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Here are 10 awesome #MugabeFalls memes made by Memeburn readers

John McLaren on Twitter- -#Mugabefalls @memeburn http---t After forcing journalists to delete pictures and suspending 27 of his body guards, Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe's fall, or just #MugabeFalls, blew up in his face and became a viral hit of wonder. From dropping sick moves on the dance floor to clever soon-to-be merchandise, our readers sent us a bunch of their own memes last week. Here's a list of our favourite so far: Lost in space Mugabe I'm sure this is how Mugabe must feel like when he visits the International ...


Japan to get robo-staffed hotel

Robo-staff Depending on where you stand when it comes to robots and artificial intelligence, the following piece of news will either make you giddy with excitement or terrify you. When a new Japanese hotel opens its doors in July this year, it will do so with robot staff. According to The Telegraph, the Henn-na Hotel, currently under construction in Nagasaki, will be partially staffed by "actroid" androids. The actroids are designed to look as much like humans as possible and will ...


Google’s new Android ad is totally adorable

Friends fur-ever Google has launched a new Android advert and it's designed to appeal to the kind of person who loves posting videos of unlikely animal friendships all over your timeline. The ridiculously cute video aims to put a positive spin on the fact that, unlike iOS, Android is available across a wide range of devices by mashing up a number of the clips of the kind described above. The tagline? “Be Together. Not the Same.” If you can forgive that level of ...

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Reuters TV app brings innovation to the confines of a news bulletin

Context_Landscape_Large Reuters believes you want to build your own newscast and be your own executive producer. That's partly why it's released a new iPhone app called Reuters TV, the international news agency's attempt at disrupting the clumsy video apps that news channels have been pushing out over the last few years. The media world thought we'd rather read magazines than watch the news on our devices and were slow to develop stand-alone TV news apps. Most news channels, including South Africa's eNCA, simply handed ...


5 signs that the growth in mobile engagement isn’t about to slow down

Africa Mobile There are over a billion smartphones in the world today, which enable users to access the web wherever they happen to be – retail stores, hospitals, hotels, airports, stadiums and convention centres. The impact of anywhere, anytime access to the Internet can have a considerable and lucrative impact on indoor enterprise venues. Inspired by these technology-enabled consumers, public venues are offering mobile apps to engage with customers. However, these efforts do not often produce a return on investment because they’re simply ...


‘White Night’, ‘Life Is Strange’ and Liam Neeson: this week’s TGIF Video Roundup

Max-Life-is-Strange-650x350 TGIF, and we really shouldn’t be at work, but that won’t stop us from gandering through the week’s best tech, gadget and gaming videos, now will it? The first week of February has come and gone like a scolded cat, but what a month we're in store for. And what a video roundup you're in store for today. Featured videos include the newly released trailer for White Night, a game that's bringing high contrast animation into the modern PS4 era. Additionally, we ...

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5 powerful tech tools that can help you recruit the right people

Job Hunt Today’s recruiter has a range of powerful tools at his or her disposal to help make the recruitment process more efficient and cost-effective. From online jobs portals to social media, these tools make it easier to reach high-quality applicants, manage the flow of applications, and eventually complete the hiring process. However, recruiters should not treat applicants like online commodities or imagine they can automate their jobs end-to-end. Though it can help recruiters to gather CVs more efficiently and identify suitable candidates ...


Hands on with the Hisense H6 smartphone and Sero 8 Pro tablet

Hisense-Sero-8-650x350 Something interesting happens a technology starts to become so ubiquitous that we can’t imagine living without it: the ability for manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the competition starts to slowly diminish. If you’re one of the big Android manufacturers especially, then you’re starting to see it in the smartphone and tablet space in the same way as notebook manufacturers did a few years back. You can try innovating, but someone, somewhere out there can simply copy said innovation at a much ...

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Apple is dropping iPhoto, Aperture for cleaner Photos app

Apple - OS X - Photos Preview Since 2007, when first introduced, the iPhone has taken the art of taking photos out of the hands of niche photographers and into the mainstream, where everything from selfies to citizen reporting now fit in the palm of your hands. However cute that sentiment may be, Apple's official iPhoto application started feeling outdated after 13 odd years of updates. This is why Apple went back to the drawing board and is now introducing Photos. So what does dropping an "i" and adding ...

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Google predicts massive growth in African ecommerce by 2017

location_johannesburg_image_696x696 Google South Africa is seeing considerable growth in Africa’s ecommerce space and expects 2015 to be another growth year. Luke Mckend, country director for Google South Africa, spoke at the eCommerce Africa Confex in Cape Town this week, where he shared stats on how Africans are increasingly Googling with the intent to buy. “We see a story of growth,” says Mckend. “Search is growing much faster than in mature internet economies.” Despite 2014 being a “tough year” for online businesses, Google ...






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