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Man kills vendor over fake iPhone

Police have arrested a man in Zhengzhou, China, for attacking a group of cellphone vendors after being sold a fake iPhone. Identified only as “Mr Feng”, the 29 year old killed one vendor and put another in the hospital. Photos of the attack, murder weapon and fake iPhone surfaced on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo and online community QQ soon afterwards. Feng said he was approached by a vendor while shopping at the city’s 27 Plaza, who offered to sell him an ...


Apple App Store hits 25bn downloads

Another day, another Apple record broken. Today the 25-billionth app was downloaded from the Apple app store. The 25 billionth app downloaded, Where's My Water? Free, was downloaded by Chunli Fu of Qingdao, China. The company reckons that apps are downloaded by some 315-million, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices worldwide. Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services thanked all of Apple’s customers for downloading so prolifically before commenting on how rapidly the store had ...


Syrian government blocks access to WhatsApp

The latest mobile tool to suffer at the hands of a dictatorial regime isn’t a social network, or even an inflammatory mobile site. It’s SMS killer WhatsApp. The instant messaging service sent out a Tweet from its official account, stating that it had been banned in Syria: We are told that WhatsApp is now being blocked in Syria. A blow to free speech and open communications everywhere. Sad day for freedom.— WhatsApp Inc. (@WhatsApp) March 5, 2012 According to TheNextWeb, killing ...


Google’s privacy policy: ‘This stuff matters’

google piracy Google's new privacy policy is probably pretty old news to you by now. After all, for every search that you do, you get a nice notification from Google that its privacy policy is changing and that "This stuff matters...". If you've bothered to read it, you will know that Google intends to amalgamate all of the data that they collect about you into a single account profile. Unsurprisingly, the new policy has divided reception across the internet. Google fans can't see ...

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What does Foursquare have in common with Harry Potter?

marauders map Dennis Crowley’s vision for Foursquare may have something in common with the Marauder’s Map from the Harry Potter series. Crowley recently told Memeburn that he wants to develop Foursquare so that users will be able to pinpoint the exact whereabouts of their friends, family and other social network contacts. The Marauder’s Map allows its user to find out where anyone is on the Hogwarts grounds. Sound familiar? Thing is, to use the map, you have to utter the words “I solemnly swear I’m ...


The Vodafone Smart Tab 10: have we seen it all before?

Vodafone Smart Tab Ah man, the sense the excitement in the Vodafone boardroom when its latest product was unveiled must have been palpable. A tablet! And a 10-inch one at that! At least one person, caught up in a state of self-congratulatory revelry, must have dared to think: “Look out Apple, here we come”. Good news, Tim Cook and co. The Vodafone Smart Tab isn’t the device that’ll knock your company back to the nightmare days of the late 90s. It’s a decent tablet, ...

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Want to know how your intern feels? Check out these social media accounts

Social Media Meet the intern. They are the youngsters braving the grown-up world of office life to gain experience after graduating with fresh dreams and hopes of one day having a good career. Before any of that can happen an intern’s main purpose is to be the office sucker for up to three months, often longer. It can be frustrating. But at least there’s one place they can vent (fairly) safely: social media. A few of these venters even have Twitter accounts and ...


Facebook status saves woman from attackers

Facebook can be used to catch criminals, but it can also help save victims. A South African woman was saved from two armed robbers who had physically assaulted and threatened to rape her, after updating her Facebook status. According to The Beeld newspaper, the attackers tied up the woman in her bedroom together with her 10-year-old son. They also stole her cellphone and told her that they would kill her husband when he came home. The woman then managed ...


Android now world’s most popular mobile browser

Android is winning -- hang on a moment Apple fans, take a deep breath and let me finish before you start pounding your keyboards in anger -- the mobile browser wars. According to the latest figures from StatCounter, Android’s native browser has officially taken over from Opera’s as the most used on the planet. Android’s market infiltration has grown two percent in the last couple of months to just under 23%. Opera meanwhile has declined from a high of just ...


You’re busted! 20 Facebook related crimes solved [Infographic]

Just when you thought Facebook's reach couldn't get any longer, it goes and surprises you. Our daily obsession with the social network is making it more and more important in society. One of the biggest fears we have about the web is that it's an easy medium for criminals to operate in. But now it seems authorities are taking back the space. Over the last few years they've donned their social media caps and busted some criminals with a few ...






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