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Vodacom, Tigo come together, allow each others’ mobile money offerings to play nice

Mobile phones in hand So much has been written about the good that mobile payments have done in Africa, that it's easy to forget that the various offerings in place aren't exactly perfect. It's taken until now for instance for Vodacom and Tigo to allow their competing offerings compatible. The two mobile giants today announced that M-Pesa and Tigo Pesa customers in Tanzania will soon be able to send and receive money directly into each other’s wallets, following the signing of an inter-operability ...


There are still serious questions about mobile money and security that need to be answered

Mobile wallet I read with interest Wallettec CEO Johan Meyer’s recent insights on the future of mobile banking, in which he quite correctly states that mobile payments are “inevitable”. In fact, mobile payments can’t even be described as the next big trend, because they are happening right now. The mere fact that in the UK nearly a third of all online sales were made over mobile devices between November 2013 and January 2014 paints a telling picture of where we stand now. As Meyer ...


What happens if Google, Apple actually start building production cars?

apple-image Cars are no longer just cars. No, the humble automobile has essentially evolved into an oversized personal device. Indeed, at the Mobile World Congress last year, Ford bigwig Steven Odell uttered the following words: “Cars are the smartphones of the future”. It’s an interesting perspective. And, since reports of Apple’s apparent intention to build a vehicle of its own -- be it electric, autonomous or both -- sent the iCar rumour-mill spinning into overdrive, it couldn’t be more relevant. True to form, ...


Are elearning startups Nigeria’s best hope for a new wave of innovation?

black-board This week, Lagos will host its third annual Social Media Week. Last year, it featured a Battlefield startup competition that was won by educational portal PrepClass. The startup was also named one of the Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in Africa for 2014 by FastCompany. A few weeks ago, meanwhile, one of Nigeria’s major telecoms companies Airtel announced the winners of its Catapult A Startup competition. One of them is, an online exams preparatory platform that helps students prepare for ...


‘Evolve’ review: a monstrous bite of entertainment

Evolve-lead-abe Music and video games have a lot in common. Take drum and bass for example: a Benga-produced track might be different from a DJ Fresh record, but they both fall into the same genre, regardless of how different they may be. It's the same with first-person shooters. Well, mostly. Yes, yes, I know. That's like saying all cars are the same if they have four wheels and are painted red. It's oversimplification, but Evolve does make one wonder if all FPSes ...

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5 digital video trends to keep an eye on through 2015

Tablets and TV What’s in store for digital video in 2015? The online video industry is like a supercar on a stretch of perfectly straight road without any speed limits. As fast moving and exciting to contemplate, video continues to zoom ahead as the default communication medium. Here are some of the emerging global trends that continue to drive video as a major growth area in both the international and local arena. Ultra HD gains momentum Ultra High Definition is the next big step in ...


The way you back up and restore information is about to change in a big way: here’s how

hard-drive-611514_1280 Two companies -- one belonging to John and the other to Steven -- both back up 10 terabytes of data. John’s company recovers its entire dataset often, perhaps due to ageing infrastructure or inefficient processes, but Steven’s company hardly ever recovers, and when it does, it only needs to recover one file. Yet John and Steven are paying the same amount for their backups. How is this fair? A paradigm shift is underway in the backup and recovery industry as ...

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Peak performance through a ‘software-defined environment': why it matters

code Gone are the days when database users had to tell computers exactly what to do. Now, computers can figure out how you want them to work, before you do – and act on that knowledge faster than you could. This concept has been coined by IBM as a “software-defined environment” (SDE), or more broadly referred to as “software-defined everything.” Instead of having hardware processes wholly dependent upon the commands of users, the software is configured to act as the operator, ...

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Jury orders Apple to pay $532.9m in patent trial

Apple logo A federal jury in Tyler, Texas has ordered Apple to pay US$532.9-million to Smartflash LLC, a company that licences patents and does not sell anything, Bloomberg reports. The jury ruled that the company’s iTunes software used a Smartflash LLC’s patented inventions without permission. Smartflash LLC has something of a history of suing big companies, including Amazon, and is also currently suing Google and Samsung. The company, which appears to play exclusively in the patent space, claims that Apple infringed three ...


Science allows blind man to see wife for first time in 10 years, will give you serious feels

Blind man wife This is bound to bring a tear to your eye. A new form of bionic eye has allowed a man to see his wife for the first time in more than a decade. As reported by The Guardian, 68-year-old Allen Zderad is able to see basic shapes and human forms again thanks to a prototype implant and prosthetic, known as Second Sight, put in place by physicians at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Zderad, who suffers from a degenerative eye ...






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