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  • Ford Focus ST: feel the power!

    “Be careful, it’s fast”. That was the warning given to me by a Ford representative when he dropped off the Focus ST at Burn Media HQ. I nodded my assent, but was quietly confident I could handle this muscular-looking beast. A week later, I’m still not really sure who handled who. You see, the ST is perfectly capable of handling everyday driving tasks with relative comfort and ease, but it doesn’t take long before you find you realise that nothing about this car says “everyday”.

  • 6 great apps that can shoot & edit RAW photographs

    Yes yes, shooting RAW photos on your smartphone is a bit of a weird thing to do. After all, it’s more suitable for dedicated cameras than anything else. Still, if you know what you’re doing and are aware of the limitations of mobile cameras compared to DSLRs, it’s worth a shot. We picked a few camera apps that spit out RAW files…

  • X-Men Apocalypse movie review: not the end of the world

    I have to confess something. I haven't watched a superhero film since The Avengers. In fact, aside from the fact that I barely watch movies at all, I've grown weary of superhero movies in general a long time ago. So when I was asked to substitute for resident comic book lover Graham and watch X-Men Apocalypse my response was pretty much "eh, okay". Fortunately, the latest X-Men film made for an entertaining watch - at least if you went in with low expectations. Watch it for the action? As narrative goes, X-Men Apocalypse is pretty straightforward. It's the X-Men (or what will be the X-Men). There's an impending apocalypse to stop....

  • 30 of the most influential women in SA digital marketing [Digital All Stars]

    Digital All Stars is a series of 24 articles which aims to celebrate the best of South African digital. The articles, which will appear on Memeburn and Ventureburn, recognise and celebrate South Africa’s best digital entrepreneurs, business people, advertisers, and media professionals among others. The All Stars listed in the articles are compiled using a combination of our editorial team’s own knowledge and that of experts in the fields covered by each article*. While there hasn't been any recent research on the matter, you only have to go to a few industry events to see that digital marketing in South Africa...

  • Creating brand value through your company’s user experience

    Technology offers an array of unending solutions, convenience and innovations that will thrill just about anyone. This progress has resulted in consumers who seek flawless, appealing, and easy user journeys, regardless of the business exchange they are engaging with. Consequentially, the user experience is becoming a critical decision-making factor for businesses. Those that don’t take this seriously are going to get left behind. In the past, devices were used in such a way that consumers had to carry out a number of different steps to reach their desired end result. We thought nothing of it at the time; it’s just...

  • 3 ways that companies can unlearn the traditional workplace

    The notion of what defines a workplace is evolving with the new millennium. For example, on any given day, a company can have less than 50% office utilisation, as employees may be offsite attending a client meeting, travelling, on holiday, or simply working from home. It makes sense, therefore, that creating an office space based on actual needs can drive efficiency and significant cost savings. This can be achieved by redesigning the workplace to offer a more inspiring and engaging environment that improves employee productivity. To do this however, a company needs to get out of old habits and unlearn what...

  • Entrepreneurs, investors: innovating and funding startups in SA

    A recent panel, entitled Unleashing Entrepreneurial Innovation in South Africa, at the Road to the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, yielded some interesting remarks from its participants about SA startups, entrepreneurs, and investors. The panel consisted of moderator Nic Haralambous, founder of Nicharry; Greg McDonald, fund manager at Edge Growth; Ian Merrington, CEO of Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi); Antonia Norman, CEO of Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship; Toro Orero, managing partner at Draper Dark Flow.

  • Google I/O 2016: Android N, Android Wear 2.0 and Daydream VR

    It wouldn’t be a Google I/O conference without the company touching on its various iterations of Android, right? Anyway, the company shed more light on Android N, the latest version of its all-conquering mobile platform. First of all, what will the final name be?

  • Preserving Botswana’s history via apps? It’s happening

    A new initiative aims to preserve Botswana's history in a series of mobile apps. The Heritage Series of apps, by Botswana's own Intellegere Media, delivers an app for each major tribe in the country, telling their story and charting their history. Itumeleng Garebatshabe, Intellegere Holdings founder and CEO, explains in a statement that acquiring digital information is a cornerstone of the project: The idea began in 2012 when we launched the Project 120 which was aimed at creating mobile applications which were fully focused on Botswana. The idea was to preserve our culture through mobile apps, first; for the future generations to know their history...

  • Google Hangouts won’t be culled, will remain ‘a standalone product’ – report

    In case you went to bed early last night, Google kicked off its I/O conference with a slew of new announcements, including two more chat apps. One, dubbed Allo, will use the company's machine learning savvy to make chats with friends a richer experience, while Duo, takes the company's server and bandwidth power to a whole new level, with live video chat capabilities. You can read about both of these here. But a question that wasn't quite answered by Google's Erik Kay, who demoed both apps, was this: what about Google Hangouts? According to a Business Insider report, Hangouts is here to...

  • Clothing store Mango angers customers after ‘technical issue’ leads to R1 sale [update]

    Update, 2016-05-22: clarification on refunds Shoppers are outraged after clothing store Mango listed a range of products for R1, before cancelling all orders on those products On Monday 16 May, at 10am, the store -- based in Barcelona, Spain -- posted an advertisement to Facebook advertising 50%-off clearance sale on a range of Spring items. Customers soon realised the products were marked considerably lower than advertised, and ranged anywhere from R1 to R9 per article of clothing. Around 3pm the next day, customers began receiving cancellation and refund notices from Mango. Upon checking the website, many discovered that all previously heavily discount items...

  • Microsoft sells its feature phone unit for $350m, Nokia devices coming

    Microsoft's mobile divisions are no stranger to upheaval. After all, the US company added Nokia's mobile unit to the stable several years ago and mobile saw plenty of layoffs last year. Now, there's more big news as the Redmond company is spinning off the feature phone unit. The US company has announced plans to sell the feature phone business to FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of manufacturing colossus Foxconn, and HMD Global for US$350-million. The deal will also see Microsoft selling its Vietnamese manufacturing facility to Foxconn. "Upon close of this deal, approximately 4500 employees will transfer to, or have the opportunity to join, FIH Mobile Ltd. or HMD Global,...

  • Is your website’s click-through-rate fundamental to page rank, organic results?

    When considering click through rate (CTR) as a factor in ranking, there are numerous questions that come to mind. Does it affect how well your website performs or how well your website helps you earn money? This article will look into how CTR affects ranking with regard to organic results found in the search engines results page (SERP). First, it is essential to define the terms CTR and organic results. CTR is the click through rate that measures the number of people who manage to click a link as opposed to the number of people who have had the opportunity...

  • 5 tips to spot a Facebook hoax

    Hoaxes are all over Facebook and with users often encouraged or forced via hijacks and hacks to share and like content, it will often seem like the hoax has been personally vouched for by your friend. Fortunately, most of the popular Facebook hoaxes are unoriginal and have been seen before in some form.  So before you click that link, here are five tips to spot a Facebook hoax. If it asks you to share first, beware Scammers know that the best way to get you to click their link is to have had another friend like or share it first. So often...

  • Nintendo NX: why the rumoured shift to cartridges would make sense

    Rumours have emerged this month that Nintendo is expected to ditch disc-based storage in favour of cartridges/cards for the Nintendo NX console. Whether it’s true or not, a switch to flash-based cartridges isn’t quite a backwards move. Sure, cartridges are more expensive to produce than discs and there might be potential obstacles regarding capacity, but we can think of a few reasons why Nintendo should go for it.