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  • Twitter introduces new data dashboard to help you monitor and manage your account

    Twitter, of late, has been beset with problems. First its CEO left and then the rumours that Twitter might be bought reared their ugly head again, affecting its share price. Something is certainly amiss. In the interim, Twitter is getting on with it, dusting itself off, and introducing new features to the platform. The latest one is the Twitter data dashboard, introduced yesterday. The company says that this is a new tool to help users to monitor and manage their accounts. Much of the latest changes by Twitter have been bland and something huge is needed and this, as...

  • Gumtree adds new tech to better secure P2P payments

    Spend enough time online and you'll come across more than a few horror stories around online classified sites. In a bid to cut down on those kinds of issues Gumtree South Africa has added Shepherd, a Standard Bank-powered escrow service, to its list of endorsed partners. Shepherd operates as a third party that facilitates transactions on behalf of sellers and buyers and is offered as an option to Gumtree customers. Read more: Gumtree officially SA’s biggest site, by a long shot “The process is fairly simple,” explains Martin Reynolds of Shepherd. “Either the buyer or seller can request dealing through...

  • 5 big Instagram trends that have emerged in 2015

    Since the trail-blazing millennials and too-cool-for-Facebook hipsters started the migration to Instagram five years ago, we’ve seen a visual content explosion. With over 20 billion images uploaded to date, the challenge for amateur smartphone snappers, influential Instagrammers and brands is to remain not only relevant but also exceptionally fascinating. With constantly emerging and changing trends, this is a moving goal post. So, what’s the latest? 1. Layout from Instagram – not just another third-party app You may have seen, tried and deleted hundreds of collage and photo editing apps to date. What makes most of these apps more often misses...

  • Following consumer pathways through a multimedia world

    Today’s consumers rely on a range of devices for inspiration, information, communication and entertainment - laptops, mobile phones, tablets, television, radio, gaming consoles and more. They absorb and interact with content in different ways on each of these devices. Yet, at the same time, all these channels form part of connected media experience. Whether consumers use screens and devices sequentially or simultaneously, the devices they use are part of a seamless fabric from their point of view. That means marketers need to take a multi-layered approach to content distribution to drive mobile, personalised, and interactive engagement across the media that customers...

  • UXed in 60 seconds: 5 ways Jaguar Land Rover UX is boosting the automotive space

    Our cars already have software from Microsoft, Google, and Apple in them, filtered through touchscreens and sensors. Likewise, the number of cars on the road is also escalating at a fast and furious rate. But the more developed the automotive industry becomes, the more attention and focus drivers should pay to preventing emergencies. It’s much harder to keep attention on the steering wheel when there are so many controllers around you. Still, not all settings are used with the same frequency. For example, tuning to a radio station, regulating air conditioning temperature, or answering an incoming call happens rather often,...

  • Cape Town rising: the natural ground for tech entrepreneurs?

    A decade ago, no one in South Africa knew what the terms angel and tech startups meant. People were progressively adjusting to a new democracy led by the awe-inspiring Nelson Mandela. The government’s focus was on breaking down the barriers of racism and apartheid, not investing in risky ventures. But some individuals, like Justin Stanford and Vinny Lingham, anticipated the tech wave. We spoke to Stanford, 31, who explained to us how this dynamic duo set up the entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Donald Trump accidentally tweets Nazi soldiers in campaign poster

    If you imagine a campaign poster for any 21st century presidential candidate with some Nazi soldiers on it, alarm bells would probably go off. US billionaire Donald Trump -- together with his profound facial expressions, hairpiece and controversial statements -- tweeted a rather strange campaign poster to his 3.2 million followers recently. He then went on to lead the polls for the 2016 US presidential race. The low-budget looking poster, apparently slapped together by an intern, is a montage of Trump's face, the waving Stars and Stripes, with an acute reenactment of Nazi soldiers marching around. Because 'Murica... We've seen a lot...

