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Looqiloo turns everyone into an infomercial host

Looqiloo Ever wanted to be an infomercial host, but never figured out how? Then Looqiloo might be the right site for you. The site's developers claim that it lets people buy directly from a video pitching products at them. The site, which goes live today, also wants to make selling social. Looqiloo claims that "anyone can easily upload personal videos about their favorite products and share them with their friends, family and social networks". The site isn't exactly starting from scratch either. Looqiiloo says ...

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10 Big tech trends for the next decade

Big tech trends The world is changing and tech is changing with it. Over the next 10 years the global tech market will be completely redefined as people's values and expectations evolve. These new expectations and values will shaped by global economics, technology itself, and social change. How this change takes place will be defined by what people value enough to pay for, how their values are changing, and how technology and service providers can respond to this profitably. Research company Gartner ...


Prometheus’ latest viral ad introduces David8, the next generation robot

prometheus-david-wsj-ad-600 It looks like 20th Century Fox is pulling out all the stops when it comes to its next blockbuster sci-fi flick, Prometheus. The Ridley Scott production has been capitilising on the viral nature of the web to promote the movie. Fox is now taking it to the next level, with an unnervingly awesome video of "David" the eighth generation humanoid robot from the fictitious Weyland Corporation. The video, which plays out as an ad introduces the world to "David", played by ...


South African entrepreneurs are punk rock

Punk businessman starting a fight Like most people who grew up in America, I really had no idea what to expect when I first travelled to South Africa (besides gazelles and lions). My first trip was to Johannesburg two years ago to open a new office, and I have been back several times since, most recently Cape Town. Of all the places I travel for our company, South Africa is one of my favorites. After I overcame the shock of there not being any gazelles ...


Google confirms global Gmail outage, says everything now okay

Google has confirmed that its email client Gmail suffered downtime earlier today but says that the service is fully functional once again. The disruption, which Google claims affected less than two percent of users worldwide, saw many unable to access their mail. Naturally, this led some to vent their frustrations on Twitter although most saw the funny side: Twitter is doing a better job of confirming that Gmail is down-ish than the Google App Status Dashbaord— chris busse (@busse) April ...


Twitter breaks from industry norm, swears to only use patents defensively

twitter-banner Like a number of large tech companies, Twitter files patents all the time. Unlike other companies, however, the social network has just pulled the nuclear option out from under itself. The company today published a draft of its Innovator’s Patent Agreement, which it informally calls the IPA. According to Twitter “the IPA is a new way to do patent assignment that keeps control in the hands of engineers and designers”. The social network claims that this means “that patents can only ...


#Discovery: 20 top tweeted pics of a space shuttle’s final journey

The Space Shuttle Discovery made one final flight today. Alas, it wasn’t to space, but to its final resting place at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. The retired spacecraft’s journey, on the back of a modified jumbo jet, caught enough attention to trend globally on Twitter: Given the proliferation of photo-sharing apps and the strength of most smartphone cameras, it’s hardly surprising that loads of people were tweeting pictures of the flight. Memeburn decided to ...

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14 International events and a startup exchange for your calendar

Tech Calendar The last post I wrote featured seven, which later became nine, South African events worth attending to grow your startup. If you have started building a product or platform that you deem worthy of international exposure, which I’m sure it is, then you may want to attract the attention of investors, mentors and innovators worldwide. Here is a list of 14 events and a startup exchange programme you may want to consider: 1. South by Southwest (SXSW) One of the most talked ...


How should everyday users feel about Windows 8?

Windows 8 startscreen The only constant in life is change, and the digital world is no exception. Just when you get the hang of one operating system and start to think you’re pretty smart they go and change everything. Just to keep you on your toes. Apple does it. Facebook does it. Google+ just did it, and now Microsoft is getting on the band wagon. The creators of the Nike slogan would be so proud. Having not been one of the millions ...


Pebble smartwatch sets Kickstarter record

If Double Fine Adventure brought crowdfunding site Kickstarter to the world’s attention, then the Pebble smartwatch shows how much people are willing to pay for a good idea. The watch, which connects either to an iPhone or Android smart device and uses e-paper technology, has raised over US$3.3-million with a month of funding set to go. That’s a record for any Kickstarter project and comes fresh off the back of the Pebble having raised US$1-million a day after it went ...






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