Nokia takes swing at ‘dull’ iPhone 5 in new ad

Charcoal, black, white... people must be getting a little sick of the limited colours they can get their phones in. Well, that's what Nokia thinks at any rate. The Finnish mobile company has aimed a square blow at the austere colour scheme of the iPhone 5 with the new advert for its Lumia range of smartphones. The flat animation style is reminiscent of Soviet propaganda posters, with Apple playing the role of the dour corporate giant, treating its customers like ...

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The real problem with social media strategies? Traditional agencies

Social Media Media strategists are slowly starting to understand digital as both the client and the agency demand a more holistic approach, but what about social media? For many, the environment is daunting as it goes against what most media strategists are trained to investigate (such as reach, frequency and Gross Rating Points). Social media means consumers have the voice to talk back, but for many, it doesn't even feature as a blip on the radar as a channel because it’s foreign ...

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Want to know about the future of social? Look where mobile’s going

people with mobile phones eMarketer recently released a survey in which CEOs from the media and entertainment industries worldwide were asked their opinions on what was going to be the biggest disruptor to their industry in the following 12 months. While their answers provide some interesting reading; I am more interested in the grey area between their words. So, according to the eMarketer report; all the CEOs agreed that social media definitely has its place in the future of the industry; but it is ...


Google Wallet for content: Is it already doomed?

Google Online Wallet Google has launched an experimental service that allows people to pay for online content using Google Wallet. According to the internet giant, the service will allow people to pay for individual online articles for anywhere between US$0.25 and US$0.99 each using its virtual money service. Once you buy the page, it's yours forever says Google. "Users love free content, and so we expect that advertising will remain the most effective monetisation model for most content on the Web," the ...


Samsung cries juror misconduct in Apple patent case

This is starting to feel like a soap opera. Samsung has asked the judge to throw out the US$1.05-billion ruling in the epic Samsung/Apple patent battle citing jury discrepancies. The smartphone maker claims that Velvin Hogan, the jury foreman, failed to disclose certain relevant information about a prior lawsuit and personal bankruptcy, reports Bloomberg. Samsung claims that during jury selection, Hogan had been asked about his involvement in a lawsuit against Seagate, a "substantial partner" of Samsung, which he chose ...


Linux Ubuntu 12.1 review: finally growing up

Ubuntu Linux 12 After reviewing the last version of Ubuntu 12 a few months ago I wasn’t too impressed with the OS in general. Ubuntu kept loyal to its obscure following by not dipping its toes into the real reason Windows and OSX are popular. And I’m happy to say that it has finally broken out of that mold with Linux Ubuntu 12.1. I would like to remind you that this is still a beta and I’m reviewing the work that it has done ...


Baidu’s new tool makes designing a Chinese mobile website easy… and free

baidu web app With so many websites neglecting to make a mobile website -- despite China now having more mobile web users than there are on PCs -- the local search giant Baidu has launched a free service for creating simple mobile web apps. Called SiteApp, it crafts the content of a site into a basic yet elegant mobile-optimised site. Baidu’s SiteApp also gives websites the option to put categories in a neat sidebar (pictured above) that looks a bit like the one on ...


Signed, sealed and delivered: the Mxit/Motribe deal

Mxit has officially inked the deal to buy social network builder Motribe. We reported a few weeks ago that the deal was in its final stages, we now have confirmation from the mobile social network that it is now the 100% owner of Motribe after buying out the current shareholders 4Di Capital, Nic Haralambous and Vincent Maher. Motribe has been working closely with Mxit over the last few months building photo-based apps for the platform. Read more on Ventureburn.


SA company calls Facebook out on private messages scandal

facebook social media dislike Despite Facebook's assurances that private messages sent between you and your friends were not posted on peoples walls, some users still insist that they are seeing private messages on their timelines. The furore started late last month when some Facebook users reported that they were seeing private messages on their timelines from between 2007 and 2009. Facebook sought to quell these claims by suggesting that its users had misunderstood what had happened and that had been "no breach of user ...


CW network launches live Twitter feed ad in ‘Entertainment Weekly’

cw-mag-2 This is pretty damn cool. In the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly, the CW Television Network has taken out an innovative new ad. The company famed for shows like Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural has decided to take live tweets to print. Who said print was dead? Well CW does not agreed. The insert in the weekly magazine contains a small LCD screen that shows a short video of an upcoming show “Emily Owens, M.D.” and the ...






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