YouTube’s 2014 Rewind puts a fresh spin on the year’s best video moments

YouTube Rewind What's your favourite YouTube memory from 2014? Does flashing back to all those ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos leave you feeling nostalgic? What about all those different video versions of Pharell's "Happy"? Do they still put a smile on your face? Or maybe you got your kicks from watching cover after cover of "Let it Go" from Disney's smash hit Frozen. Whatever got you going this year, chances are it'll have a spot in YouTube's 2014 Rewind video. According to ...


The Pirate Bay goes down after Swedish police seize servers

Piratebay It seems that The Pirate Bay has been on and off for the better part of the last decade since its inception back in 2003. The servers of the notorious pirating website, The Pirate Bay, as well as its related forum domains have been raided and seized by Swedish police. This comes after years of court cases, arrests, and domain blacklistings from authorities across the globe. TorrentFreak's sources confirm that the police seized control of servers, computers, and other equipment. TorrentFreak reports ...


Dragons’ Den SA episode 12: going out with a bang

Dragons Den SA 12 The first season of Dragons' Den SA is over. Throughout its course, the dragons have given away millions, laughed some horrendous ideas out of the room and watched a couple of chancers sweat their way through their pitches. It's been a pretty varied season and the producers have controlled the pacing reasonably well. Thing is, you can't end a season on a damp squib, so what would they pull out of the hat for the final episode of the season? ...

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By 2018, half of all internet users will access it exclusively via a mobile device

iphone-410316_1280 Picture your average internet user. If you're picturing someone behind a desktop, you're only half right. If on the other hand, you're picturing someone splitting their online time between a desktop, smartphone and tablet you're probably closer to the mark, at least for the Western world. With an influx of cheap smartphones and tablets into emerging economies however, the number of people who'll exclusively via mobile devices is set to shoot up massively. In fact, technology research house Gartner reckons ...

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Facebook in 2014: the most popular topics on the social network this year

icebucketchallenge_2x It hasn't been as good a year for Facebook as before, but it wasn't bad either. The company launched two new apps -- Messenger and Slingshot, with the former finding massive success (even if users won't quite admit it) and the latter lurking in Snapchat's ever-growing shadow. But Facebook has also become something of a social network for news and events too. To celebrate its success, Facebook has launched -- a site aimed at showcasing some of the analytics and ...

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The reason there isn’t a 3D printer in every office? Cost

the-mechanism-of-418198_1280 We've all been hearing about the promise of 3D printers for years now, but how many people -- or companies for that matter -- do you know who have one? Unless you move in some very specialised circles, chances are the answer to that question would be relatively small. But why is that? This is, after all, a market that's supposed to be worth as much as US$4.8-billion by 2018. Well according to Gartner, it's mostly to do with the ...


Hackers demand Sony cancels movie about North Korean president

The-Interview-Movie-Poster-Wallpaper The group that claimed responsibility for the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack has demanded that the company cancel the release of The Interview, a comedy that depicts an assassination plot against North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un. The film, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, is scheduled for release in the US and Canada on 25 December. The studio is holding advance screenings for media and others. Up to now, even though speculation has been wide-spread that the hack is about The Interview, ...


There are still awesome, transformative prospects for technology in African education

Ghana laptop As technology becomes both more ubiquitous and more affordable, it has spawned changes in virtually every economic and social sector, and education is no exception. Technology is transforming education at all levels, from elementary classrooms to corporate training and professional development. In the United States and other developed countries, many conversations about educational technology revolve around using computers and other devices that students already have access to in order to improve pedagogy and help students develop digital skills and literacy. ...


Apples and oranges: the best iPad alternatives of 2014

iPad-Air-21 It is not very hard to accept the fact that the Apple's iPad is still one of the best tablet out there, thanks to great hardware and plenty of tablet optimised apps. The newly announced iPad Air 2 is one of the most powerful, yet slimmest tablets in the world. But what if you don’t like an iPad or the iOS because of its limitations? Have you been looking out for alternatives to iPad which come with added benefits of Android ...


We need to talk about the way Africa is represented in online photography

Africa photogrpahy The way Africa is depicted in mainstream media is constantly criticised – and for good reason. Far too often, the varied and diverse lives of people on this vast continent are simplified to the point of being represented as a single story or image that matches existing preconceptions. Stock photography and footage is one of the major culprits in the over-simplification of the African reality. As a South African company operating in this industry, visual solutions company Greatstock is acutely ...






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