Future Trends

How IPv6 will revolutionise the internet

internet connection IPv6 is finally rolling out onto the internet. We've been waiting for this to happen for nearly ten years now. On 6 June 2012 we celebrated World IPv6 Day. This event marked a commitment by many major ISPs, home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world to permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services. In the very long-term, this will revolutionise the internet. The number of unique addresses available under IPv6 is difficult to express in non-mathematical ...

General Tech

The quest for quality digital music in the age of iTunes and MP3s

Digital music - earphones on laptop One of the great game-changers of the digital revolution has been the shake up of the music industry. Today, music is more accessible and more ubiquitous than it has ever been, and there is almost nothing recorded that a fairly tech-savvy consumer can’t get with just the click of a few buttons. But while the quantity of music is increased substantially, the quality of the sound produced is a shadow of what it was during the analog era. Since the early days of ...


Reviewed: Galaxy S III — the only phone you will ever want

When you pick up the successor to the best phone of the year in 2011, you expect something special. The minute we unboxed the Samsung Galaxy S III at Burn HQ, something special happened. The hallelujah chorus resounded and we all stared at the device that is sure to change our lives -- it is after all the most anticipated phone of the year. Overall design The Galaxy S III, as Samsung touts it, is "inspired by nature -- it sees, listens, ...

Infographic, LinkedIn

The state of LinkedIn in 2012 [Infographic]

LinkedIn is by far the most useful business network on the internet. I say this because LinkedIn has grown from a social network that connects professionals into a powerhouse of business tools that can improve your bottom line. As is the case with much of the web, its prominence in emerging markets is also growing. In a country like South Africa for instance, LinkedIn grew 83% (600 000 professionals) in 2011 and 2012 has already seen a 45% increase with ...


Best of E3 2012: Gearburn Picks

E3 2012 is done and dusted, and although the event was laden with sequels upon threequels, there was still reason to be excited. Each console had at least one attention-grabbing title whether for its use of new tech or for some clever design. Here are Gearburn’s picks of this year’s E3. Best PS3 -- Beyond: Two Souls Quantic Dream’s new motion-capture engine made ripples on the internet with their recent demo, Kara. Game developer, David Cage, along with Sony was able ...


Check out Twitter’s first TV ads

Twitter has gone all traditional media on us. The social networking giant recently aired its first ever TV ads. The first ad aired during the 2012 Pocono 400 Nascar race and featured driver Brad Keselowski, sharing his view of the world from his phone. The series of adverts is meant to promote Twitter's new promoted hashtags. More particularly, they pointed to http://twitter.com/#nascar which immediately redirects to http://twitter.com/hashtag/nascar. The new page shows a series of tweets and people related to ...

Innovation, Video

New Japanese webcam tech could be the future of CG, gaming [Video]

This is beyond cool. It's a new form of webcam to animated avatar technology, courtesy of Yasue Mitsukura and the good people at Keio University in Japan. The system uses an ordinary webcam to track minute changes in the user's face, which are then mirrored in detail by an animated avatar. According to Mitsukura (via Diginfo) the system is actually superior to kind of motion capture technology used by big film and gaming projects. Systems using motion capture with markers on ...

Innovation, Interviews, Online media

Ex-Webby boss Tiffany Shlain on how the internet is revolutionising film

Tiffany Shlain For more than 15 years the Webby Awards, known as “the Oscars of the Internet”, have rewarded innovation online. Famous for their five-word acceptance speeches, the awards have honoured innovators like World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners Lee and Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington, and top online players such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and Pinterest. Memeburn caught up with the founder and former creative CEO of the Webbys Tiffany Shlain, who was honoured by Newsweek as one of the ...

Facebook, Infographic

Facebook by the numbers [Infographic]

Facebook by numbers infographic A lot has been happening over at Facebook in the last few months. Yes yes, we all know about their (un)successful IPO and how much fun it is to watch their share price dip and soar. But really, there are some other things happening over at the big blue social network. Zuck got married, it rolled out promoted posts, Facebook overtook Google as the most popular website in the world... wait, what? Yes, Facebook and Google alternated between first and ...


Why different mobile users think their devices are better than everyone else’s

people with mobile phones I have done extensive research, performing interviews with countless mobile users (well, four actually, but who's counting) to get to the bottom of which phones are at the top of the pile. This is what I discovered… Why we're better than everyone else -- iPhone users It is ridiculous that we should even be asked why our phones are superior to yours, dirty commoner. What an insult! Was the patron saint Steve Jobs not martyred so that we could enjoy superior ...






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