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Technology is destroying our ability to pay attention, making us rude [Video]

Mobile shopping Technology is addictive and it's making us terrible at our jobs. It's not your fault though, it's part of our evolutionary wiring. That's according Excite founder and Google Ventures Investment Partner Joe Kraus. He argues that the more access we have to the internet the more distracted we're becoming. The numbers seem to back him up too. The average internet user visits 40 websites a day and switches between applications more than 36 times in just an hour. But your ...


Google rolls out email from SMS service, starting with Africa

mobile africa This is very cool. Millions of people around the world have GMail accounts. But a sizeable number of those people who own "dumb phones" have only ever been able to access the service on a desktop computer. Until now. Google has just announced that it's rolling out GMail SMS, a service that lets you send and receive emails as SMSes on your mobile phone. The really cool part though, is that you don't have to be connected to the internet ...


8 YouTube tributes to Nelson Mandela on his 94th birthday

Tributes have been pouring in for Nelson Mandela on today, his 94th birthday. We decided to cherry pick some amazing inspirational video tributes to South Africa's great leader and a global icon for freedom and democracy. There are so many of them out there but we really liked these ones up you do too! Have any cool ones we missed? Pop a link in the comments box! Mandela's life in social media: We've already written a standalone piece about this campaign, ...


SA agency wins major US open education contest

Creative agency Blink Tower has won an award from the US Education Department and Open Society Foundations for explaining why Open Education is important. The South African-based agency beat out 60 other entrants, with a video explaining how standard education models can leave students and teachers working with out-of-date materials and massive expenses. The open education solution would see relevant educational tools being put online, allowing them to be constantly updated and repurposed. The competition was launched in March ...

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Is your online brand exploiting Mandela Day? Stop it

I hate it when brands or companies take a good thing, break it a part repackage and sell it for a premium. Example -- this morning I can a mail from Groupon in my inbox encouraging me to celebrate Mandela Day with its great deals. First Mandela Day is about doing good, not buying stuff. So please explain to me how buying something I didn’t need from a bulk purchasing site, like Groupon, is going to help me celebrate the ...


Mobile search to be worth $15bn by 2017

Mobile search and discovery is about to get big. Seriously big. In fact, it's expected to be worth US$15-billion by 2017. According to UK-based tech analysis company Juniper Research, that means that market will nearly triple in the next five years. The primary drivers of this increase are expected to be click-through and cost-per-click rates for search & discovery, including web search, local search, augmented reality search and discovery apps. Juniper Research reckons that's because people are in the market ...

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Who is looking at your incomplete LinkedIn profile right now?

Linkedin iPad If you were applying for a job and were asked for your resume, you will provide the potential employer with a detailed account of your job history, what you do, your areas of expertise, your achievements and personal references from credible sources. If your company was bidding for a large contract, your bid will contain a detailed overview of what your company does, where you add value and all the resources that will be involved in the contract you are ...

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4 golden rules for making your online comments count

Chalkboard Speech Bubble I recently noticed an open discussion on the popular LifeHacker site around bookmarking in Chrome. My startup is in this space so I dived right into the conversation. I wrote one long reply to the posted question and two other replies to other comments. Over the next 24 hours over 130 visitors were referred to my landing page. I was able to add another 35 individuals to my invite list and even two emailed me directly asking to become early ...


Meet Luna — light at your fingertips

Luna Keyboard Ever walked into a bar and lamented the fact that you couldn't go to the nearest girl and say, 'hey baby, wanna come back to my place and check out my backlit keyboard?' Well now you can -- with the Luna from Moshi (SPOILER ALERT: don't use your keyboard as a pickup line, even if you do own the Luna from Moshi). Specialising in high-end Apple accessories, Moshi's range focuses on style -- it's not just a gadget, it's a lifestyle. Fortunately ...


How a hacker became a shit-hot entrepreneur

lenovo school laptop photo by jessello Recently you may have seen massive hype and attention around a bank hacker called Alistair Peterson, mostly unknown, even in some parts of the tech world in which he operates. His blog had a few hundred hits less than a month ago, now it has over 22 000, with over 5 000 newsletter subscribers. If you still haven't heard about him, then read on, this is a fuller account of who he is. A Google search brings little except his own ...






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