital agencies: flash-in-the-pan fad, or here to go the distance?

    The digital space is fluid, changing rapidly to meet the demands of digital audiences – and playing within it means being able to adapt in order to survive. We’ve seen the majority of digital agencies in South Africa rise to the occasion over the years, restructuring their offerings and paying close attention to trends and behaviours online to provide increasingly tailored and specialised customer experiences. Some have stayed fiercely independent and locally focused while others have joined global groups, with founders making fortunes by facilitating favourable acquisition deals. Predictions for the future of digital and how this will translate...

  • 5 startups that will help you automate SEO-related processes in 2016

    Although factors such as keyword distribution, domain age and URL structure still play a critical role in SEO, they are not really enough to get your website to the first positions in Google search. Instead, with the world of SEO shifting towards content and context, intelligent tools that help in gathering information on user behavior, media mentions, industry contacts and competitors have become essential for a successful SEO strategy. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • 10 elements every business homepage should have

    The old saying “First impressions last” may be a cliché, but as with most clichés it really does ring true. In the digital age, first impressions are more important than ever as you literally have one chance - a few seconds - to impress and garner interest from whoever has just clicked on your homepage. Your homepage is like your shop window – the face of your business. When someone visits your homepage they are probably there because they need an answer to a question, a solution to a problem or reasons to choose you over your competitor –...

  • Always put the user at the centre of your security strategy

    A lack of policy-driven consequence is putting corporate South Africa at risk of being vulnerable to cyber attacks. Organisations often view security as a grudge purchase, resulting in them not adequately protecting their data assets. This, coupled with complex or multiple solutions often lead to security being compromised putting the company at risk. Companies, therefore, have to take the responsibility to invest in increased security as risks continue to grow in the wake of the Internet of Things (IoT) and pervasive connectivity. One of the biggest challenges companies face is that the current generation of business leaders do not understand...

  • HR departments need to keep pace with technology’s accelerating speed

    The world of human resources (HR) is changing at a speed that is leaving most HR departments behind. New technology is bringing more transparency into the job market and into the performance of the HR department, creating new challenges for HR directors. It’s also changing the expectations that employees and job applicants have of the employer experience. What’s more, HR departments need to make faster decisions, even as the amount of information they need to manage grows. For example, I know of a business that received 100 000 CVs after advertising a group of positions. Meanwhile, a volatile...

  • Is the LG G5 better than the Galaxy S7? Here’s what reviewers are saying

    The first reviews for LG’s G5 have been published online, so just what are they saying about this radical product? For starters, Phone Arena’s review says that, despite the specs and features, something “isn’t feeling exactly right” with the handset. “Objectively, it’s a competent flagship and even a decent improvement over its predecessor in some ways, but it feels like it’s just way too round in character. There are no sharp edges, nothing that jumps out, no area where the G5 is, or at least appears to be, significantly better than what the competition has to offer,” the review reads.

  • Nico Rosberg wins five races on the bounce: the motorsport roundup

    After the Easter weekend lull when almost no motorsport action was seen, the roar of engines — both petrol and electric — were heard once more. This week, we cover the second round of the Formula 1 Championship in Bahrain, and head out west for MotoGP, NASCAR Sprint Cup and Formula E. Lastly, the European season saw the WTCC roar into life, while the World Superbikes series was also seen running rings at Aragon.