5 easy eco-friendly tips for your digital devices on Earthday

Mobile phonesEarth day is celebrated today and offers the opportunity to reflect on the impact our choices have on the planet. We've outlined five easy eco-friendly tips you can follow to make the greener choice through your computing devices today. 1. Shop online, shop greenOnline retail has dramatically changed the way we shop, with great solutions for sourcing every type of product from clothing to groceries reducing our reliance on leaving home, getting in the car and driving to a ...


Reddit users cry censorship after mods found deleting posts

redditThings have getting heated on Reddit after users outed moderators in the r/technology subreddit deleting posts containing words such as "Tesla", "Anonymous," "Obama," "Congress," "National Security Agency" and "Snowden".Among the first people to discover what was happening was a user called Creq, who figured out the list of banned words by a process of trial and error and noted that headlines containing the words had been disappearing as far back as eight months ago.The outrage caused by the ...


The incredible disappearing HTC: what its SA strategy reveals about its global woes

HTCTwo of the most incredible Android phones ever created were both launched in the last few weeks, by global manufacturers Samsung and HTC. Both phones, the Galaxy S5 and the One M8, will be available in South Africa and both will reinforce the case that Apple is no longer streets ahead when it comes to the synthesis of hardware and OS. Yet only one of those phones is likely to capture the imagination of consumers in that country. Because ...


The 10 fastest production cars ever to lap the Nürburgring

porsche-918-spyder-ringIf you hold even a passing interest in speed (the rate at which an object moves, not the amphetamine drug), the Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit in Germany should need no introduction.But, just in case, we’ll give you some handy background before we kick off our latest list -- only the important bits, mind you. We wouldn’t want to bore you with a sleep-inducing history lesson.The terrifyingly undulating track is considered one of the most demanding in the world. The ...

Advertising & Marketing

Is IAB’s Rising Star ad format another nail in banner advertising’s coffin?

Digital advertisingThere's been a lot of talk around the death march of the lowly banner ad, especially as click-through rates and user interaction continue to dwindle. With the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Rising Stars ad format becoming more and more popular; will it finally bring the traditional banner ad to a peaceful end?Right; so first let’s all make sure we are on the same page with what the IAB Rising Stars Ad format is. In essence you can think of it as ...

General Tech

Intel presses for conflict-free minerals in Africa with new microprocessors

conflict-free tantalumAfrica has a lot of conflict minerals, from blood diamonds to tantalum and tin. Pretty much all electronic devices require minerals such as gold, tantalum, tin, or tungsten and not all of them are conflict-free. Many big name tech companies have begun sourcing conflict-free minerals in the making of their products.Intel has been tracking the sources of the minerals it uses in its products and ensuring that those minerals are conflict-free. The chip-maker has also decided to spread awareness ...

Social media

Weibo’s bargain basement IPO: bad numbers, censorship and missed chances

Sina WeiboIf I had a sheep for every time someone's described microblogging service Sina Weibo as China's answer to Twitter, I'd need a farm the size of Belgium to keep them on. It is, admittedly, a fairly apt analogy. There are, after all, a lot of features that the two services share. In at least one important respect though the two are radically different.You see, while Twitter pretty much had a dream IPO (although its shares have performed less spectacularly ...


Logitech Z200 review: stylish speakers, stifled sound

z200-leadI’ve been a happy Logitech customer for a while now. Seven years in fact. Its ever popular X-530s are still in my company, tickling my inner ears with its gorgeous sound delivery. But, the speakers are a hassle to keep organised. Some customers desire quality sound without the complications of a 5.1 setup. Essentially, a compact yet stylish pair of table toppers.This is where the company’s new entry-level Z200 comes into play. The tall, twin-driver desk-standing set is available in ...


From product to customer: Omni-Channel Retail next step in ecommerce

Mobile shoppingIn the early 2000s, online retail threatened the "bricks and mortar" stores with extinction. The talk was of being “Amazoned,” meaning would add your product line to its ever-expanding inventory and render you redundant.A lot changes in 15 years -- and equally, a lot does not change. Bricks and mortar retail extinction has been overstated and the concept of substitution of certain physical channels has given way to providing a complimentary experience that blends the digital and real world ...


LinkedIn’s biggest obstacle China? Forget censorship, it’s culture

LinkedIn appWith a Chinese-language site and WeChat integration, professional social network LinkedIn is going after China’s young up-and-comers. Many people were skeptical that a Western social network would be allowed over the country’s Great Firewall, but LinkedIn so far has been able to stay on the censors’ good side.“LinkedIn and maybe Snapchat are the only ones that can get regulatory approval here in China,” said Youku CEO Victor Koo in response to an audience question at last week’s China 2.0 ...






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