  • Amorphous New Media parts ways with Times Media Group

    Digital agency Amorphous New Media has parted ways with the Times Media Group, which it has been a partially owned subsidiary of since 2007. Amorphous is one of the older, medium-sized agencies that to some extent has not grown as fast as its larger peers. In the early 2000s it was the main player on the Nedbank account and was slated for big things but today is still a niche player. Possibly this is because the agency was not able to transform itself from being a “web development agency” to a fully-fledged digital agency mirroring the evolutions that...

  • Marquez, Pedrosa claim Sachsenring one-two: the weekend motorsport roundup

    Although we missed a weekend roundup, motorsport certainly didn't stop. While Hamilton won his home grand prix ahead of Nico Rosberg last weekend, this weekend saw Formula 1's rival series in action, including DTM, IndyCar and NASCAR. More importantly, we headed over to the Sachsenring for the last round before the MotoGP summer break and the WTCC circus headed to Portugal after a stint in France. So, without more ado, here is your weekend motorsport roundup. Read more on Motorburn.

  • Social rideshare service Zaparide offering lifts to Oppikoppi

    Social ride-sharing service Zaparide has launched a separate section especially for people looking for a lift to Oppikoppi. The service allows both drivers and passengers to register and, in ordinary circumstances, matches them up according to route as well as their likes and interests. The idea is to allow drivers to make a little extra money on their daily commute and for passengers to cut down on their transport costs. A social log-in allows allows both drivers and passengers to review who they will be taking a ride with and also provides an extra layer of safety. Read...

  • Nintendo’s next big decision: 4 potential successors to Satoru Iwata’s throne

    It’s been 13 long years since Nintendo was without a president. In 2002, after a torrid ten-year spell of failed gaming consoles and ideas, then long-time president Hiroshi Yamauchi called it a day. Yamauchi was largely responsible for turning the company into the household gaming name it is today, but it was clear that after close to 50 years at the helm, it was time to vacate the role and introduce some fresh blood and fresh ideas. Read more on Gearburn.

  • 4 things clients, agencies can do to create a greater sense of parity

    It’s round this time of year -- post-"yesweCannes" -- many reflect on changing the agency world, client relationships, service, creativity and how they combine or -- in most cases -- jar wildly, causing much "frustration" on both sides. The problem is...there is no problem, just simple miscommunication and misunderstanding of the new rules and roles at play. The brunt of such pieces really boils down to the power “struggle” between both parties when in fact, there is only one of three scenarios at play; you’re the one with the power, you think you’re the one with the power, or you...

  • Rev up your customer service to take your CRM to the next level

    If you want your employees forward-face with your customers, you need to ensure that they are power-packed with the essential skills that makes them a winner at customer support. No matter how great your product or service could be, a poor customer service that lacks the skill of addressing the prospect’s concern in the right manner will only result in the downfall of the customer satisfaction rate. There is a universal law that applies to customer service, as representatives carve their way into the minds of the customers to establish brand authority and improve the overall confidence level of the customers...

  • Old malware, new tricks

    Taking the path of least resistance is natural – it’s why rivers flow around mountains, and electricity finds the easiest route to earth. It also explains why there has been such an explosion in new malware in the past couple of years. While there remains a select handful of coders who will painstakingly develop sophisticated, advanced and complex new threats the vast majority of would-be hackers are taking a much easier route to achieve their goals. They’ve seen the rewards that are possible from a malware attack, and they’re also aware of the easily-available tools that automate...

  • Innerexile Hydra for iPhone 6 review: phone protection made sexy

    There's an old photograph of my parents sitting beneath a tree, as my mother's looking away (probably wishing the damn photo could be taken already) and my dad owning the moment, posing with his oversized mobile phone pouch. The pouch is fastened to his belt but its so incredibly unsubtle its impossible to miss. It is not that my father was trying to show off though -- the early 1990s pouches were simply too big to fit into his pocket. This got me thinking about today's smartphone pouches and protective covers. Read more on Gearburn.