Fake Indian Twitter accounts blocked: gov’t intervention suspected

A number of fake Twitter accounts, accused of misinforming people in India about violence against Muslims have been taken down. While a number of news outlets have been reporting that the social network had ceded to demands from the Indian government that it censor inflammatory tweets, it's uncertain who's actually behind the takedowns. According to an update from Indian tech news site Plugged.In, it nay gave actually been Indian ISPs blocking the pages of several fake Prime Minster's Office (PMO) ...


The Oatmeal hits Tesla museum target in one week

Geeks of the world rejoice! The Oatmeal has helped a non-profit raise the funds it needs to buy land for a Tesla museum on Long Island, New York less than a week after putting out the call for donations. According to Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman, an anonymous donor put US$33 000 forward to push the campaign past US$875 000: Wow, someone just donated $33,000 at the last minute and put us over our goal!$873,169 REACHED!— Matthew Inman (@Oatmeal) August 21, ...


Indian govt could take on Twitter over failure to filter inflammatory tweets

twitter logo Oh look. Twitter's in hot water in India. Again. This time the Indian government is going after the social network because it has failed to comply with the country's efforts to clean up social media. According to the Times of India attention returned to Twitter shortly after the country accused neighboring Pakistan of using social media to spread "disinformation". The government's attention then turned to Twitter when the social network refused to block inflammatory messages in the volatile North Western ...


Amazon Web Services rolls out Glacier: for the data you seldom need

Amazon's Web Services division today announced the launch of Glacier, a new archiving and data storage product. The tech giant says that the service is designed especially for data "that is infrequently accessed and for which retrieval times of several hours are suitable". It also claims that its price offering of as US$0.01 per gigabyte per month makes it much more cost-effective than hosting the data on your own premises. Glacier apparently addresses the fact that "Companies typically over-pay ...

Africa, Mobile

Mobile payments company offers young African devs place at top conference

Right, by now we should've cottoned onto the fact that the future of mobile payments is pretty damn big. Africa's always had a weighty punch in this market. After all people on the continent have been using mobile to make money transfers since at least 2002. Investing in the future of Africa's mobile developers seems pretty damn sensible then. Mobile payments enabler TrustPay seems to be taking a step toward doing exactly that by offering five €650 access passes to ...

Advertising & Marketing, Social media

Why research is crucial before starting any social campaign

business ipads There are thousands of social media channels available to us all. From blogging to Facebook, all of these channels are not created equal and for the same purpose. Just because a certain social media channel works well for some businesses, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for you. Wherever you look online you will find many videos, images, and the latest infographics about all the various social media statistics regarding the best social media channels. Some facts about social ...

Social media

4 reasons why you should start taking a much closer look at Klout

klout There has been a lot of speculation and debate concerning the merits of participating on Klout. Klout measures social influence and until now, most have not taken it seriously, citing that the Klout algorithm is not accurate and does not reflect true social influence. Following recent announcements from Klout, I believe that general sentiment around Klout is about to change. Here are the reasons. 1. Social signals increased to 400 Klout has increased the number of signals from 100 to 400 from ...


You have only yourself to blame for bad SEO content

SEO There are two schools of thought surrounding SEO (Search Engine Optimised) copy. The first is that it can simply be generated with fridge poetry and a few keywords. It’s this belief that has given rise to the second notion: that soon these people and their fridge poetry will become redundant due the rise of “robot” generated copy as indicated by People who believe either of these notions are naïve. Some people would believe that Shakespeare is currently turning in ...


The life wireless — are we ready to cut the cord?

I hate wires. For every piece of technology I own, there seems to be at least three cables that come along with it. A work colleague often refers to the daily routine of plugging our laptops into the monitor, keyboard, power source, mouse etc. as putting it on life support. It feels as if wireless technology is still trying to catch up with all the cool gadgets that are created every year. Why isn't everything wireless yet? Read more on Gearburn.


Facebook director Peter Thiel unloads shares in the social network

This is big. Facebook director and early investor Peter Thiel has unloaded the majority his stock in the social network. According to CNBC, Thiel sold around 22-million of Facebook shares. Although he did so at the first possible opportunity, it was reportedly in keeping with a plan he had formulated prior to the company going public. That means Thiel's decision to unload so many shares was not in reaction to Facebook's stock market woes over the past few weeks. It's ...






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