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Run a startup, travel the world, defy convention: Q&A with Chris Guillebeau

Chris Gillebaeu Building a startup on-the-go while you travel the world may seem unlikely. The status quo would have us believe it borders on the impossible. Thing is, Chris Guillebeau has done just that. Oh and he also writes books and evangelically spreads his unconventional ideas on entrepreneurship and startup communities. The word "unconventional" is actually a pretty accurate description of Guillebeau. The American entrepreneur reckons you can build a startup for less than US$100 and even wrote a book explaining how. His ...

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Want your social media campaign to be a success? Do your research

social media There are thousands of social media channels available to us all. From blogging to Facebook, all of these channels are not created equally and for the same purpose. Just because a certain social media channel works well for some businesses, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for you. Everywhere you look online you will find videos, images and the latest infographics about all the various social media statistics regarding the best social media channels. Some facts about social media: Facebook isn't big... it is ...


Facebook IPO: The ‘smart money’ really got burned

Facebook There's a lot of anger around Facebook's botched IPO, but much of that is from the "smart money" that wasn't able to convince retail investors, the regular people who invest in stocks, to take their shares. The point of a "pop" in an IPO is to provide an incentive for retail investors to acquire the risk -- the shares from investors and insiders -- and then to continue holding that stock and limit volatility. But the smart money had already decided what ...


Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus — inches of irritation [Review]

The Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is the kind of device that you try to like. Dual Core Processor, a Gig of RAM and a very convenient size for reading books, watching video and surfing the web. It just about fits in your coat pocket too. Unfortunately, it falls way, way short on expectations. The setup requires a computer scientist with Linux skills and just using it requires training, tutorials, handholding and the kind of time that busy dads and business folk ...


$171bn+ to be moved via mobile in 2012, $617bn by 2016

The mobile payment wars are hotting up. Players are introducing smartphone apps, products that let you pay someone as long as you're near them, and experimenting with NFC. Small wonder that the amount of money transferred via mobile is set to explode. Of course mobile payments have been around for a while now. In emerging markets countries like Zambia and Kenya, people have been using their phones to transfer money since the early 2000s. It's in the last couple of ...


Internet as important as agriculture to SA economy

Internet use in emerging markets is exploding. In a country like South Africa for instance there are now 60% more internet users than there were two years ago. That growth is good for the economy. In fact, it's so good that the online sector contributes up to two percent (or US$7.1 billion) of the South Africa's GDP. According to a new collaborative study by internet research company World Wide Worx and Google, the internet that puts it in the same league ...


Apple confirms WWDC schedule, launches iOS app

WWDC sign in Apple has confirmed the schedule for its annual World Wide Developers' Conference (WWDC), scheduled to take place between 11 and 15 June. In order to get hold of the conference schedule, developers have to sign in on the event's site. Most of the conference's events won't be of much interest to ordinary folks, but everyone's attention will be focused on the San Francisco event come 11 June. That's Keynote day and it usually holds the promise of something special. In 2010, ...

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‘The Spear’: Tweet that ‘broke’ City Press editor’s back is fake

patrice motsepe fan account tweet The latest news in the ongoing 'Spear of the Nation' saga is that the tweet which made City Press editor Ferial Haffajee decide to remove the painting from the website wasn't sent by someone she'd known since university -- but rather by his fan account. In a recent post explaining her decision to take down on the website, Haffajee said: The tweet that broke this camel’s back was one by Patrice Motsepe, the businessman and soccer baron whom I have known ...


Mxit looks to give ‘kickstart’ to indy developers

Massively popular youth-based social network Mxit is looking to give small-time developers a boost with its 'Developer Kickstart Programme'. Under the programme, independent developers who develop for the Mxit platform will be given the chance to "get their apps promoted on Mxit, and find their users". The rules for the programme are pretty simple: 1. Only newly published apps on Mxit can apply. (published in the last 8 weeks) 2. Early-stage / independent developers only. Big companies won’t qualify, we want to ...


Facebook to buy Israeli startup Face.com [Rumour]

Another day another post-IPO Facebook rumour. This time sources have the social networking giant looking to buy facial recognition software Face.com. According to Israeli news site Newsgeek, Facebook is willing to shell out between US$80-million and US$100-million for the startup. The rumour comes fresh off the back speculation that the social network was also looking to buy Opera Software. The acquisition certainly makes sense, and could have immediate benefits for Facebook. As the Next Web notes, Face.com builds facial recognition ...






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