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How one court decision could change email forever

Law A few weeks ago, the Californian court made a new ruling about email sender identification that now has people everywhere scratching their heads on how to modify their campaigns to stay out of the legal fire. This new law is all about discouraging the sending of promotional emails that contain false or misrepresenting header information. It mainly demands that commercial email advertisements (in other words, email sent specifically to sell a product or advertise a service) must include a domain name ...

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What kind of disruption does Africa’s tech scene really need?

Africa What is it really to disrupt, or what is a disruptive innovation? And to put it in the African context, what does ‘disruption’ mean for the continent and what are the opportunities to disrupt? A dictionary definition of the term ‘disrupt‘ is: to throw into turmoil or disorder to interrupt the progress of (a movement, meeting, etc.) to break or split (something) apart Disruptive innovation is NOT making a good product better Clayton Christensen, the Harvard Business School professor who coined the term and came up ...


April Fools’ roundup: Google’s got big dreams

Conan O'Brien The jokes are over for another year. April Fool’s Day has passed and you can go back to enjoying your favourite news sources in peace (that is, unless they get taken in by another hoax). Some big names took part in this year's April Fools' party and even though we didn't (or maybe we did and you didn't notice because it was that good), we found quite a few of the hoaxes quite fun. So here is our round-up of our ...


Hands on: Diablo 3 Beta

With less than six weeks until Diablo 3 hits our shelves, it seems the perfect time to take a look at the latest version of the beta — a real treat with a bag of tricks. Gloomy Watercolours The first noticeable aspect of Diablo 3 (D3) as it stands is its simplicity. Blizzard has refined everything from the skills system to the menus, to such an extent that the result is uncluttered and unadulterated fun. Read more on


How Facebook Connect is paying dividends for one mobile game

How powerful is Facebook when it comes to connecting mobile social gamers with each other? In answering that question, it can’t hurt to look at a game with a significant number of downloads. Since launching in December last year, Diamond Dash for iOS has been downloaded around 11-million times. According to its designer Wooga, the game was also one of the first to include “a fully realised implementation of Facebook Connect”. This means that people can interact with each other ...


Ashton Kutcher to star in Jobs biopic?

Is Ashton Kutcher set to star in a biopic of Steve Jobs? If an article from Variety magazine is to be believed, then the answer is yes. There was some doubt as to the story’s authenticity given that it first emerged on April Fools’ Day. Variety reporter Jeff Snider, however, sent out several tweets in an attempt to assure people of the story’s authenticity: Guys, do you REALLY think the top @Variety brass & my editors would let me post ...


Details leak for PlayStation 4, codename ‘Orbis’

Despite no official news from Sony, PlayStation 4 rumours have spread like a bad virus across the internet. rounds up the various factoids regarding Sony’s PlayStation 4. Codename: Orbis The likelihood of the PS4 being dubbed “Orbis” is low. This is the working title of the PS4 according to this report and is extremely likely to change. Orbis means “circle” in Latin, so a possible “circle of life” deal, tied with the PS Vita? Sounds romantic, Read more on

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A geek at the helm: Memeburn’s interview with Vodacom CEO Pieter Uys

Pieter Uys It’s not often that a geek rises to the top of a multi-billion dollar company. These are spots frequently filled by accountants or lawyers. But times are changing. In a technology-driven world, the geeks are rising to the top. We know Microsoft was run by a geek (possibly the geekiest CEO of all time?) and Steve Jobs was somewhat of a geek (more a design-obsessed geek than anything else). In the startup world, technology investors frequently refuse to put their money ...

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Screw advertising, start a niche online publication

Mr Porter Why spend thousands to advertise in a top-notch magazine while you can start a whole new publication online for the same amount? That is exactly the current mind-set of more and more companies, which have discovered that targeting your audience with a niche approach pays off better than advertising. Why? Well, who wouldn’t like a brand that thinks creatively outside the box? Printing their own publications The fashion industry seems to be leading the pack with this increasingly popular trend. Marketing director of ...


The benefits of customer reviews on your ecommerce site

Online Shopping By now, unless you’ve been spending the vast majority of your time hankering around the Gobi Desert, sans internet, you’ll have noticed the abundance of ecommerce sites that have sprung up, especially in emerging market regions. There’s no disputing it, ecommerce is a booming industry, and if the latest stats are anything to go by, we can assume that it's going to develop into even bigger and better things over the next few years. An interesting success story around ecommerce is ...






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