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Super angel Fabrice Grinda on the emerging markets internet craze

Fabrice Grinda Fabrice Grinda is a well-known emerging markets super angel investor and entrepreneur. He’s crazy about the internet in the BRIC countries, especially Brazil and Russia. He is also the co-founder and current co-CEO of popular free online classifieds service OLX, a direct competitor of Craigslist. Memeburn caught up with the French entrepreneur to gain some insights into where the money is going in emerging markets. According to Grinda, Brazil and Russia are exciting markets for potential online and mobile investments. ...


KONY 2012: A quest for justice via social media

Kony 2012 Grabbing more than five of the top trending topics on Twitter, the harrowing tale of Invisible Children is well on its way to a social media awakening. The trend is part of Invisible Children Inc.'s quest to bring to Joseph Kony, a Ugandan war rebel, to the world's attention. Invisible Children is a group that uses film and social action to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony's rebel war in Uganda. The buzz was spurred by KONY 2012 a ...

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13 Brands that are doing Pinterest right

Pinterest I’ve read a lot of articles recently telling you how to use Pinterest, but what really gets me excited is discovering a brand that actually does it perfectly. To be successful on Pinterest, brands need to take a more holistic approach to marketing. Like other social media platforms, Pinterest can be more effective and engaging than traditional advertising because consumers can actually see how the brand fits into their lives. "For most consumer brands, the idea behind your brand makes sense on ...

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Xtreme Data: Paving the way for BlackBerry killers in emerging markets?

Quick, make a list of all the reasons BlackBerry is still so big in emerging markets. High up on anyone’s list is the fact that BlackBerry devices all offer unlimited web browsing, email, and instant chat in the form of BBM for a minimal, flat fee. The thing that allows BlackBerry to provide all of these things for a monthly flat fee is called BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS). But what if you could have all the benefits of BIS without actually ...


EMEA region experiences massive Facebook outage

What do you do when the world’s largest social network goes down? Facebook users from all over the Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Region found themselves confronting that question today. Anyone trying to access the Facebook from their desktop was met with error messages saying their browser was unable to locate the site. People took to Twitter to confirm that it was down: Yes folks, it seems Facebook in the UK is down. Not sure why, will let you know if we ...


Buy your theatre ‘tweet seats’ today. Really?

theatre seats I saw this tweet asking whether or not people would welcome the concept of tweet seats and subsequently read the article it pointed to. Naturally, I had to investigate further. Would you welcome 'tweet seats' in theatres? | Poll keruff.it/zhj0lH | Guardian — Technology (@keruff_tech) March 6, 2012   Have we really reached this place in our social media evolution? Is this direction we want it to go? I am rather hesitant, but it appears to be a growing trend within the United States. Live ...


Twitter now available in four right-to-left languages

Twitter is now available in four new languages: Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu. These are the first right-to-left languages to be made available on the social network. The languages were added to the Twitter translation centre just over a month ago. The social network claims that some 13 000 volunteers then came together “translating and localising Twitter.com into these languages in record time”. At least three of these languages are spoken across the Middle East, where Twitter was frequently used as a ...

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Emerging market fund launched for digital media innovation

digitalnewsventures A well-known New York-based fund that focuses on emerging market media has launched an early-stage fund for entrepreneurs developing digital news and information businesses. The fund, called Digital News Ventures, has been launched by the Media Development Loan Fund (MDLF). The MDLF, which operates out of Prague, has invested more than $113-million in 79 independent news companies in 27 countries, mainly emerging markets, since 1995. It backs up all of its debt and equity investments with strategic advice and business ...


LulzSec leader turns out to be FBI mole

LulzSec A leading player in hacktivist group LulzSec has been feeding the FBI information for months. That's according to a report from Fox News. The report claims that Hector Xavier Monsegur, whose online moniker is 'Sabu', helped officials locate five top-ranking members of the group across two continents. Two of the suspects are from the UK, another two are from Ireland, and the fifth is a US citizen. Speaking to Fox News, an FBI official claimed the arrests would be “devastating ...


‘Personal cloud’ access to be included in 90% of devices by 2013

Futuristic Cloud Computer Dropbox, Apple iCloud, Mezeo...There are a fair number of personal cloud products out there and they’ve changed the way we view storage. Taking your documents with you once meant carrying physical storage devices everywhere you went. Now all you need is an internet connection. Thing is, we all know this. What we might not know is that the cloud could also completely change the way we access content across our devices. Think about it. If your smartphone is grabbing ...






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