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WhatsApp bulks up its Android encryption efforts

whatsapp WhatsApp has made end-to-end encryption the default for all Android users, following a partnership with nonprofit software group Open Whisper Systems. Privacy is a big deal with users and it should be. Private messages and information should remain exactly that, private. With this encryption, WhatsApp messages are more private than they have ever been. Open Whisper System’s encryption protocol is also used to secure TextSecure. The encryption does not need users to turn it on. Read more: Yahoo’s end-to-end encryption tool ...


‘Serial’ breaks iTunes record for fastest podcast to reach 5 million downloads and streams

itunes 11 The podcast Serial, an offshoot from US radio show This American Life, has reached 5 million downloads on iTunes. Serial began as an experiment in “audio storytelling” based on reporter Sarah Koenig’s investigation into a real-life murder mystery. Serial is also available to stream or download from its own website, as well as through other podcasting apps and aggregators. Apple says real-life murder mystery is the fastest podcast to ever reach the 5-million milestone. It features in the company’s podcast charts in ...


New Chrome experiment puts you in the feet of a hobbit

hobbit chrome experiment If you've been a little underwhelmed by the Hobbit trilogy, we're sorry but there's not much we can do to fix that. You may however be able to find a little solace in the latest update to Google's “A Journey Through Middle-earth” Chrome experiment. The experiment allows you to wander through Middle Earth and relive a bunch of epic Tolkien adventures, from Frodo’s journey to Mount Doom in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring to ...

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There’s absolutely no reason for publishers to panic about programmatic buying

Don't Panic The hype about programmatic marketing has hit South Africa, creating great excitement among media buyers and as much anxiety among some publishers. This approach to media buying promises brands and agencies more efficient ways to improve customer engagement, enhance media buying efficiency, and achieve better performance from their digital campaigns. Some publishers wonder where the benefit lies for them. With most struggling to grow digital revenues as quickly as they’d like to, they are fiercely protective of the revenue streams they do ...


6 car questions with surprisingly profound answers

car-repair-362150_1280 We love cars, but there's a lot we don't understand about them. And unless you were born with a spanner in your hand and have been wearing grease-stained overalls since you were in diapers, we're betting that there's plenty you don't understand either. If you're anything like us, it's also pretty likely that you're too afraid to ask a lot of the questions you do have. And don't kid yourself, surrounding yourself with friends who are equally car mad is ...


Looking beyond garments: The future is bright for Bangladeshi tech startups

Bangladesh We've been touring emerging markets for more than a year now, and are quite excited to visit Bangladesh soon -- a country better known for its garment industry, but one which has also more recently become home to a fast-growing startup scene that's bubbling with anticipation and change. To give you a bit of a context, you're in a part of the world where the population is big. Bangladesh is home to 160-million people (a number that's expected to rise to ...


Acer C720P Chromebook review: a hero of practicality

Acer Chromebook Besides my trusty toaster, the Acer C720P Chromebook has been one of the most practical things I’ve used to date. To be fair, it's also the very first Chromebook I've come across. Either way, it's managed to convince me that internet-based devices are the way of the future. What a lasting impression it's made. While the design doesn’t really resemble anything of a Macbook Air or a Lenovo Thinkpad, that stops being much of a problem when you start to enjoy ...

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Searching for association: why reinvention isn’t just about product

Yahoo eye Have you ever played that game where one player says a word and the other player says another word that they associate with that word and the game repeats? For example if I say the word “summer”; you might say the words “braai” or “swim”. This is the same game and space in our brains that marketers want their brands to play within. What associations does your target market make when thinking about your brand, and how is this battle in ...


Dragons’ Den SA episode 9: diesel, nerves and rental apps

Dragons Den SA 9 We're now starting to get towards the tail-end of the first season of Dragons' Den SA. The episodes broadcast so far have shown that there are plenty of people with an incredibly broad scope of entrepreneurial ideas. The ninth episode of the season only underscored that, with ideas ranging from a method for making diesel engines more efficient, to home automation systems and an app that'll be familiar to regular Ventureburn readers. Here's how it played out. Read more ...

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Facebook introduces Facebook Groups App

groups-android-discover The great unbundling of Facebook shows no sign of slowing down. The social network today rolled out Facebook Groups, an app that it says is aimed at making it easy to stay in touch with family, collaborate on projects, plan trips and offer support to friends. According to Facebook, 700-million people use Facebook Groups to stay in touch. Like Messenger, which was a catalyst of discomfort amongst users but last week reached 500 million users a month, Facebook Groups app is ...






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