If cars are no longer status symbols, how do you sell them?

classic-car-584119_1280 On Monday, 4 June 1897, at 4pm, the first horseless carriage in South Africa made its debut in Brea Park, launching a love affair with motor vehicles that would endure for ages…or did it? The 1940s saw the era of the “people’s wagon”, pioneered by Henry Ford and Dr Ferdinand Porsche, who focused on affordability and simplicity – making the motor vehicle accessible to everyone. As customers became more affluent in the 1950s and 1960s, and cars became more accessible, ...

Social networking

Facebook launches ‘On this day’ feature to show users posts from the past

On this day Scrolling down Facebook to find an old post, photo, or shared article can be a nightmare. Even though you can navigate the archive in months and years, things can still get lost in the stream. That is now a thing of the past thanks to Facebook's introduction of a new feature called On This Day. According to the social giant, On This Day is a “new way to look back at things you have shared and posts you’ve been tagged ...

Mobile apps

New Santam app lets family, friends know you’re safe when you’re out on the road

Santam App South African insurance provider Santam has released a new smartphone app. In and of itself, that's not particularly interesting (it's far from the first to do so). Some of the features on the app are however pretty innovative. Alongside the usual insurance stuff, which allows you to report, document and submit an accident or incident report directly to your insurer, there are a few additional features designed to make the process easier. You can, for instance, scan the barcode of ...

News, Online journalism

Sapa backs off on content deletion demand

keyboard-338507_1280 Last week Memeburn broke news that The South African Press Association (Sapa) would be requiring any news sites that subscribe to its wire service to delete all their archived Sapa content. The organisation today clarified its position, saying that the requirement would only affect those sites who carrying a database of Sapa stories. As reported by the Mail & Guardian, those news sites which only have single Sapa stories as part of their archives will not have to delete those ...

Future Trends

Elon Musk vs Richard Branson: will the geek or maverick win the battle to privatise space?

spacecraft-633987_1280 Locked against each other in the race to build a space-based Internet serving the entire globe, Elon Musk and Richard Branson have monumental plans to launch massive satellite fleets into orbit around the Earth. While the potential benefits are many -- bringing Internet service to billions of people who are still unconnected, allowing travelers to stay online no matter where they go and even preparing a telecommunications system to link us to future colonies on other planets -- no one ...

Online media

What lessons are there to be learned from 2014’s mad media mix?

home-office-336378_1280 Looking back on 2014, it’s clear that we are living in an era of converged media where the consumer has a voice, content lives on dozens of scattered platforms, and traditional media is having to move at a lightning pace to keep their audiences engaged. The media landscape in South Africa has also never been more vibrant, inclusive and exciting than ever before. Print is struggling but surviving; OOH and outdoor is becoming more accountable; radio, especially regional and community radio ...


5 lessons you can learn from the omni-channel masters

Knowledge Try as you might to entice customers to download your app or visit you on the web, people don’t self-identify as online shoppers or mobile users. People shop in the way that’s most convenient for them at the time, whether that’s on their smartphone, tablet, or in a physical store. To get new customers and satisfy existing ones, you need to adopt smart omni-channel practices. An analysis by MasterCard found that omni-channel drives higher spending at retailers than online or ...

Advertising & Marketing, Social media

Real success in social media comes when brands must look at things from the customer’s perspective

social media channels Over the past decade, the consumer landscape has shifted as customers have become more empowered to find and share information about the brands they interact with every day. Where brands once had a great deal of control over the information they shared and how they interacted with consumers, social media has now tilted the balance of power to the customer. Now, consumers have the ability to share their opinions about their experiences with brands and make their interactions with companies, products ...

Future Trends

The impact of collaborative tools on education innovation and learning

iphone-education-apps Classroom and educational trends have undergone significant changes over the course of the past decade, and these changes affect how classes operate as well as how the people in them interact with each other. One of the most striking deviations is the shift in classroom structure. Rather than placing instructors as the unquestionable authorities at the top of a classroom hierarchy and keeping them wholly separate from students, today’s teachers are encouraged to be a more integrated part of the ...

BurnCast, News

BurnCast podcast special: tales from SXSW

IMG_0432 Our Managing Editor, André-Pierre du Plessis, went to Texas to attend the annual tech, music and design festival, SXSW. While he wrote about the most of the interesting stories on Memeburn, he recently sat down with senior reporter Stuart Thomas and brand manager Jason Bechervaise to talk about his experience. Lend your ears: If your ears are too tired, you can read about what he's chatting about in the articles below: SXSW Day 1: New media challenges in a world (still) dominated by ...






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