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State of the social television nation

I have been following the use of social media, Twitter in particular, by television viewers and programmes in South Africa with a keen eye. Considering that there are now approximately 3.4-million South Africans active on Facebook and Twitter it is no surprise that ‘social television’ is growing. When broadband first became widely available, the techie crowd unanimously threw down their TV remotes, vowing never to sit through another advert or wait a whole week for the next installment of ...


The Last of Us: A Preview

The Uncharted series has wrapped up; Nathan Drake has cracked his last crack, a wise one nonetheless. Naughty Dog fans whispered the world over, a quiver in their voices: "what will we do without Uncharted? Where will our next block-buster action game come from? What does life mean?" To those fans: get a life... and then get on board the hype-train for The Last of Us -- Naughty Dog’s upcoming third-person survival-horror action-adventure title. What a mouthful, kinda like Nathan Drake’s wisecracks.


Facebook prohibits users from promoting their work, company

Facebook-Zuckerberg Facebook's a great tool for promoting yourself, your work and your business. That's a fairly uncontested truism these days. But if the social network's rules for users, developers, and partners are to be believed, promoting yourself is the exact opposite of what it wants you to do. The rules give Facebook tremendous powers to disable accounts and to make money from your content. Here are a few examples, you can see more here in this SEC document filed late Wednesday: You ...


BBC tells journalists not to break stories on Twitter

BBC journalists have been told not to break stories on Twitter, reports The Guardian newspaper. The new rules reportedly apply to all of the corporation’s correspondents, producers and reporters and forbid them from posting a news story on Twitter before they tell their newsroom colleagues. According to the Guardian, the new regulations are meant to ensure that news gets uploaded to the renowned organisation's "newsgathering machine" "without the delay" of a 140 character Tweet. The news comes fresh on the ...


Path admits wrongdoing, fixes problem with new update

Path, has apologised to its 2-million plus users for uploading users' iPhone address books without permission. Path is a social network that works as a "smart journal" aimed at helping you share life with "the ones you love", and is experiencing a revival since its version 2.0 release last year. The internet has been in an uproar with reports from iPhone users complaining that the service had uploaded their address books without their permission or knowledge. The company's founder Dave Morin, ...


Nokia to house IMEA research centre in Nairobi

Finnish communications giant Nokia has announced that Nairobi will be the new home of research and investment centre for the entire India Middle East and Africa (IMEA) region. The announcement was made by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop at an invite only event at the iHub, a well known tech incubator in Nairobi. Prominent blogger and iHub co-founder Erik Hersman broke the story with a tweet: Nokia has made a decision that Nairobi will be the center for research ...


9 Questions and answers about successful startups – Harvard study

startup_office_facebook Ever wondered what makes one startup succeed while another fails? Well a team of brains from Harvard Business School has put together a fascinating working paper called Performance Persistence in Entrepreneurship which answers questions related to just this. We scoured the 35 page document and found the following pearls of wisdom. Question: Are serial entrepreneurs more likely to succeed than first time entrepreneurs? Answer: Yes. All things being equal, the paper states that a VC backed entrepreneur who succeeds in a venture (by ...

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10 Essential digital tools for budding authors

Digital Author Ironically, I experienced a great deal of writer’s block when writing this article. In fact, right now, all I can think of is Fatboy Slim's "right about now, the funk soul brother" which is of no help to any of us. But a deadline is a writer’s best friend, so I opened up Notepad, and went in search of a little inspiration. Where does a writer go to find apps that help you jolly well get on and write? The ...

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How to tell if your site should be concentrating on search or social

Social Media Every day I'm asked the same questions. Do I need a Facebook page? Do I need a Twitter account? Do I need some kung-fu search engine optimisation skills? There is an ongoing misunderstanding around what it takes to get more traffic to your website, or let's say, more targeted traffic to your website, through the search engines. If your company sells fly fishing rods and you would like to become more visible in Google, then there are ways to ...

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21 Tech brand tattoos: Yahoo!, Google, Apple body art

tech_tattoos Tattoos are badass, but a Cisco Systems tattoo? The company killed the Flip camcorder. Not cool. Having said that, I can still understand wanting to be the talk of the LAN party. Those 3900 series routers are hot. I struggle however, when it comes to trying to comprehend the motivation behind the Real Media tattoo. Apart from the music industry, I can't think of any other industry that begets so many evangelical brand fanatics as the technology industry. Check out ...






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