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Privacy? Why you should let Google, Facebook and others track you online

Lock Mainstream news (in fact, all news outlets) will have you believe it's the end of the world. Google's new privacy policy came into effect yesterday. From CBS News: How to remove your Google Web History, from the Washington Post: Google privacy policy changes March 1: How to clear your search history, account information and the obligatory Business Insider impression bait: How to Use Google's New Privacy Tools to Stop Them from Tracking You. Then of course there are the fear mongers. ...

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Tablets and smartphones are heralding a media revolution

Ipad and iphone When the press discovered that Amazon’s US$200 Android tablet (the Kindle Fire) is sold for US$3 less than it costs to manufacture, many people were confused. Why would a technology company sell a gadget at a loss? It all makes sense when you realise that, increasingly, the playing field is no longer about hardware; it’s about content. Tablets and smartphones are the key devices in this new ecosystem of content (although they’re certainly not the only ones), and we all know ...


Greek gods are all the rage — Wrath of the Titans is coming [Video]

Alright, I am writing this. I was taking a leisurely browse through YouTube earlier when I nearly choked on my sandwich because the good folks at Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures decided that Clash of the Titans needed a sequel. You've probably heard of this little movie that's coming soon, it's aptly named Wrath of the Titans. I suppose when I was eight and I watched the original Clash of the Titans with Laurence Olivier, Harry Hamlin and Maggie ...

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Social media, iPhones and the death of photojournalism [Infographic]

Aah, citizen journalism and social media... the trends that have professional photojournalists clutching their Nikons in fear. Well, kinda. The power of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to spread news, share photos, and videos of events and organise protest actions (most notably during the Arab Spring) is well documented. Technological convergence has resulted in a device which can tweet, share, film videos, capture images and sound, send messages and communicate news in real time (this magical device is that ...


Memeburn’s MWC 2012 wrap up

MWC New If you don't care much for geo-social, NFC enabled, HTML5, mcommerce-ready, open API, LTE, quad core devices you may have not enjoyed it as much as this cloud-based, always on, roaming, multi-tasking, networker. Either way the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was a blast. With the final day now over here are a few things that caught our attention: There are thousands of exhibitors but only a handful of megastands: the mobile world players whose moves signal the direction for so ...


Lume lights up the App Store

Game Developer State of Play has finally released iOS versions of one of the cutest and most visually appealing casual puzzlers in recent memory. A Paper Treat The lights are out, and it’s up to Lumi to save the day. This is the premise of the cutesy, cardboard cut-out puzzle adventure Lume, literally. The characters and environments in the game were physically made out of paper and cardboard to create a tiny set lit with miniature lights and filmed with a handheld ...


Watch these flying robots play the James Bond theme [Video]

This is cool: flying robot quadrocopters playing the James Bond Theme. Actually, scrap that last statement. This makes cool look like someone from the backwoods with a dirty, ragged shirt and fake testicles hanging from the rear-bumper of their dilapidated truck. The video comes from Penn State University's School of Engineering and Applied Science and features quadrocopters playing the iconic theme on a number of instruments -- including an adapted guitar built from a re-purposed couch frame. The video made ...

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Microsoft vs Google: 15 areas where they’re competing

google_VS_microsoft_by_yasincrow Microsoft and Google have a growing battle list which didn’t exist a few years ago. Nowadays, the two titans have more competing products and services than most technology companies could ever hope to develop in a lifetime. And the stakes are high. It’s probably a safe bet to assume that we are going to be seeing more mud-slinging like this Microsoft attack video and the counter punches from Google. From the growing battle list below, you can see Microsoft going after Google’s bread winners: ...


The War on Drugs comes to Google+

It’s time to end the War on Drugs. That's the motion to be debated in an upcoming live Hangout on Google+. The Hangout is set to be the first in a series called Versus, and has been organised in partnership with Intelligence2 -- an organisation that claims to be committed to revitalising the art of live debate. Among those lending their voice to the debate are business tycoon Richard Branson, comedian and actor Russell Brand, and Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange, ...


App review: PocketCloud

Wyse, a company better known for offering remote desktop solutions to enterprise companies than for its consumer offerings, is now bringing PocketCloud Explore, its app for easily managing files across multiple desktops, operating systems and mobile devices, to the iPhone (it was already available on Android). I got a demo of the app at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week and it's quite an impressive service that indeed works as seamlessly as the company promises. What makes Wyse's solution ...






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