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Can BuzzFeed usher in a new golden age of journalism and advertising?

buzzfeed front page It was just over a year ago that BuzzFeed hired editor-in-chief Ben Smith away from Politico to help build the cat-happy publication into a major media company. In the intervening months, it hasacquired a Facebook advertising company, hired a longform editor, set up a video division led by Ze Frank in a new Los Angeles office, and launched an entertainment section. Last week it closed a Series D round of US$19-million, even though the US$15-million it raised in a Series C round sits in the ...


Event tech startup Virtuvent to ‘set industry standard’ and ‘spark copy-cats’

Virtuvent If you've ever watched a stable, HD webcast of a product announcement, easily registered for an event or enjoyed a high-speed internet connection while venturing around a trade show floor, you'll appreciate the companies that work behind the scenes to make it all work efficiently. Virtuvent, an events tech company with a strong South African connection, has a strong integrated approach and some notable events under its belt. Officially launched in October last year, Virtuvent is a B2B startup that ...


The giants are here: 4K Ultra HD TVs dominate at CES

LG 4k TV There was one thing predominantly clear at CES 2013. Actually it's two things: 3D TV is dead/dying, and enormous living-room-dominating Ultra HD and OLED TVs are the next big thing. Ultra HD, also termed 4K, has been on everybody's lips with the three main competitors Samsung, Sony and LG displaying TV sets that almost defy logic, and making the oft-used phrase "world's first" into a cliché. And believe it or not, an 8K TV snuck in there too... Read more on ...


The opposite test: how to tell if your business is worth talking about

Blank billboard on blue sky The way most businesses talk about their advantages is so boring. How many companies are "the best", "faster", "biggest", "most trusted", and so on? These vague adjectives that we use to describe our businesses are meaningless and boring to customers, and they give no good reason to actually prefer your brand over another. If you'd like to craft a better differentiator, one that may even affect what you do and how you do it, then ask yourself: Are any of ...


SAP gets into the realtime business apps game

SAP SAP, the world's largest business software company, launched a suite of enterprise business applications running on its real-time platform HANA, that it says provides massive increases in performance and advanced analytics capabilities. The company provides most of the world's largest business groups with enterprise IT applications used to run their core business operations. SAP co-founder and chairman Hasso Plattner announced the business software suite at SAP's Silicon Valley Research campus, as part of a global launch in New York, and Frankfurt, Germany. He ...

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Why Chinese companies censor users overseas even though they don’t have to

internet censorship A few days ago, I wrote about a rant posted to Sina Weibo and spotted by Global Voices Online in which an alleged member of Sina’s censorship team explains the company’s censorship in part by saying that Sina doesn’t want to censor weibo posts, but it is required to do so in order to follow Chinese law. That’s a refrain we hear from Chinese internet companies over and over again when it comes to censorship: ‘we don’t want to be doing ...

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BlackBerry services down for Vodafone users in Europe, Middle East, Africa

BlackBerry Yes, BlackBerry is having connection issues again -- but it's not the type of widespread outage we saw back in 2011 when BIS was down for days on end. In what seems to be a carrier problem, BlackBerry users on Vodafone networks are experiencing down time in large parts of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. RIM alerted its users and customers in the UK via twitter account, posting the following: "Vodafone service issues are impacting some BlackBerry customers in ...


Apple will not be making cheap smartphones says Schiller

Apple So the rumours aren't true. In an interview with a Chinese newspaper, Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller said that cheaper smartphones are not in the company's future. In the interview, the SVP remarked that with "every product that Apple creates, we consider using only the best technology available. This includes the production pipeline, the Retina display, the unibody design, to provide the best product to the market." The rumours hit tech sites earlier this week with reports ...


The Nintendo Wii U trumps the Wii in sales revenue

wii-u-console Nintendo's Wii U console has surpassed its older brethren in sales. In just under two months since its release, the Wii U has raked in about US$300-million in sales, compared to the US$270-million the Wii garnered on its release. In December the Kyoto based consumer electronics company sold more than 2.65-million hardware units in total. The Nintendo DS (53-million units sold to date) still manages to sell well after all these years, with almost half a million sales over the Christmas ...


Travel the world for free from your armchair with Wikivoyage

wikivoyage Wikivoyage, launched by the Wikimedia Foundation, is a new site that will provide travellers with information on destinations, restaurants, hotels and whatever users choose to create and update. In the same way that Wikipedia operates the content will be sourced from volunteer authors and travellers. As described on Wikipedia, the site is "built through collaboration of Wikivoyagers from around the globe. Articles can cover different levels of geographic specificity, from continents to districts of a city. These are logically connected in ...






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