4 ways to make yourself seem way cooler online than you really are

Nerd hides behind a computer The other day I received a tweet from an extremely beautiful woman. I followed her instantly, because the comment she had sent me was profound, of course, not because of her striking resemblance to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Imagine my surprise when my research indicated that this uncanny likeness was caused by the fact that the woman's avatar was indeed a pic of Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and that the woman was actually an overweight middle-aged housewife. Her tweets instantly seemed ...

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The great SA internet radio stats debacle explained

Digital music earphones laptop In the world of South African internet radio, all eyes were recently on NetDynamix, the audio streaming provider that services online radio stations such as 2OceansVibe Radio and Ballz Radio. Richard Hardiman from 2OceansVibe radio claims that the internet radio station attracts an average listenership of 35 000 [an hour], while Ballz co-founder Darren Scott, a former national DJ, recently told media news site Media Update that “weekly statistics for May show an average hourly listenership of just over 51 000 ...


What is an entrepreneur? Why are you one?

Entrepreneur ENTREPRENEUR – What the hell does it really mean and what right do you have to call yourself one… and how is the blatant promotion of ‘go-it-aloneship’ affecting the SA digital industry? Entrepreneur. It’s a word we see and hear bandied about everywhere at the moment, everyone is one, or is being told they should be one. If you do a quick search on Twitter as to the number of people who include the title of ‘entrepreneur’ in their profile, it’s ...


South Africa’s mobile messaging services industry to get a shake up

South Africa's mobile services industry is apparently getting a shake up. According to Panacea Mobile, a mobile a services company, 40% of SMS campagins sent to customers fail to deliver due to incorrect or out-dated information. Since companies can send millions of messages in a month, the cost for these undelivered messages can be compounded tremendously. The company aims to rectify this. The startup claims to offer South African companies a unique number validation tool which "will take the guesswork ...


Blueseed: The seaborne startup incubator

Immigration laws are tedious and work visas are expensive, especially for foreign entrepreneurs wanting to work in the US. Max Marty and Blueseed cofounder Dario Mutabdzija, aware of this fact, are ambitiously hacking the system to bring talented foreign startups closer to Silicon Valley. How? By drawing up plans for floating office space, 12 nautical miles off the coast of California. The idea of cities at sea have long been the fodder of libertarians and climate watchers, but Blueseed is the ...

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Instagram now lets you like, comment, and follow users from your desktop

instagram desktop Well, hello. If you pop over to Instagram today, you may notice something different: it's just rolled out an update to its website which allows you to like and comment on pictures without using the app. Previously, if you clicked on an link from a desktop computer, you were taken to a web version of the image, where you could admire the shot, read some comments, and move on with your life. You weren't given the option to like ...


Scientists: Sina Weibo users are happier than the average tweep

This is interesting. With all the strict censorship rules they have to face, you'd think that Chinese social network users would be miserable. Turns out they're actually happier than their Western counterparts. That's according to computer scientists at the Delft University of Technology in Holland and the Shanghai Jiaotong University, who studied some 46-million messages on Twitter and its most prominent Chinese counterpart Sina Weibo. The scientists say that 79% of the messages on Sina Weibo contained positive sentiment as ...


Google wants the web, cloud to work across all devices, all the time

chrome iphone Google wants to make sure "your web works consistently, seamlessly across all your devices" and that you can always access all of its cloud services. Chrome, said senior vice president of Chrome Sundar Pichai at day two of the company's I/O developers conference, was "built for a better web", which would allow that to happen automatically. Unfortunately, the current web doesn't really allow for that -- which is one reason it's had to launch unique versions of the browser for ...

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Genius Gotye cover yearns for the ‘Star Wars’ you used to know [Video]

This is a piece of unparalleled genius. It's a fan cover lamenting all the changes George Lucas has made to the Star Wars franchise because, you know, they suck. The video was made by Teddie Films, the production duo of Eddie King and Tyler Marshall. The pair is clearly the kind of die-hard fans who hate everything Lucas has done to the beloved franchise but watches everything new he puts out any way. Christine Erickson of Mashable's ...

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Attention app developers: the Mxit User API is here

Mxit logo Developers, Mxit lovers, we have good news for you. With the release of Mxit's new User API, you are now able to develop social apps for the Mxit platform. What type of apps can you build? Any app that benefits from the Mxit community's user profile data, social graph, pictures and video. Just like Facebook though, Mxit users have the ability to control whenever their non-public personal information is shared with an app. The Mxit API is grouped into three categories. First, ...






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