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Sometimes your online reputation hinges on how well you answer people’s questions

questions As a business owner, are you really aware of your reputation online and what people are saying about you and your company? Do you know what online reputation management is? Online, people talk to each other about nearly every company they have had an experience with, and this news (word of mouth) can have a positive or negative impact on your business. Do you know what your employees, clients, and even your competition are saying about you? Did you know ...


First world problems and more: the 3 videos Weird Al dropped over the weekend

Weird Al Lame Claim to Fame No, it's not over yet. Parody champion Weird Al is still on a mission to release eight music videos from his new album in eight days, and the latest targets are celeb name dropping, spots fans and the ever-present first world problems concept. It's been a crazy ride in the run to promote his new album Mandatory Fun, from Robin Thicke parody "Word Crimes" to his version of Lorde's "Royals" (titled "Foil"). The daily videos have been premièring not only ...

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Rickroll no more: original ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ video removed from YouTube

Rick Astley The original video for Rick Astley's 1987 pop hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" has been pulled from YouTube. If you're the kind of person who's hoping that Rickrolling -- the phenomenon of tricking people into watching the video -- will make a comeback any day now, you can relax. It's just one copy (the oldest) of the video that's been taken down. That copy had amassed 70-million views in the seven years it had been uploaded, making the reason ...


FNB to give away a million eBucks to celebrate app’s third birthday

FNB app Back in 2011, First National Bank (FNB) stole a march on its South African competitors with the launch of a smartphone and tablet banking app. In the three years since, pretty much every other bank has followed suit, with each trying to outdo the others in terms of unique features. No matter what happens though, FNB will always be able to claim the bragging rights for being first, something which undoubtedly helped it to being named the world's most innovative ...

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Watch Neil Patrick Harris try sell Heineken Light without drinking it

Neil Patrick Harris Heineken You'd think that one of the best things about being a spokesperson for a product is that you get to enjoy that product, especially in the advert. I mean that's the point, right? As Neil Patrick Harris finds out in the latest spot for Heineken Light however, that isn't always the case. In the ad, Harris struggles to come to grips with a set of arcane advertising rules that stop him from consuming the beer during the commercial. Presumably, the ...


Is Africa ready for the $50 smartphone? [T4ALagos]

SAMSUNG CSC There are around 750-million SIM cards in Africa (versus 220-million desktops), which means that the US$50 smartphone presents a massive opportunity for the continent. But are African tech entrepreneurs ready for the coming explosion? When US$50 smartphones become the norm, only those who are able to build for them will survive. “Do we want the Germans coming to our shores and eating our lunch?” Gareth Knight asks the audience at Tech4Africa in Lagos, Nigeria. “When the US$50 smartphone hits the ...

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7 things you can do to make a difference, inspire change for #MandelaDay

Nelson Mandela To honour former South African president Nelson Mandela’s first birthday since his passing in December 2013, people from around the country, and the world, are taking action and inspiring change for the better of society. Hopefully, you’ve already got something planned to contribute to the greater good of society or a specific community in need, but we thought it fitting to round-up some savvy ways that would help get you in the mood. Hashtag for change Use #MandelaDay and tag @southafrica to ...


17 tools to help minimise your digital footprint

Digital Footprint Online privacy is a topic getting a lot of attention these days and has become a large concern among consumers. While the obvious solution is to take steps to better protect your online privacy, most of us have not taken any steps/ or very few to protect our privacy on the Internet. However, this doesn’t mean consumers don’t care about privacy. If you are one of those people who are unsure regarding where to begin in order to protect your ...


Stellagy: using crowdfunding to bridge Africa’s educational gap

Stellagy Around the world, governments and businesses are facing an ever complicating conundrum: high levels of youth unemployment and a shortage of job seekers with relevant critical skills. Many countries especially in the developing world still consider affordability to be the primary inhibitor to education. Improving the quality of education by making it more relevant to users, as well as finding creative means of addressing the affordability challenge, is highlighted as the primary keys to successfully addressing this challenge. Read more ...


Games without borders: 9 heroes who break the ‘gruff white guy’ mould

ISS Ah, diversity. That often neglected, yet all important topic that is jumping to the forefront of many a gaming argument these days. Following the recent E3 2014 showcase, it was incredibly obvious that many game developers still don’t get it. Oh what’s that Ubisoft? It was just too hard to include a female assassin in Assassins Creed: Unity? Yes, you’re right, we’re mysterious creatures that require years of research before we could possibly be included in any video game (especially since ...






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