These are the world’s most loved, and hated, cars

chrysler-312880_1280 For most of us, cars are a constant presence in our life; we’re either sitting in them and/or looking at them a large chunk of the day. As such, it’s not a surprise that we each have a preference for car types, as we would a pet breed or color. Some drivers prefer large grey vans, while others prefer a yellow convertible. Getting more specific, you may be surprised – or not at all – to learn what some of ...

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10 awesome corporate productivity apps

ipad productivity With the large range of professional and enterprise apps that are out there today, finding ones that are the best for enhancing workplace productivity is likely your top priority. A lot of businesses are making use of these applications because it enables workers to complete work outside of the office more efficiently. Communications and collaborations are made simpler, leaving no excuse for workers to not get projects in by deadline. Keeping everyone on board is possible with mobile technology, but ...


Smartphone sales grew by 20 percent in third quarter of 2014

Gartner Howard Smartphones have been around for a good few years now, but there's no sign that their growing popularity is on the wane. In fact, they now account for 66% of all mobile phones worldwide and are on track to see sales of 1.2 billion units for the year. Today Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, published its Q3 for how mobile devices did globally. The report claims that 301 million smartphones were sold in the third quarter, ...


Here’s what we were searching for in 2014

Mobile search The death of a beloved actor, a global sporting event and a mysterious plane disappearance. On the face of it, those things don't have all that much in common but the FIFA World Cup, the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 and the death of Robin Williams all shook the world in 2014. It's hardly surprising then that they all also feature in Google's most searched terms for the year. Williams' suicide topped search results for the year, no ...

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Apple halts online sales in Russia over ruble fluctuations

Apple logo Apple has halted online sales on all off its products in Russia due to fluctuations in that country's currency. This is one of the clearest signs sign of how the currency’s swings are having an effect on international businesses. The Ruble has been in free-fall over the past few days with the currency down by as much as 19% just today, with a surprise interest rate increase failing to stem a run on the currency. That in turn saw Apple stop ...

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Twitter is not a strategy: why digital marketing should be all about the customer

twitter Business is in flux. We suffer from disorientation wrought by tech- nological change. Convention has been upended, and the digital world -- a universe of bits and bytes, atomistic fragmentation that mocks tradition—is all variables, no constants. The rise of search engines and ecommerce has changed the balance of power between marketers and consumers. In May 2013 the Financial Times warned, “Algorithms threaten to end ‘Mad Men’ era of TV ads.” Marketers, traditionally expert in product ...

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A translation app might not be the answer for your business: here’s why

Translation app Every few weeks, another innovative new translation app is announced to help people around the world communicate. Waygo and Google’s WorldLens let you hold your smartphone up to a sign or menu and get a real-time translation. So when you are at a business lunch in China, you can figure out what the menu is about so the meeting can stay about business and not the fact that you can’t tell the pork from the turtle on the menu. Twitter introduced ...


Here’s how security has changed in the business context

security-265130_1280 The past few years has seen information security undergoing a radical transformation. A discipline once seen as no more than a necessary evil, security tools have become an integral part of the business strategy. There is no doubt that innovation is now a vital part of the business strategy too, and at the core of all critical innovations is the secure exchange of information. Information is the currency of the new economy. All businesses are reliant on the data we create ...


6 gadgets and tips to save power and beat loadshedding this festive season

eskom-loadshedding "Loadshedding" is fast becoming a vulgarity in South African vocabulary. While it's a necessary evil, it's a massive annoyance for those who need electricity for work and other essential activities. Considering that Eskom -- South Africa's national electricity provider -- has mentioned that this energy crisis might go on for a good while yet (possibly another year), it's time for citizens to hunker down and brace for the worst.


Here are 5 tips to make your biotech startup leaner

Health-doctor-medical Building a biotechnology startup is a lot like getting a private university education: To make progress, you have to get past the high-cost barrier to entry. First and foremost, biotech requires expensive clinical studies and the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. In fact, major pharmaceutical companies spend at least US$4-billion to develop a single drug. That’s not pocket change for the typical entrepreneur. But even biotech startups spend between US$20 000 and US$50 000 per patient on direct clinical trials. And ...






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