Reviewed: OLX Classifieds for iOS is a newsy app with bite

This week I take a look at OLX Classifieds, an app that brings the much publicised web classifieds' service to the iPad. Even though OLX only launched a few months back, it feels as if it has been around forever. Everyone has seen the ad (especially if you're a YouTube junkie); a slightly out of shape dad gets ridiculed by his honest, entrepreneurial daughter for holding onto an exercise machine that he's used once, until she tells him how much she ...

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What viral videos can teach us about building a brand

YouTube iPad Many forward-looking companies are having huge success integrating YouTube into their social media strategy. Besides just engaging on the YouTube platform itself, brands can integrate other networks by creating conversations on Twitter or forming communities on Facebook, all tailored around the YouTube video. One example of this is Orabrush. The campaign's a couple of years old, but the lessons are still there. To start off with you have to watch the video: What started off as a bit of a dud ...


Is secondary market trading to blame for Facebook’s IPO jitters?

Opening Bell PICS There are thousands of articles dissecting the reasons why things went bad for Facebook yet none have mentioned the role of secondary markets. In these private stock exchanges, Facebook was trading at around US$42 a share in the weeks before the IPO. Interestingly, Facebook set the opening price at US$38 hoping for about a 10% pop on the first day, which would bring it up to US$42 at close. Since secondary markets are the playground of accredited investors, it's "smart money," and ...


Mark Zuckerberg adds cameo in Chinese police video to list of achievements

Facebook may be banned in China, but that's never stopped its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg taking time out to visit the Asian superpower. On his last visit, he and Priscilla Chan even managed to make a cameo appearance in a documentary about the Chinese Police Force aired on national TV station CCTV. The newly wed couple appears at (0:29) walking behind two members of the police force. According to The Next Web, the appearance came when the two ...


Sina Weibo’s new user rules come into effect

China's massively popular social network Sina Weibo's new user regulations come into effect today. The rules, which effectively censor free speech were announced a couple of weeks ago. They are largely thought to have been drawn up on the back of pressure from the Chinese government. Authorities have been cracking down on social media in recent months for spreading what they call "false rumours". The regulations mean that: Users have the right to publish information, but may ...

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Sweden claims victory over SA in startup pitch battle

A group of Swedish startups won the first ever international 'city versus city' pitch battle on web TV series This Week in Startups, beating out a group of South African startups in doing so. The show, which is hosted by US angel investor Jason Calacanis and Skweal (a real-time customer review service) CEO Tyler Crowley lays claim to 100 000 viewers every episode. The show saw three top Swedish startups competing against three Cape Town-based South African startups. The three ...

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ANC calls for boycott of City Press, Twitter users protest

South African citizens have taken to Twitter to support City Press after the ruling party called for a boycott of the newspaper. The name of the national paper, which published photographs of the controversial 'Spear' painting featuring president Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed, trended on Twitter today as users voiced their opinions on the saga. City Press's front page

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72+ of the best social media campaigns worldwide

social media Social media campaigns are big business. In fact, social research company Hubspot estimates that some US$3.08-billion was spent just on advertising on social networking sites in 2011. And although quite a bit has been made about General Motors (GM) pulling a chunk of their marketing budget from Facebook, the fact is the company is still committed to spending US$30-million a year just on Facebook campaigns. They work too. A recent study by research company Millward-Brown showed that there was a direct correlation ...


Life after Mashable, one sci-fi novel & a mysterious startup: Q&A with Ben Parr

Ben Parr Famed for his prolific commentary on social media and tech, Ben Parr was a key member of the Mashable team, an award-winning social media and technology news site, for three years before his axing in 2011. The former editor-at-large, who refuses to go into details about why he was asked to leave the company, now pens a weekly column for CNET, another technology news site. He was recently named the coolest social media geek in Silicon Valley by SF Weekly, a San ...


24 must-have widgets for your blog

Blog One of the best features of blog platforms is that they’re so customisable. Through plugins and widgets, you can easily add handy sharing capabilities, lists of recent posts, a live Twitter feed, whatever you like -- adapting your design to your needs, setting it apart from the competition and making it distinct. Here’s a look at some of the coolest WordPress and Blogger widgets out there, to help you spice up your blog with the features that are right for you. For ...






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