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All posts tagged "travel"

  • Google Trips: how does it fare against its competition?

    When Google Trips launched in September to little fanfare we covered it here at Memeburn, noting that it arrives as a big upgrade to their previous app, Google Now. But things have been oddly silent in the media since the launch. If you missed our original article, then, it’s entirely possible that Google Trips has slipped beneath your radar, leaving you wondering what this whole thing even is. You certainly wouldn’t be alone in your confusion. Compared to the fanfare that accompanied the launch of Google+, Google Trips, which culls information from your emails to help assemble trip itineraries, didn’t receive...

  • Airbnb Trips: is it the future of travel and tourism?

    Travel and accommodation company Airbnb has announced a new program that sees the company take a massive leap into the tourism market. Dubbed Trips, Airbnb will no longer just allow people to search for boarding on the web, but now aims to make trips "easy and magical". Airbnb Trips launches on the company's app with three key focuses -- experiences, places and home. The company notes that a "flights" section will also be launched in the future. Users can browse what is effectively different travel packages posted by various hosts, complete with itinerary and a cute little video reel of what you...

  • Travel the world for free from your armchair with Wikivoyage

    Wikivoyage, launched by the Wikimedia Foundation, is a new site that will provide travellers with information on destinations, restaurants, hotels and whatever users choose to create and update. In the same way that Wikipedia operates the content will be sourced from volunteer authors and travellers. As described on Wikipedia, the site is "built through collaboration of Wikivoyagers from around the globe. Articles can cover different levels of geographic specificity, from continents to districts of a city. These are logically connected in a hierarchy, by specifying that the location covered in one article "is within" the larger location described by another....

  • Why mobile technology is changing world travel [Infographic]

    It pretty much goes without saying that people on the move would use a device that they can carry along with them on their travels. Unless the whole point of travelling was to get away from their inbox or they enjoyed the simple pleasure of carting a desktop computer around. So it's not surprising to learn that three out of four active travellers take their mobile device along when they hop on a plane and jet off to some fantastic location. According to this infographic, the internet and social media have changed the travel industry quite a bit. More and...

  • Social media shaking up the travel industry

    Facebook, Twitter and a host of invite-only travel websites are fast becoming a key pipeline for well-heeled travellers as well as the budget-conscious to find hot deals and destinations. Bigwigs from the world's elite travel industry, gathered in the chic Riviera resort of Cannes for the annual ILTM trade fair that wrapped up Thursday, had their eyes on social networks as a crucial tool for the future. "Social networks, such as Facebook with its 600 million users, will have a dramatic impact on how affluent consumers make their (travel) decisions," Klara Glowczewska, editor of Conde Nast Traveler, told a conference at...

  • Tourism is now ‘the top selling online industry’

    With annual global sales skyrocketing to over US$150 billion, and robust growth that has shaken off the recession, tourism is the 'top selling commodity online', according to Damian Cook, Founder of E Tourism Frontiers. This is good news for South African Tourism, the organisation responsible for increasing tourism to South Africa, which is staging this year's 3rd annual E-Tourism Africa Summit. The two-day Online Tourism Conference and Travel Technology Exhibition will be taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Center on the 25th and 26th of October 2010. The trend towards online travel booking is confirmed by South African...

  • Cape Town Facebook page hits 100 000 fans after World Cup success

    I ♥ Cape Town, the official Facebook fan page of Cape Town Tourism, is celebrating a milestone after hitting the 100 000 fans mark in just one year. The page proved to be a powerful tool to convert visitors here for the World Cup into "Cape Town Fans" during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. Almost half of the fan page’s new followers signed on in the last three months; the page grew by 40 000 fans between May and July 2010. It was up by an impressive 28 000 fans during the month-long tournament and it added...