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At R50 a pop, this site wants to be the marketplace for all skills and talents

fifty-rand-note What are you willing to do for R50? “I will design your book cover … for R50″, “I will install WordPress so you can build your own website … for R50″ or design your business cards and so forth. These are all micro-jobs people are willing to do on For A Fifty — a new site that hopes to change the way people distribute their skills and businesses outsource tasks. Launched on 25 August 2014 by Noleen Mariappen, For A Fifty is ...


Be like Batman: why a super-mobile workforce is imperative

Bat signal The reality of time pressures today, is that we all feel like we spend our days chasing something, whether its sales or deadlines, but it’s the chase that seems to rob us of our time and has become a new age criminal. While no one discredits the value of office bound workers, it is this growing need to get more done in less time and more efficiently that has created the need to establish a force that can act as ...

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More than filters: the science of Instagram [Infographic]

Instagram mobile When I’m speaking at a conference, one of the most common questions I’m asked is what do I think the future of social media is. I’m not great at distant future predicting, but I do believe the story of the present and near-future of social media is visual content. From the impact of images and video on Facebook and Twitter to the new crop of media-centric social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, it’s clear that inbound marketers need to be ...


Playing it safe: Apple’s best launch in years was also its least risky

Apple launch products It's difficult to go into an Apple event objectively these days. If you're a fan, which large numbers of the tech press are, then launch day is pretty much like Rex Manning Day for Mark in Empire Records. That is, something to be greeted with unbridled enthusiasm. For the non-fans, it's all a bit sterile, a bit samey and about as exciting as a visit to the dentist. So where do these respective viewpoints stand after today's launch? Well the ...

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What to do about your outbound marketing before it’s too late

Too late You have been warned! If you persist in sending unwanted communication to your bought or acquired marketing lists, it is a matter of time before you will be reported and blacklisted, and hopefully not prosecuted. I received yet another unsolicited email this morning from a person selling services that do not interest me. I had just unsubscribed when I was sent another email containing information that does not resonate with me at all. The information was irrelevant and did not present ...


Apple’s next iPhone: before the launch, everything you need to know

ios-8-copying A few months ago, we all wondered what exactly the iPhone 6 would embody, what specifications it would boast, and what new groundbreaking ideas it would bring to life. So the questions floating around the internet for the past few months have been to the tune of this: What could Apple possibly do to improve the iPhone 5s? How could a brand that relied so much on the vision of Steve Jobs build another successful device without him? And, would the ...


5 interesting car questions and Quora’s best attempts at answering them

Blind spot If you've never spent much time on Quora, the online question and answers service, do yourself a favour and get over there now. Actually scratch that. Read this article first and then head over there. A quick search on a topic of your choice will reveal a plethora of questions, all with a multitude of answers. Some of those answers are serious and detailed, some are just plain entertaining and others are completely baffling. That applies to cars as much ...


5 bright startups lighting up the African continent using solar power

Africa-sun From warding off lions in rural areas to allowing a child to study a few hours longer into the night, many startups in Africa carry a unique edge. They try to tackle real social problems. Though the continent sits on a wealth of energy resources (the sun being the most prominent), the pace of infrastructural development simply doesn't meet the massive demand of its 1.1-billion people. Where there might be shortfalls economically, inspiring initiatives are using tech to solve these ...


YouTube can kill your brand: here’s how

Lego Grim Reaper While digital advertising offers brands a unique platform for reaching potential customers, there are instances when using digital advertising insensitively or in a way that annoys users can actually put a brand at risk. An example is the 2013 YouTube video of a tragic accident in Pinetown in which an out-of-control truck ploughed into a series of cars, killing more than 22 people. The clip was viewed by more than 100 000 people. But, as part of a wider digital ...

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Analysts: Apple will sell more than 10 million iWatches in its first year

applecountdown12hours Along side other iDevices, the long-awaited iWatch (name unconfirmed) will apparently be unveiled by tech giant Apple later today. Even though the device is still in rumour phase, people have already started placing their bets. New reports by independent technology and market research company, Forrester Research, has come out and said that the Cupertino giant will sell more than 10-million wearable devices in its first year. As quoted by the Financial Times, sales numbers based on other popular wearable devices ...






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