WAYN: social travel platform partners with India media group in multi-million dollar deal

Beach laptop Travel and lifestyle social media platform WAYN (Where are you now), has announced a multi-million dollar deal with India Today Group (ITG), a large Indian media conglomerate. WAYN claims to be the largest platform of its kind with over 21 million members, while ITG claims to engage with nearly 100-million “thinking Indians” regularly through its properties across genres including 38 magazines, four television channels, seven Radio Stations, 12 Websites and 56 Apps across mobile and tablets. Under the terms of the ...


TV: the left behind technology that Tim Cook wants to change

TV Television has been left behind, eclipsed by mobile and tablet technologies. Sure you get great television sets with fantastic screens yada blah etc., but what do you do with a television? You switch it on and later you switch it off. Not so anymore, if Apple CEO Tim Cook has anything to do with it. Lately the humble TV set has seen some changes happening. Similar to smartphones and tablets, TV is becoming more connected and reaching into the online social ...

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Google scraps free Apps, changes focus to subscriptions

Google Apps If your business uses Google Apps, listen up. The internet giant will no longer be offering a free version of the service as it looks to switch focus to subscriptions. In an official blog post, Google Apps director of product management Clay Bavor says that the decision because having separate free and paid-for version wasn't really working for anyone. "Google Apps started with the simple idea that Gmail could help businesses and schools work better together without the hassles of ...


Archbishop Tutu petitions online for Nobel Peace Prize winner’s freedom

Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu is campaigning for the release of fellow laureate Liu Xiaobo, who is currently under arrest by the Chinese government. The online petition is addressed to Chinese leader Xi Jinping and asks for the immediate release of the intellectual and democracy activist, who is also the world’s only imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. It has received over 200 000 signatures since going live earlier this week. Liu was sentenced to 11 years in prison ...


Meet the new YouTube: cleaner, original channels front and centre

YouTube iPad You may notice something a little bit different when you go on to YouTube for your daily dose of cat videos today. The world's largest video-sharing network has rolled out a major redesign which places original channels front and centre. In an official blog post, the company says that the aim of the redesign is toy help people "find the channels [they] love and subscribe, subscribe, subscribe". The changes mean that the video is now right at the top of the page ...


iPhone 5 launches across Asia today, including Samsung base South Korea

Apple has dived into the Christmas holiday with aplomb as the iPhone 5 goes on sale today in Asia, three months after its first release. This represents Apple's biggest roll-our ever, covering more than 30 countries. Showing a no-holds-barred approach, the iPhone 5 also goes on sale in South Korea, home of its main rival Samsung. According to a report by Chosun Ilbo, operators SK Telecom and KT had huge events to advertise the Cupertino march into the country, with ...

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WordPress founder Mullenweg on openness and the mobile future [LeWeb]

mullenweg leweb Matt Mullenweg has never been an advocate for controlled systems. This is, after all, the man who founded the download-and-code-it-yourself giant WordPress, and wished the iPhone was more Android-like in its openness. But when he spoke at LeWeb today Mullenweg, also shared his opinion freely, on everything from Instagram and Twitter's decision to disconnect to the growth potential of mobile devices. Speaking to GigaOm's Om Malik, Mullenweg, who is also the founder of Automattic (the company which provides a ...


Minecraft: innovation in the blurry space between pixels and reality

Minecraft innovation I tend to believe that while innovation happens in times of crises, it happens best when having fun. A great example of this is the fun and interesting ways developers are using sandbox game Minecraft. These guys aren't just messing about, their projects allow for more potential innovation in areas far beyond the scope of the game. When you hear Minecraft you probably think of a digital recreation of Legos. It has evolved from a brick-building, survival and exploration ...


What’s the real value of a Facebook Like?

Facebook like sign In the world of social media, and with self-proclaimed experts on it popping up everywhere (some actually full of experience, some full of… something), it’s interesting to see how people act and how they value a Facebook Like. My friends I have a few friends, acquaintances, web people and other on Facebook -- without a doubt the most diverse contact group I have in any forum. People I played in a band with in my teens, to people I’ve set next to ...


SA broadband doubles in two years as mobile data costs plummet

internet cables In any emerging market country, getting people online is vital. Studies by the likes of Ericsson have concluded that for every 10 percentage point increase in broadband penetration GDP increases by one percent. That's why news that broadband access in South African has more than doubled in the past two years should give hope to people in that country. According to a new report from tech research company World Wide Worx, access to broadband has accelerated on the back of falling ...






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