Lending goes peer-to-peer with RainFin

RainFin Let's be serious for a minute folks. Getting a loan from a bank can be a right royal pain in the arse. Surely you could save a load of admin if you, the willing borrower, could sit down at your computer and find a willing lender? That's exactly the premise behind a RainFin, a social lending company that says it wants to completely change the way people borrow and loan money in South Africa. The company provides a compelling alternative ...

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A revolution and a presidential election: Egypt’s social media mania

social media text Egyptians have won the right, for the first time in 7000 years, to democratically elect their president. From the outset of the revolution Egyptians took to social media to express their opinions, thoughts and concerns. Subsequent to the first round of the recent  presidential elections, two candidates went head to head into the runoff which led to two polar opposites competing: Ahmed Shafik, the last Prime minster for the former regime and Mohamed Morsy a former Muslim Brotherhood member. The first ...

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Are LinkedIn and Twitter becoming unsocial?

Linkedin iPad As a practicing B2B social media marketer, I use LinkedIn and Twitter extensively to share thoughts with my Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections. To make it easier to share the same content across both platforms, a link was provided between Twitter and LinkedIn. You could use this in two ways by either replicating all your tweets on LinkedIn or selectively sharing your tweets with your LinkedIn contacts by including a #in hashtag in your tweet. Sadly, this feature is no longer ...

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Why disruptive technology will continue to claim jobs in the media industry

newspaper headlines Fairfax, the second largest Australian newspaper publisher, recently said it would cut 1900 jobs, almost 20% of its staff. I was asked for comment by the Australian Broadcast Service, which was concerned about the effect on independent news from the loss of hundreds of top journalists. I said that it would have an adverse effect because well-financed special interest groups would have a field day promoting their agendas. There's very little that can be done to stem the loss of journalists because ...


US, Japan most likely to ask Twitter for your user info

new twitter logo blue A lot has been said about how Twitter users have leveraged the service during recent political protests, but it seems the social media giant itself is quite keen to "hold governments accountable" too. It's decided to go the same route as Google, and have published their first ever transparency report, detailing which countries have asked it to withhold content and supply it with user information. In the same way as Google's report showed that Western-style democracies were ...


Are Android tablets about to get a big business boost?

The iPad is winning the tablet wars (with around 61.4% of the market), but Android could be on the verge of a massive surge. The catalyst for that surge, it seems, is likely to be people in business and IT who have yet to embrace the world of tablets. According to new research from IDG Connect, one-third of business people and nearly half of IT professionals who don't already have tablets are considering going Android. According to internet research company eMarketer, ...


Why Microsoft’s $6.2bn writedown probably isn’t a harbinger of doom

Windows 8 devices Microsoft's US$6.2-billion writedown for internet advertising company aQuantive has the press talking about "big oops moments" and "Bing Internet Web Woes". It also has people speculating that it could also write off Nokia. But is it all that bad? The short-term answer is yes. It effectively means that the Redmond-based tech giant won't post a profit this financial quarter. Analysts had previously predicted that Microsoft would post a US$5.3-billion profit. It also means that Microsoft failed to equal Google in the ...


In-app mobile advertising spend to soar by 2015

As more people opt to use their mobile devices for access and content consumption, brands are catching on. A recent report from Juniper Research says that in-app advertising spend across all mobile devices will reach US$7.1-billion by 2015. This significantly larger than the US$2.4-billion they're expected to spend in 2012. North America and Western Europe will account for 60% of total advertising spend by 2017 and advertising spend on mobile messaging to increase eight-fold by 2017. "The increasing spend on in-app ...

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Is your Chrome broken? Here’s a solution

Chrome is the world's most popular browser, so when something goes wrong the web's bound to kick up a bit of a fuss. On Tuesday, users around the world started having issues with one of Chrome's standout features. When typing their search queries into their address a number of users were directed to a blanks page. Anyone else seeing odd blank.html pages showing up in google results path when you search in Chrome?— Chris O'Rourke (@chrisorourke) July 3, 2012 Strange @google ...

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Meffy awards set to highlight mobile content & commerce innovators

meffy awards In case you haven't heard, mobile is kinda a big thing -- and it's only going to get bigger. Mcommerce is set for a growth spurt, as global mobile payment transaction values are predicted to increase 61.9% from 2011 to hit US$171 billion by the end of the year. Mobile startups are selling for billions and mobile app developers are in hot demand. In order to find and showcase the greatest innovators in the mobile content and commerce industry, the ...






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