Millbug Tablet: bringing touch-screen connectivity to rural villages

Millbug-Technology The way to know you are close to Port Elizabeth, the city where Millbug Vuya Tablet PC was invented and still manufactured, is by smelling it and not seeing it. It was so at least the first time I visited there as a teenager, many years ago now. This visit, though I have always intended to return, was also to become my last there. I cannot be misremembering this memory, it is not rescued from amongst many other memories, it ...


9 useless gadgets for the permanently lazy

toothpaste-dispenser (1) Modern society has made us infinitely lazy. Yes I said it. There’s nothing wrong with making our lives a little easier but some things should just never have been invented. For instance, how lazy can you get to not even be bothered to stir something in a pot? So how inane are the gadgets out there? More specifically, if you own one of the gadgets below then answer this question: has it really improved your life and do you feel ...

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DRC’s JobWangu connects job seekers to companies

JobWangu In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), job seekers and companies use different paths to go about their daily lives, but now any inherent roadblocks for finding a job is about to end thanks to JobWangu, DRC’s new online and mobile portal. JobWangu is a platform for job seekers and companies alike, and aims to ease the strenuous task of finding a job in DRC. This is the first site in the DRC where job seekers can post their CV’s online ...


These iPhoneography SA winners are true iPhone shutterbugs

iphoneography-2014 Dubbed the world's most popular camera, the iPhone's savvy lens has been taking the web by storm ever since it got introduced in 2007. With platforms like Instagram and Flickr popularly fronting this technology (and the talents behind it), iPhoneography has grown to develop a rather impressive community. Take the fourth annual iPhoneography South Africa 2014 as an example. The event -- put together by iStore and MarcForrest -- saw an impressive exhibition with categories like Still Life, Abstract, Scenery, and ...

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Ignore customers and lose business, but for real stupidity try one-way email

Email Every opportunity to communicate with customers is an opportunity to build volumes and profit. Maximising the communication opportunity is therefore a business imperative. Or is it? Many companies that migrate to email communication, leave their business sense behind, along with their sense of basic courtesy. In the electronic age, a new rule has emerged for service-challenged companies: To upset individual customers, simply ignore them; but to give offence to thousands, try email instead. Email is not the best medium for customer communication. ...


How do you begin autocorrecting humanity? [Video]

Autocorrect humanity It is unlikely that you ever see a table of people having dinner where one of them is not on their mobile device, if not all of them. We have become slaves to their devices and we have become overstimulated by content and consumption on mobile devices and desktops. This video by Prince Ea, otherwise known as Richard Williams, challenges how we live our lives inside of technology. He argues that our connections have become more widened and instead of ...


PWC’s Danie Fölscher chats to Ventureburn about the winning formula for African startups and innovation

Formula-math (1) If you've been taking a sabbatical from Ventureburn within the last few weeks, you've probably missed out on the news of PWC's Vision to Reality Awards. A first for South Africa, the startup accelerator saw 10 tech startups partake in a three-month mentorship programme and showcase their ideas. Impressive transaction authentication service Entersekt came up top. The Vision to Reality Awards in South Africa is merely the tip of the iceberg. Brewing below is an ecosystem with internationally acclaimed innovations as ...

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Yup, Google is now using camels to virtually map out the Arabian desert

camel-trekke We've all seen the cars with those massive Google stickers tapped to the door and a 360-degree camera on the roof, right? They've captured interactive panoramic images of most things, from Russia’s Catherine Palace to Table Mountain in South Africa. Now, the initiative to virtually map the entire world has gone so far as to include the Arabian desert. How does it do this? By strapping cameras onto the humpy backs of camels, of course. The Liwa Desert in the United Arab ...

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Apple tops Google, Coca-Cola once again as 2014′s most valuable brand

Apple logo The world's most valuable brands of 2014 have been unveiled once again by brand consultancy Interbrand. As the case was last year, Apple has been dubbed the most valuable brand in the world, valued at US$118 863. Apple's popularity is highlighted by some significant milestones made in recent months. These include Apple CEO Tim Cook's bold vision of replacing the traditional wallet with the recently unveiled mobile payments platform, Apple Pay, together with the introduction of the Apple Watch and two ...

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Vodacom, Deezer tie the music-streaming knot for South Africans

Vodacom Deezer deal In March this year we reported that South African telecom giant Vodacom is looking to introduce a new music streaming service, Spotify. Earlier this week, news broke that South African telecoms company Vodacom, and French-based music streaming company Deezer, were in talks to boost the latter's penetration of the African continent. Now, the arrangement has today been made official. The arrangement comes after Deezer -- Spotify and Pandora's main international rival in a rather crowded music streaming market -- made intents to ...






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