Reddit, Flipboard, Minecraft down as Amazon Web Services fail

It's not a good day to have your site hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Major sites including Reddit, FastCompany, Minecraft and Flipboard have gone down due to a fault in the hosting platform. The site is down right now.It appears to be a network-related issue. We are investigating.— reddit status (@redditstatus) October 22, 2012 Looking into a site outage now. Looks like has a performance alert. @fastcompany @fastcoexist— mankins (@mankins) October 22, 2012 According to The Next Web, Amazon is fighting ...


Microsoft trots Bill Gates out to sell Windows 8

He may no longer be the CEO, but in most people's minds Bill Gates is still Microsoft. That's probably why the Redmond-based tech giant took its co-founder away from trying to kill malaria with lasers and sat him down for an interview to explain how incredibly important Windows 8 is. Gates seems to buy into current CEO Steve Ballmer's vision for the operating system, so much so that he already has a Surface. He calls the tablet "an unbelievably great ...

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5 mistakes to avoid making in your next online campaign

marketing chalkboard For almost any business operating in the 21st Century, digital marketing is an exciting, growing and ever more essential tool. It also seems deceptively easy – just set up a few social media accounts and write a blog and you’re set -- right? Not at all. There are many layers, nuances, tricks and best practices to online marketing -- and often these are overlooked by people who haven’t been trained in online, or simply think that they know better. Here are the ...


5 fresh fonts for your next online project

Fonts From New York City to Rome, independent art, film and music intermingle each year, simmering in each other's juices. You can't have music without art, or film without music. Music without some sort of visual representation just isn't marketable to the masses. A fashion show without a background accompaniment of sound would be pompous (unless we're talking hyper-avante garde couture like Junya Watanabe or Duckie Brown, in which a silent fashion show might be absurdly fitting). A movie without a ...


Dishonored review: executed to perfection

Dishonored Designing Perfection There was something special about the first time you played Half-Life. You were immersed into the world of Black Mesa and you really felt as though you were Gordon Freeman, a crowbar-wielding engineer, and not just some guy with a gun. Or what about the first time you loaded up BioShock and Rapture came alive before your very eyes? These games were unlike their contemporaries in that they created an atmosphere that was unique and memorable. No game has ...


Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo: A tech company or a media company?

682px-Marissa_Mayer A few months ago Google’s top female executive, Marissa Mayer, jumped ship to take the helm at Yahoo!. Back then people speculated about what the hire meant for the company and what its focus would be. As it turns out, we are all about to find out: later today, the company will be reporting its first quarterly earnings since Mayer took over. This report could reveal some very significant changes in the company's focus and Reuters is already reporting that ...

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Have we finally reached the point where desktop OSes don’t matter?

Chromebook Before I start this article, I have a disclaimer: I am talking about normal users here, not hardcore gamers or IT professionals. I am not talking about the guy who cannot let the day go by without Counter Strike or the guy whose photos do not get finished without Photoshop. I am talking about the regular Joe who wakes up in the morning and opens up their browser and loads Facebook, Gmail or Twitter. The guy who is connected to all ...


What to expect from the upcoming iPad Mini launch [Comic]

apple invite There seems to be a checklist in place before an iProduct launch. First come the rumours, the leaked grainy images and the outpouring of "people knowledgeable with the matter". Then comes a press invite, with some slightly not-so-cryptic one liner about having something "you really have to see. And touch" (the new iPad) or the fact that something is "almost here", placed above the shadow of a five (the iPhone 5). Then images of the decoration and branding of the ...


Netease: China’s forgotten Weibo cracks 260m user mark

China's microblogging services, generically referred to as weibos are big, seriously big. The two most well-known ones, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, both have user numbers to rival those of Twitter. But one you might not have even heard of has just hit the 260-million user mark. That makes Netease the third largest of China's weibos, with numbers that most Western social networks can only dream of. According to Tech in Asia, the company puts its leap in numbers down ...

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Peter Gabriel wants to crowdsource a remake of ‘Sledgehammer’

In the annals of music video history, Peter Gabriel's 'Sledgehammer' is a classic. Now the singer is asking his Facebook fans to recreate parts of it. According to Mashable, an interactive tab on Gabriel's Facebook page allows people to pick a scene from the video and recreate it. They can do so either using their webcam or by pre-recording it and uploading to YouTube. The public then gets to vote for the scenes and the ones with the most votes ...






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