Fez: breaking the fourth wall [Review]

Fez is a dreamy platformer, the purest distillation of gaming I’ve played in years. Press start, and sink into a pillow of 16-bit gaming nirvana from the word go. It’s not hard to quantify Fez. For roughly US$10, Fez delivers a 2D platformer which exists in a 3D world. Click the left or right triggers and Fez spins the world on a vertical axis, revelling each side of the chunky cube you get to play in. Read more on


Dropbox for teams is great for small businesses

A few weeks ago one of the companies I work with had a file server dramatically crash after years of faithful service. It took two days of engineering time to set up a new server from scratch and restore files from backups. Even before the crash, it used to take engineering time to add new users and set permissions. The permissions were never really set properly and many folders were accessible simply by using a shared username & password that ...

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Intel’s Ivy Bridge: Naming the Tri-Gate transistors

What's in a name? Not much if you're talking about the codename for the world's first 22-nanometer processors that use Intel's leading edge Tri-Gate transistors. Groundbreaking as the "Ivy Bridge" chips may be, their codename isn't, according to the man who came up with the initial moniker for Intel's next Core processor family. Ivy Bridge is the internal codename for Intel's third-generation Core processors, the first of which will be unveiled in April. "You might think there's a lot of meaning behind ...


Samsung teaser site counts down to the Galaxy S III

The Galaxy S III is so close we can taste it and this teaser site from Samsung is counting down the hours until something mysterious is released. This is how Samsung dropped the teaser site: Read more on


The Apple/Samsung showdown [Comic]

Apple and Samsung showdown Last week a US judge ordered tech industry heavyweights Apple and Samsung to meet in order to put an end to their patent war. In the spirit of moving forward, both parties agreed that their respective chief executives would meet in San Francisco to talk and hopefully bring an end to their ongoing patent battles. The guys at Joy of Tech, ever so imaginative in their thinking, came up with a little comic of what will go down at the meeting. ...

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Amazon Web Services opening developer support office in South Africa

On the heels of Amazon's successful launch of its South African customer service centre, comes the news today that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is launching a new AWS Developer Support office in Cape Town. AWS is a collection of remote (cloud) computing services, the most popular ones being EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and S3 (Simple Storage Service). AWS Developer Support provides technical assistance for these services and others to its customers around the world as they build applications on top ...

Startup news

10 Startups that could change the face of news forever

new_york_times_wiki There are an estimated 7-billion of us. Between us, its other inhabitants, the big black bit around it and Mother Earth herself, there’s never a dull moment, news happens organically, all the time. The news machine is an efficient one, the cogs -- reporters, news agencies and so on -- have become invisible. It seems seamless, news follows us everywhere, the machine works, but that doesn’t stop brilliant minds -- internet entrepreneurs, emerging media innovators and legacy newsrooms -- from ...


Anonymous has a music social network, really?

So a group claiming to be part of infamous hacktivist group Anonymous has announced a music social network called Anontune, reports Wired. According to a short video by the group, the network will focus on the music itself not information about music. The project is still very much in its fledgling stage and it is designed to curate songs from third-party sources such as YouTube, which then allows anonymous to add them to playlists and share them. All this while making ...

Facebook, Google

Facebook ‘friends’ may not be welcome on Google+

Facebook vs Google Is Google+ a ghost town? A lot of people feel it is because their “friends” and family are not on Google+, they are on Facebook. But comments by some avid Google+ users seem to suggest that “friends” from Facebook may actually not be welcome or invited on Google+. According to Google+ tips and tricks guy M Sinclair Stevens, Facebook can be likened to your small hometown, where you know or supposed to know everybody. Google+ on the other hand ...

News, YouTube

German court puts on the screws on YouTube to cull copyrighted videos

A German court is putting the screws on YouTube to include copyright filters on the site to spot when users upload files copyrighted by GEMA, reports the BBC. According to the news company, "YouTube could face a huge bill for royalties after it lost a court battle in Germany over music videos." GEMA, a German industry group, argued that YouTube had not done enough to stop copyrighted music videos from being uploaded. YouTube responded that it took no legal responsibility for ...






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