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You better scale up: The ecommerce boom is upon us

By 2015 companies will generate 50% of their online business via their social presence and mobile applications. This bold claim comes from prominent research company, Gartner.Retailers in the e-commerce sector will begin to offer new context-aware, mobile-based application capabilities that can be accessed via a browser or installed as an application on a phone. This will happen as the number of mobile phones overtakes PCs and as people use mobile browsers and applications as the main points of interaction.Gartner ...


US issues demands to China on ‘Great Firewall’

china-flag-new11.png Ratcheting up its increasingly stern line with Beijing on trade issues, Washington has added concerns about China's infamous Great Firewall saying that it may be hurting US companies' access to Chinese consumers.This concern, amongst others, was put forth in a letter by US Ambassador to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Michael Punke to his Chinese compatriot."Some companies based outside of China have faced challenges offering their services to Chinese customers when their websites are blocked by China's national firewall," Punke ...

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Social gaming with Windows Phone, Azure

Cloud computing brings unique opportunities to social gaming and Windows Azure can provide efficient tools when building Windows Phone 7 games.Daron Yondem, Microsoft Regional Director for the Middle East, at this year's Tech*Ed discussed some of the processes and benefits involved in building social games with the Windows Azure platform.Social gaming is on the rise and Yondem encourages developers to take advantage of its growing popularity."Gamers expect to be constantly connected with interactive experiences that they can ...


Alibaba chair delivers Yahoo! ultimatum

Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma has delivered an ultimatum to Yahoo!. The head of the Chinese online retail giant says he expects an answer from once-dominant US tech firm within weeks to his offer to buy all or part of it. Delays, he added, were hurting both firms.The Chinese entrepreneur denied having a US$20-billion war chest ready for the ailing Yahoo! He added, however that money would not be the biggest obstacle to what would be a milestone takeover ...


Apple holds Jobs memorial, tributes keeping pouring in

stevejobs_reneeblodgett Two weeks after his death, tributes continue to pour in for late Apple co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs. The latest and, perhaps most poignant, came from the tech giant itself.Apple set up a dedicated memorial site for Jobs and shops closed temporarily as workers celebrated his life.At Apple stores across the globe, doors were locked and curtains drawn to allow employees to tune into a private memorial being held in an amphitheatre at the company’s headquarters in the ...


Symantec, McCafee warn of precursor to next Stuxnet

US online security giant Symantec has warned of a new super-virus similar to the malicious Stuxnet worm believed to have preyed on Iran's nuclear programme.Symantec said the new virus, dubbed "Duqu" because it creates files with the DQ name prefix, is similar to Stuxnet but is designed to gather intelligence for future attacks on industrial control systems.The company, along with Canadian security giant McCafee believes the threat is part of something much larger."Duqu is essentially the precursor to ...


Take This Lollipop ‘creepily’ captures man stalking you on Facebook

TakeThisLollipop2 (650 x 327) With the requisite eerie music and a shot down an empty corridor, it begins like countless slasher films, the difference is that this time the victim is you.A Facebook app, Take This Lollipop, is taking the internet by storm by brilliantly distilling the often unacknowledged fears Facebook users have about so much of their personal information being on the web into three minutes.Once you (ironically) grant the app access to your information a very well-produced video reminiscent of the Saw ...

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Why angry comments online are like road rage

Road RageWhy are abusive comments on news sites like road rage? And what does being online have to do with picking your nose in traffic? The connections may seem tenuous but, trust me, they're there. Let me explain.Leading South African news site, News24, is now requiring readers who wish to comment to sign in using their Facebook accounts. The move is a reminder of the pitfalls of online anonymity, and why the only way to guarantee good behaviour is the ...

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Integrating SharePoint social features in Windows Phone 7 apps

SharePoint2 "Windows Phone is designed to help you be productive right out of the box," says Microsoft. One of the ways the software giant hopes to do this is through the integration of a SharePoint social feature into Windows Phone 7 applications which can help most businesses "work better on a people level".At this year's Tech*Ed Africa, founder and director at Aptillon and SharePoint expert, Matthew McDermott discussed some the ways in which Windows Phone 7 users can use SharePoint web ...

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SMS is alive and kicking [Infographic]

SMS is dead, or almost dead. It’s a fairly common refrain and one that is threading its way into the mainstream as smartphones become increasingly ubiquitous. Surely it must be true. I mean, with services like BBM, WhatsApp and the recently unveiled iMessage, why would anyone need to send something as old-fashioned as a text message?Well, the numbers would beg to differ. According to research gathered by online business course provider mbaonline, text messaging is the most used data ...






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