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  • Blockbusters rule E3 video game kingdom

    Blockbuster titles and powerhouse consoles will rule as video game makers from around the world meet in Los Angeles this week for the premier Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Hotly anticipated games will build on established franchises with slick play mechanics, film-like graphics and increasing sensitivity to how much people love playing online with friends or on the go with mobile devices. "E3 will be a strange combination of everything from blockbuster retail games like 'Call of Duty' and 'Battlefield' all the way... Read more on Gearburn.com

  • The small screen that killed the traditional advertising model

    Vodacom mobile media executive, Jason Probert, believes that traditional advertising is in "steep decline". He cites a key event in 2009 where internet advertising overtook TV advertising in the UK. Although the claim was at the time contested by the broadcasters, it does indicate somewhat of a "paradigm shift" taking place, right under our noses. The term "paradigm shift" is possibly one of the most abused terms, used to describe the changes taking place in the information revolution era, but bear with us: This is worth taking notice. Probert takes aim at the TV, making the strong claim that "people aren’t...

  • The power of mobile

    If anyone needed to be reminded about the power of mobile as a medium, we were given a wake-up call by US-based digital marketing evangelist Joseph Jaffe. Showing a photo of a crowd attending US president Barack Obama’s inauguration speech (pictured above), Jaffe noted that virtually every member of that audience was taking a photo of that event, either via their phone or digital camera. We’re in the age of individual content creation, and it’s the mobile device that is spurring this on. Jaffe was speaking at Vodacom's Mobile Media Mindblast conference in Camps Bay on Friday. It’s an irony that Jaffe...

  • The future of music charts

    Up till now, judging who is top of the music game has been relatively simple. Music Award shows like the Grammy’s and the MTV Music Awards reward the top and popular artists through judges or votes. The Billboard chart shows us who the best-selling artists are, judged on CD sales and radio plays. MTV and VH1 have decided what the top videos are. But things are changing. In the last few years, music culture has transformed. CD sales are being usurped by digital sales, but even the latter are under pressure as music fans stream their favourite tracks through a...

  • How to make the most of your email design

    Good old Murphy’s Law dictates that no matter how much time, energy and testing you put into creating that stunning email campaign, it will inevitably end up rendering more like a Picasso Cubism painting in at least one of your subscriber’s email clients. This is of course hard to avoid, unless you are perhaps willing to die through sheer frustration and even that might not clinch it. There are, however, a few things you can do to ease the situation and help keep your email design looking great when your subscriber clicks to open it. Let’s take a look at...

  • Wiill it be HD and awesome too?

    Now that the rumours of a new next generation Nintendo console have made their debut ahead of anything real making their debuts at the E3 event, thanks to Game Informer magazine, please allow me to the first to speculate the hell out of what I think this console will be. Or rather should be. Let the rumour mill start to grind. This “announcement” shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Historically, Nintendo has always released its home console shortly after the release of a handheld... Read more on Gearburn.com

  • Sony hack happened – a million Sony Pictures accounts stolen

    Update on Gearburn's breaking news yesterday. The hacker group Lulz Boat has claimed to have stolen more than one million passwords, email addresses and other information from SonyPictures.com in the latest cyberattack on the Japanese electronics giant. The claim was made by a group of hackers calling themselves "Lulz Security" on their Twitter feed @LulzSec. "We recently broke into SonyPictures.com and compromised over 1,000,000 users' personal information, including passwords, email addresses, home addresses, dates of birth, and all Sony opt-in data associated ... Read more on Gearburn.com

  • Malaysian social activist ordered to tweet 100 apologies

    In an interesting turn of events, Twitter is not in court or being served with court orders to hand over user data. One enterprising legal team in a Malaysian defamation case (perpetrated on Twitter) has come up with a more constructive use for the social-networking site. Instead of tedious court battles, they have decided to use Twitter as the solution to the problem. Fahmi Fadzil, a social activist and commentator, claimed in a tweet in January that a pregnant friend of his had been treated badly by her employers at Female Magazine -- owned by Blu Inc Media. The magazine...

