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  • Donald Trump’s Friends Day video will move you in unexpected ways

    Thursday this week marked Facebook's 12th birthday and its first inaugural Friends Day. People around the world got the chance to reminisce about some of the experiences they'd had with everyone they're friends with on the social network. It was great for most of us, but what about Donald Trump? That's the question YouTube comedy outfit Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues set out to answer. While we wish we could say that they found the real one, what they ended up putting together is pretty damn entertaining.

  • Tigo Tanzania is giving its cutomers free access to WhatsApp

    While MTN and Vodacom are waging war on OTTs like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Hangouts and so on in South Africa, in other markets telecommunications are finding innovative ways to get in on the action with them. Tigo, Tanzania's leading teleco, has announced that it is going to offer WhatsApp for free in Tanzania to its 10 million users on its weekly and monthly internet packages. Tigo is the first service provider to offer free access to WhatsApp in Tanzania. Customers using iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia Symbian60-phones will be able to take advantage of this offer. In South Africa,...

  • Visa opens up payment tech to devs around the globe

    Visa this week announced that the launch of Visa Developer, a platform which it says makes its payment technologies freely available to developers as it looks to accelerate its presence in the ecommerce space. According to a press release issued by Visa, the platform is aimed specifically at financial institutions, merchants, and technology companies. The idea, the financial services giant says, is to help these companies "meet the demands of consumers and merchants, who increasingly rely on connected devices to shop, pay and get paid". The platform offers access to some of Visa payment technologies and services including account holder...

  • Slack releases diversity report, records an increase since last report

    In its latest diversity report, Slack, the team collaboration app, reveals stats on its own efforts towards a diverse company structure. The company's efforts are commendable and it is thanks to people like Erica Baker, an Engineer at Slack, who has been championing the company's efforts at addressing diversity in the company. The report comes less than six months after its previous report as it has gotten "a lot bigger very quickly" marking a vast change in its figures. Slack has grown from 170 employees in mid year in 2015, to 290 by December and currently has 370 employees worldwide. "All...

  • Al Jazeera launches audio-streaming app aimed at low bandwidth markets

    The market for providing news to areas starved of bandwidth appears to be growing. Al Jazeera this week announced a new audio web app that will give users in low-bandwidth regions access to a live audio stream of the Al Jazeera TV broadcast on their devices. According to a press release sent to Memeburn, the service will help Al Jazeera reach new audiences where low internet speeds limit access to video. The primary markets being targeted are Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia. It's not the first broadcasting house to take this approach. In 2015, the BBC World Service...

  • Was it actually okay for Elon Musk to decline Tesla to ‘rude’ customer?

    Earlier this week, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk showed the world that there's more to him than the smiling innovator we see at launches and the dry Twitter persona we see the rest of the time. After venture capitalist Stewart Aslop wrote an open letter to Musk late last year criticising the launch of the Model X, which started late, Musk responded by refusing to sell him a Tesla. In his letter, Aslop says that Musk's failure to apologise for the event management was "insensitive" and showed "poor judgement". Despite the fact that Alsop...

  • Emoji: Language killer, parasite or symbiosis?

    Earth. Population 7.2 Billion and a whopping 6500 languages being spoken every day. Africa. The second most populous continent in the world with 1.1-billion people and almost 2 000 languages are spoken daily. Amongst the languages spoken on our beautiful continent, UNESCO has listed 79 African languages as critically endangered, 66 severely endangered, 51 as definitely endangered and 44 are vulnerable. The nature of the issue crosses all four corners of Africa. To the west, only four people who can speak Njerep remain and in the east, only 6 people in Ethiopia can speak Ongota. South Africa may be home...

  • 5 ways the new BMW 7 Series takes the fight to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class

    It’s been going on for generations. Yes, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the BMW 7 Series have been engaged in a battle at the top of Technology Mountain for a relative age. Each time one of the full-size luxury sedans lands an innovation-laden punch, the other responds with a stinging “first” of its own. Think back and you’ll see what we mean. The pre-emptive safety systems that are common in premium cars today have the W220 S-Class to thank for their existence. The original 7 Series, meanwhile, was the first car to come fitted with an electronic speedometer. Read more on Motorburn.

  • 4 ways to supercharge your social media content

    While social media is the new engine driving much of modern marketing, not all interactions are created equal. The power of an online post lies in how big a conversation it starts. Sure, it’s always great to be “liked” — but a like is really the end of the discussion. A comment, however, really gets people talking, providing four times as much engagement as a like. When someone comments on your post, you have the opportunity to connect with him directly and address his praise or concerns. That can be as simple as thanking him for his kind words or...

  • West Africa’s mobile startups set to battle for top honours

    Musicians want to go to the Grammys and actors dream of winning Oscars. For tech startups in West Africa, WAMAs is set to be their dream laurel as the inaugural West Africa Mobile Awards is open for entries. Pitched as the first truly West African technology awards targeting the leading mobile and tech companies across the region, organizers said it was created in order to measure how the provision of mobile connectivity, products, and services is having a fundamental impact on almost every aspect of society in West Africa. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam review: once upon another mushroom

    The pitch at Nintendo HQ for this title probably went a little something like this: "Goodness, we barely have any Mario titles anymore, apart from the fifty currently available to play. We definitely need another, and perhaps cross over another series too while we at it." Okay, fine. I'm being harsh. In fact, a little hypocritical too, because I generally love seeing that dungaree-clad Italian-accented plumber on my screen. And sooner or later, this was bound to happen, because Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario were two of Nintendo's most entertaining franchises on two vastly different platforms. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Today is Friends Day in the Facebook universe

    In a galaxy not so far away, a universe called Facebook, with a population of 1.59 billion active monthly users, invented its own special holiday. Facebook has announced 4 February 2016 is Friends Day. Facebook prides itself in connecting people, not only that but initiating real life friendships that begin or are maintained on the platform. Friends Day is about celebrating those friendships. This year's Friends Day marks Facebook's 12th birthday. To celebrate this day, Facebook has revealed some stats and stories. According to the company over the past five years, the degrees of separation on the platform have decreased...

  • Andrew Trench jumps ship from News24 to Times Media

    A little under a year after joining 24.com, Andrew Trench has announced his resignation from the position of managing editor of News24. Originally brought in to help bolster the Naspers-owned publishers investigative efforts, and to help set up its wire service, Trench is leaving to take up a position at Times Media. According to a press release sent to Memeburn, Trench said his departure "wasn't planned and it wasn't solicited and my leaving is no reflection of my feelings about the 24-family. It's been an amazing and exhilarating year with exciting plans unfolding for the year ahead." Read more: 24.com...

  • Popcorn Time is back, promises to stay up

    A couple of years ago, when Popcorn Time exploded onto the scene, it seemed unstoppable. Billed as the "Netflix you always wanted", the service crawled through torrent sites, saving you the usual hassle of having to wade through sketchy torrent sites and then waiting for the file to finish downloading. Under pressure from the MPAA, it was taken down by its original developers in March 2014. Since then there have been a number of attempts by the developer community to fork it in new and interesting ways. The latest of these bids, by an anonymous group of coders, sees...

  • Big Data: the reality for smart businesses

    Over the past couple of years Big Data has been part of every single conversation between business leaders, IT decision makers and public stakeholders. But Big Data is much more than a buzzword or the latest technology hype. It is now a reality. Businesses are doing their best to figure out how to harness, understand and most importantly to leverage it. As the volume of data generated by companies, consumers or public services explodes (expectations are that by 2020 we will have 50 times more data than today – source: Cisco IBSG, April 2011), data strategies are being put...