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Apple and Microsoft have forced Google into a corner

microsoft surface and ipad The timing of the Microsoft’s announcement of Surface was particularly peculiar. “Hands-on” demos were decidedly hands-off. Microsoft didn't allow anyone to use the SmartCover keyboards -- bizarre, given that this is the most innovative feature of Surface (and a real differentiator between the iPad). It’s obvious now that Surface is not ready. So why did Microsoft unveil something that it isn’t launching yet? The answer is Google. It is expected to launch a Nexus tablet to showcase the “best of Android” at ...


The smartphone revolution may be unstoppable, but it’s only just begun

SMS Last month, we gave you the low-down on internet prophet Mary Meeker's 2012 Internet Trends. One of the things that Meeker pointed out is that mobile traffic is growing at a tremendous rate, accounting for nearly 10% of all internet traffic. Interestingly, 3G subscriptions only account for 18% of the world's total mobile subscriptions. The enormous number of 3G subscriptions that took place in emerging markets like India and Brazil suggest that mobile is exploding in a way that very ...


Just how valuable is LinkedIn to your business?

LinkedIn Logo Possibly the greatest benefit for any business executive is LinkedIn’s unique ability to build their professional brand – and make it easy for other professionals to find their profile when in need of a specialist. In fact, if you only had one place to focus your energy on and build your brand online, it has to be LinkedIn. Despite that, most people don’t actually understand how LinkedIn really works. In an emerging markets country like South African for instance 94% ...

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How to get more comments, likes and shares on Facebook [Infographic]

Dan Zarrella Facebook infographic If you're the type of person whose happiness levels go up and down in sync with your Facebook page's analytics, this infographic may be your new best friend. Social media scientist Dan Zarrella crunched the numbers and churned out a guide to what works well on Facebook and what doesn't -- at least for the 10 000 most liked pages on the social network. Not one for brightly coloured charts and line graphs? I'll summarise. You should be posting more ...


‘Dancing Matt’ Harding makes his return, includes visit to Syria [Video]

Wow. This is powerful. Matt Harding, or as you probably know him, "that guy who danced with all those people around the world", is back. The nobody who became a viral sensation has released a teaser trailer for his new video "Where the Hell is Matt 2012". The teaser features Harding doing what he does best: dancing with people from around the globe, including Rwanda, Spain, Austria, Syria (with dancers’ faces blurred for protection), Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, various ...


Hosting a site in SA set to get cheaper, faster

Internet service provider (ISP) RSA Web is claiming an African first with its Content Delivery Network (CDN) offering. If you're wondering what a CCDN is, the company's MD Mark Slingsby does a fairly good job of explaining it: Essentially, a CDN is a content delivery system built in the Cloud, we help your website load fast all across the world, by placing the heavy, data munching and server crushing content like images, CSS, HTML and video into our server network, ...


Facebook gives mobile apps a little ‘Like’ love

The ability to 'Like something is one of Facebook's defining features. Thing is most mobile couldn't make use of the functionality. Until now that is. The social networking giant announced that it would be making the function available on Open Graph. This, it says, will "makes it easier for people to share content" from their apps. Not a fan of the standard like button? Not a problem, claims Facebook. You can build your own custom like button if you According ...

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UN app lets you know what life as a refugee is like

My Life as reugee combines Apps do a lot of things. They provide us with entertainment, feed us news, and let us put pretentious filters on to photos of food. But they can also give us a glimpse into what it's like to live as a refugee. The United Nations' refugee body the UNHCR has launched an app called "my life as a refugee". The world body says that the app "brings to life the refugee experience and highlights some of the life-changing decisions and ...

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How ‘socially devoted’ is your company asks Socialbakers [LeWeb]

social media sign Emerging markets are driving growth online, we know that much already. But it turns out companies in these countries are also the most devoted to social media. That's according to social media analytics business Socialbakers, known for producing some of the juiciest social stats out there. And, as far as the company's founder Jan Rezab is concerned, the rest of the world needs to follow the example that is increasingly being set by emerging market companies. Rezab took to ...

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Niche social apps will save us from the AI Armageddon [LeWeb]

Abstract Lights Soraya Darabi has been thrown into social media and in five years has gained more experience than most of you reading this combined. She went from media to the startup world with brief stints at (acquired by Facebook) to Foodspotting and is now getting ready to launch her own startup. Speaking at LeWeb London, Darabi said something interesting. She believes that the future of social is niche applications. She's putting a dream team together with developers from The New ...






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