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#MayTheFourth be with you: our favourite tweets

Look, as much as we'd like to pretend that Star Wars is still a geeky niche franchise, it's become a cultural phenomenon. Nonetheless, there are still a whole host of geeky things related to the space epic. One of those is deeming 4 May "Star Wars Day" (if you don't understand it, you're not a real fan). In celebration of Luke, Yoda, and Darth, we decided to grab some of our favourite tweets: Death Star PR can always ...


The Amazingly dark Spiderman: New trailer drops

Peter Parker is back and he's on quest for truth. These superheros always seem to be. Columbia Pictures has released the latest trailer of the geeky superhero with spidey senses. It's dark, pretty dark. I think big chunk of the movie might have taken place at night, it's so dark. The story of course follows awkward teen and slight social outcast Peter Parker as he tries to unravel the mystery of his own past and winning the heart of his ...


Zynga wants users to draw brands on Draw Something

So, you’re on of the masses who love Draw Something. Would you still love it if you had to, say, find yourself drawing an Apple logo, or the McDonald’s arches? If the game’s new owner Zynga has anything to do with, that may well be what you find yourself doing in the near future. The social gaming giant wants companies to start paying to have their names or products they sell featured in game. According to AdAge the new revenue ...


Steve Jobs plays FDR in long lost ’1984′ sequel [Video]

Apple’s '1984' campaign is one of the most iconic in advertising history. It launched the perception that Apple computers were for rebels. It was always assumed that it was a one-off, until now... It turns out the campaign had a sequel. Rather than freeing the slavish drones of an Orwellian style Big Brother, however, the ad features Apple in the role of heroic American forces liberating Europe from evil. The enemy is, of course, still IBM. Oh, and get this, ...

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6 very good reasons advertisers should pay more attention to women online

women When one looks at social media, today it seems more appropriate to take gender into consideration than age. The digital landscape seems to have eliminated generational boundaries, but how do the genders compete in this space? After looking at a recent research report published by Nielsen, it’s glaringly obvious that women are making their mark and staking their claim in what used to be considered a male driven territory. A force to be reckoned with Looking at the numbers, it seems ...

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Mobi.lity — A lifeline for railway commuters

metrorail When civil engineer Justin Coetzee took a position as a public transport planner, he decided to leave his car parked at home and started taking the train to work in the morning. His daily route opened his eyes to the inconsistency of railway transport in his hometown of Cape Town, and in South Africa as a whole. The given timetable is unreliable. Commuters do not know when they will get to work or arrive home, nor are they privy to ...

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What is CISPA and why should we care? [Infographic]

Law It seems like the US government is just spending its time drawing up laws that cause online controversy. There was the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA), and now there is another **PA floating around in the form of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). CISPA is essentially trying to guard against cyberthreats by encouraging the sharing of information, but some critics argue its definitions are too vague. Some say that it could turn ...


6 gadgets that changed motoring forever

Motoring is an industry that is always worth keeping an eye on for innovation, creativity and technology. The people who design cars are all entrepreneurs in their own way: they actively seek new and better ways to utilize and access the world as we know it from within the realms of your car’s cabin. Thanks to the Automotive Industry and a certain Henry Ford, we were given the assembly line, the Ford Model T and the concept that everyone ...


Pinstagram is one of the most awesome mashups ever

Have you ever wished that you Instagram feed looked a little more like Pinterest? Well wish no longer. Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonardo, decided to combine two of the web’s hottest properties as a joke one weekend. Pinstagram is fairly simple: it’s your Instagram feed rendered in the same waterfall, style feed as Pinterest. The site also incorporates features from both services too. You can, for instance, like and comment on photos as you can with the mobile app. You ...


RIM’s pipe dreams? [Comic]

Things haven't been all that great with BlackBerry maker RIM for a while. The last year has been hard on BlackBerry. Remember that horrendous week from hell, the big bad outage that left many users unable to access the bulk of BlackBerry's services? The unfortunate numbers of its fiscal year only led to more doubts about the future of the handset manufacturer. Then there is all that troubled leadership stuff the company keeps facing. First CEO Mike Lazaridis abruptly stops ...






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