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South Africa’s first Bitcoin ATM comes to Johannesburg

Bitcoin-ATM If you're not virtually mining it or relying on the kindness of the internet, the most common way of getting Bitcoin cryptocurrency is to trade at an exchange. The latter requires you to make an EFT, which can take a few days to complete, and requires you to manually match bids on the exchange. Another option is trading your cold hard cash for Bitcoin. This is done using a Bitcoin ATM like Lamassu's machine recently launched in Johannesburg, South Africa -- ...

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Embracing the age of the customer: where content and commerce come together

Online buying According to an Accenture Industry report, 68% of Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) demand an integrated, seamless online experience, regardless of the channel. This statement rings true for the expectations thrust upon companies who are building their brands online and relying on both ecommerce and content to set themselves apart, possibly not considering the impact that a siloed approach may be having on future success. By 2020, online users will expect a personalised shopping experience that leaves them feeling ...


These are the 11 most challenging boss battles of all time

bossbattles I've been gaming since before I could read, and if I could have played Game Boy as a Foetus (Womb Raider?), I would have. With gaming, it's the accomplishments that please the most, and no accomplishment is as great as beating a really tough boss. As such, I've collected a list of the most challenging boss battles yet. No boss that's unfair or cheap, such as Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat 9, is included on this list. Only the greats. Read ...


These are the 7 youngest drivers in F1 history

Fernando Alonso News has broken that Max Verstappen, currently 16 years old, has been signed up to race for the Toro Rosso team for the 2015 Formula One season. That means that by the time he takes part in his first race, he'll be the youngest driver in the sport's history. Now, it probably doesn't hurt that Max's dad is Dutch F1 legend Jos Verstappen, but it still takes a fair amount of work to even be considered for the elite echelons ...


Are there lessons for startups in the demise of African Bank?

African Bank In times of distress, institutions have curators to look after them, people don’t. This is perhaps the biggest lesson for consumers from the African Bank debacle. It’s a tough lesson, but learn it well. African Bank Investments Limited, or ABIL, built a client-base of 3.2 million people, but is now under curatorship and faces huge losses. The management team, quite simply, lent too much money to too many customers who didn’t pay back their loans. Read more on Ventureburn.


BitTorrent’s making a sci-fi and it looks pretty damn prescient

Children of the Machine If you know BitTorrent for anything, it's as a tool that allows you to download pirated content legitimately shared files and folders. But now it's making its own foray into original content. While the series, called Children of the Machine, was announced a month ago there hasn't been all that much information around the show, until now. BitTorrent has released a couple of videos which are related to the show, giving us a glimpse of the kind of universe it ...

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Steve Ballmer steps down from Microsoft board to focus on Clippers, civic duty

steve_ballmer It's over. Steve Ballmer has stepped down from his position on the Microsoft board. You may have thought it was all over when he stepped down as CEO, but now it's properly over. In a letter addressed to Satya Nadella, the man who replaced him as CEO, Ballmer explains that his commitments to the LA Clippers -- which he recently took ownership of -- and his civic contributions mean that he no longer has time to be an active part ...

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Twitter now adds tweets to your timeline it thinks are ‘popular’ or ‘relevant’

Twitter_logo_blue A few days ago, we reported that Twitter was running an experiment by adding favourited tweets to some users' timelines -- meaning that they were acting like retweets. While some people were a bit upset with their timelines being tinkered with, the company recently changed its tune when it added that your timeline can consist of tweets it thinks are "popular" or "relevant". On Twitter's support page, What's a Twitter Timeline?, the site lists a couple of key characteristics of ...


SAP is pouring $500m into Africa to foster innovation

SAP Software giant SAP is getting serious about Africa and is putting its money where its mouth is by investing US$500-million through 2020 in the continent. The announcement came at a press briefing hosted by Robert Enslin, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE and president of Global Customer Operations. The NYSE-listed company says that it intends to enable innovation and development in Africa, hence the large investment. Through this investment SAP hopes to accelerate growth across five key regions: ...

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Are all QR codes created equal?

QR Codes 2 The QR code has had a rocky road over the past two decades. Initially developed for the automotive industry in Japan in 1994, a QR code - or quick response code - is an optic label that contains information about the item to which it is attached, and can be read by machines. It has become widely popular outside its original intended use due to its fast readability. QR codes can also contain more information than the standard barcodes used ...






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