  • It’s not Sony’s fault

    I was one of the lucky few South Africans that was invited to be a part of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Beta a few years ago. I’ll admit, I was pretty chuffed at the prospect of getting to play that game prior to its release date, but a 1GB internet cap meant that I had to decline that opportunity. Telkom disappoints in so many ways. Recently, I was given a second shot at joining a beta, this time for the PlayStation 3 exclusive, Infamous 2. Unfortunately, however, Sony’s online service, the PSN, is still down. Chances are,...

  • Fight night champion

    Still boxing, but now with added drama and emotion (and plenty blood and guts) in this Xbox pugalistic sportfest with a boxer's fighting heart. I've long been a fan of the Fight Night series. It's a standard part of our Friday night guy get-togethers, where groups of us would braai, have a few beers and compete for ultimate bragging rights in epic Tyson-Holyfield throwdowns. When I first loaded Fight Night Champion, the latest in EA's boxing franchise, I wondered how... Read more on Gearburn.com

  • Confidence in Nokia rattled, but CEO bullish on Windows Phone 7

    It's not getting any better for Nokia. The Finnish handset giant saw its share price continue to plummet after the company's announcement that its second-quarter sales would be far worse than previously expected. Following the announcement, the mobile phone giant's share price dropped more than 10 percent around midday to 4.27 euros a share, but regained most of that loss by closing. The price regain came mostly amidst rumours that software giant Microsoft is planning to buy out Nokia’s mobile business for US$19-billion. Nokia's beleaguered CEO, Stephen Elop, has denied the rumours calling them "baseless". Over the past few years Nokia,...

  • Q&A with Joseph Jaffe: ‘Mobile is the one device to rule them all’

    In the world of marketing Joseph Jaffe is a well-known name. Jaffe is the founder of Crayon, a strategic consultancy firm that was acquired in 2010. He has authored three books on marketing, branding and consumers, and his knowledge ranges from traditional marketing, mobile to social media. Before this talk at the Mobile Media Mindblast on Friday, Jaffe chatted to Memeburn about marketing, mobile, social media and the future. Memeburn: Why is the mobile device such an important aspect of marketing? Joseph Jaffe: Mobile is the one device to rule them all (with apologies to "The Lord of the Rings"). It...

  • App options outside the mainstream

    With Nokia announcing the death of its unique Ovi services recently, the smartphone app world seems to be getting a little smaller. The Finnish communications giant has instead chosen to ally itself with Microsoft and its new Mango Operating System (OS) (along with Windows Marketplace) in the war against Apple’s App Store, Blackberry manufacturer RIM’s App World, and Google’s Android Market. With so few synonyms left for a shop in which one can purchase applications, you have to wonder what remains for the smaller players in the mobile app world. At first glance things do not look good for apps outside...

  • Social-media marketing: Old is the new new [Social Media World Forum]

    If you’re a reader of Memeburn, chances are you’re "keyed in". You get it, you are a digital native and in sync with the digital revolution. You get a gold star. At the Social Media World Forum Africa, held in Cape Town on Wednesday, a panel explored the often-asked question: "How can social media be integrated into traditional marketing strategies?" The panel, moderated by our own Memeburn reporter Michelle Atagana, included Siphelele Sixaso, Head of Marketing at national news radio station SAfm, Bellinder Carreira, Senior Manager of Digital and Direct Marketing at one of South Africa’s largest banks, Standard Bank, and...

  • Hackers goad Sony, claim theft of internal data

    It appears that the Sony’s numerous hacker problems are far from over. According to @LulzSec, the Twitter feed of the Lulz Boat (just go with it, haxxors do this kind of thing), Sony’s servers are being hacked as we speak, with the hackers having announced the ongoing attack via their Twitter feed yesterday. The Tweet reads: “Hey @Sony, you know we’re making off with a bunch of your internal stuff right now and you haven’t even noticed? Slow and steady, guys.” They are making it very clear that they are attacking Sony’s music properties, rather than the Playstation Network which...