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South Africa’s 10 most influential political tweeters [Infographic]

Most influential Tweeters Twitter matters. There’s no doubting that. It can help effect social change, make stars, or pariahs, out of politicians, and make or break a brand. Makes sense then that mattering on Twitter also matters. But who matters? In South African politics, the most influential people on the social network turn out to be a mix of politicians, journalists, activists and academics. At least, that’s according to a list compiled by PR and communications company Burson-Marsteller. The company compiled the ...

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See if you can spot who Nando’s is ripping off with its new campaign

nandos-logo-with-barci copy Nando’s is renowned for tilting its sword at everyone from dictators, to politicians, and young pretenders. This time it’s taken a stab at an entire industry. The latest ad from the fast-food outlet, satirises the tone and setting of a certain kind of financial service. You know, the kind that thinks its product has you covered for every possible eventuality? The kind of businesses that make adverts which are intended to make you go “These people are smart. I’m also ...

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Is LinkedIn a glorified recruitment tool or is there more to it?

LinkedIn Offices Goldman Sachs recently upgraded LinkedIn to BUY as the social network derives income from subscriptions as opposed to advertising. This is wonderful news for those that have invested a lot of time and money in LinkedIn. What concerned me was that the article went on to mention all the recruitment companies who are using LinkedIn, which I think is great, but is this all that LinkedIn is good for? I have a number of questions for LinkedIn: Are the future plans ...


8 Things to consider when building a digital strategy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Africa Africa has the fastest growing internet usage in the world Internet growth has increased at over 2 500% between 2000 and 2011, largely driven by incredible growth in mobile phone use (695-million mobile subscriptions in Africa, according to the latest GSMA statistics). But with around 12% penetration, Sub-Saharan countries still have some of the lowest internet penetrations in the world and internet growth is likely to continue growing fast, particularly with smarter, more affordable and more intuitive phones becoming more accessible ...

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Great lessons on amazement, interactive shopping, products and people

Big tech trends There was a lot of information floating around the recent PSFK Conference in New York and it took some time to digest the insight given out by speakers. The information imparted was well worth the tech time-out and there some good advice retailers can take from the world of tech. Amazement is key! Futurist and filmmaker Jason Silva -- who speaks at a gazillion kilometres a second -- says technology can quickly manifest our ideas and desires but that to really see ...


App of the Week — MoneyWiz

This week I take a look at MoneyWiz, an amazing new personal finance app available on both iPhone and iPad. "Really? Another damn expense app?" I hear you say. Yes, but I can promise you that this is the last one, I really have found what I've been looking for since I became so obsessive about recording my expenses. So before you click back to Pinterest, or continue importing your photos from Instagram before Facebook uses them without your permission, ...


Sergey Brin: Apple, Facebook are stifling innovation with ‘walled gardens’

Facebook and Apple are a threat to internet freedom. That’s according to Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Brin made the comments in an exclusive interview with UK newspaper The Guardian, adding that he and Larry Page would not have been able to make success of Google on an internet dominated by Facebook. The 38-year-old billionaire said that there were "very powerful forces that have lined up against the open internet on all sides and around the world". Those powerful forces include ...


Zimbabwean builds site in internet cafe, grabs international attention

A young Zimbabwean who built an online hip hop community is grabbing the world’s attention, having appeared on the front page of Y Combinator’s Hacker News. The man, who goes by the name of Munyukimanatsa online, decided to build the site, called mixdem, after struggling to find employment once he graduated from university. There were a couple of obstacles he had to overcome first though. For one thing he didn’t have an internet connection. His coding skills were, by his ...

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Pottermore: Harry Potter’s social network goes live

POTTERMORE_OPENS After months of collating and beta testing, J.K Rowling's interactive website, Pottermore, for Harry Potter fans has finally gone live to the public. According to Rowling, the "unique", "online reading experience" will be a home for "fans of all ages" to interact and share their views on "Potter-verse". "Get ready to begin your Pottermore journey, because is now opening to everyone. Over the coming days, we'll be inviting new users onto We're expecting to be really busy to start ...


Creepy employers want your Facebook password [Infographic]

Imagine this: you’re on your way to a job interview, safe in the knowledge that even though your prospective employer has probably been Googling you like a machine, there’s no way they can see anything you don’t want them to. You’ve double-checked your privacy settings, so you know your Twitter rants and crazy Facebook photos are safe from the interviewer’s prying eyes. Until you walk into their office and they ask for your username and password. No, this is not a ...






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