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Viral videos

  • Cape Town iceberg: Liqui-fruit stakes a claim

    Finally, one of the big corporates has stood up and staked its claim to the iceberg that was spotted off Clifton Beach on Monday morning. Speculation has been rife about who was responsible, and now fruit juice giant Liqui-fruit has digitally added pieces of fruit to the iceberg, then added some lines of text which read "The end of global cooling....the start of the Liqui-Fruit summer meltdown.", giving the video a slicker, more commercial treatment and promoting the Summer Meltdown on its Facebook page. But is it really their campaign, or is Liqui-Fruit being opportunistic and hopping on the bandwagon? Check...

  • Ridley Scott directs a crowdsourced movie

    Crowdsourcing, if you haven't heard of it, is also known as the 'cheap, lazy bastard way to get something done'. It's a technique gleefully employed by marketers and media outlets to ensure they get the pick of the litter for less. Separate the wheat from the chavs, as they say. It's also a great way to interact with global communities and to promote work and ideas. Think of it as a way to expose yourself without being arrested. Creative and IT-focused industries seem to be the main target of crowdsourcing. There's a plethora of briefs for apps, music videos, book covers...

  • YouTube music videos that have crossed the 100 million views mark

    YouTube has become so popular that video views can run into the hundreds of millions. We compiled a list of the Top 10 most popular YouTube videos, each with more than 100 million views, according to Visible Measures. Soulja Boy: Crank DatMusic Video | Universal 722,438,268 views Twilight Saga: New MoonFilm | Summit Entertainment 639,966,996 views Beyonce: Single LadiesMusic Video | Sony Music Entertainment / Columbia 522,039,429 views Michael Jackson: ThrillerMusic Video | Epic Records 443,535,722 views The Gummy Bear Song Music Video | Gummibear International 394,327,606 views Lady Gaga: Poker FaceMusic Video | Universal 374,606,128 views Lady Gaga: Bad RomanceMusic Video | Universal 360,020,327 views Timbaland: Apologize (feat. One Republic)Music Video | Mosley Music Group / Blackground / Interscope 355,404,824...

  • Four alternatives to YouTube for video marketing

    When it comes to video marketing, YouTube is usually the first video-sharing site that people think of when considering where to submit their video content. This isn’t surprising as YouTube is the undisputed leader in terms of audience reach, market share, and the volume of video content that is uploaded to it everyday. Ironically though, the site’s phenomenal success means that it is becoming increasingly hard to make your content stand out due to the large volumes of other content on every conceivable subject matter. Unless you hit the viral jackpot, which is tricky and unpredictable, you therefore may not...

  • A few reasons why Google TV won’t succeed

    Google has been pretty busy in the first half of 2010, and one of their new products, dubbed Google TV, is an ambitious play into merging new media with mass media. In the words of the internet giant: “Google TV is a new experience for television that combines the TV that you already know with the freedom and power of the Internet. With Google Chrome built in, you can access all of your favorite websites and easily move between television and the web. But will Google TV succeed? Firstly, almost every feature that you can find in Google TV is already present...

  • The Fall of the 1000-year Copy Reich

    Is unintentional self parody an art form? Constantin Films, production company of an otherwise obscure movie entitled the 'Der Untergang' ('Downfall'), which spawned an internet meme, has certainly taken self parody to new heights (or is that depths?). The clip from the film which shows Hitler, exasperated by the inability of his generals to stem the advance of the Allied Forces throwing a spectacular tantrum, has been remixed so that subtitles have Hitler raving about anything from the difficulties of migrating from XP to Windows Vista, to having trouble getting tickets to Billy Elliot the musical. The clip isn't bad...

  • Could this be the dumbest company in the world?

    Constantin Film, the company responsible for making the acclaimed movie Downfall (2004), is stepping up a crusade to have thousands of humorous parody excerpts of the film removed from You Tube, say reports. The spoof clips have been one of the more successful internet memes, watched by millions of users over and over again. The clips centre around an excerpt from the film, known in Germany as Der Untergang, which sees an enranged Adolf Hitler during his last days, having a rant at his generals in his besieged Berlin bunker. In what must be one of the more massive failures of...