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  • Building customer loyalty in online retailing – a primer

    One of the toughest challenges that ecommerce businesses and online retailers face is earning customer loyalty. A face to face interaction at a brick and mortar store has a far higher chance of building a real connection with a customer than a fleeting online interaction does. Smart etailers and entrepreneurs realise that their customers are central to their success, and it is important to build a lifelong relationship with them. They also understand that earning their customers’ loyalty is no cakewalk and comes only with giant doses of ecommerce wizardry (cue Amazon). Developing a user interface that exceeds expectations, offering...

  • Weekly Round Up #41: Mxit closure, Venture Capital, Halo 5, Twitter and Apple financials

    Welcome to Weekly Roundup, our podcast discussing the latest tech trends, innovation and news from the last few days. This week on BurnCast, Stuart Thomas talks to Gearburn Editor Andy Walker, Sales Manager Nick Thomson, and Staff Reporters Graham van de Made and Jacques Coetzee. The team discusses the collapse of Mxit, SAVCA's survey on Venture Capital in South Africa, Halo 5, Twitter and Apple financial reports for the Q4 2015. The team talks about what games, television series, movies they are looking forward to playing and things get awkward when Stu reveals that he is looking forward to playing a...

  • Red-E 4000mAh powerbank review: for the GoPro toter

    It's now operating standard for manufactures (and consumers) that smartphones ought to do more. Each new device launched needs to be packed with even more features and functionality. Of course, not all these features are great, some are't even needed, but the common denominator among all these features, is that they almost always demand more from the battery. One wonders why some manufacturers have been adopting the trend of shrinking the battery in their newer models. Under heavy use, smartphones, with the exception of a few, cannot see users through the day and it should not be. Read more on Gearburn.

  • YouTube launches YouTube Red, an ad free subscription video streaming service

    This has been a long time coming. YouTube has unveiled its ad free subscription video streaming service, YouTube Red. The service offers YouTube users a US$9.99 monthly membership. The service will launch in the US first, with a one month trial on October 28. With the service users can save videos for later viewing and play videos in the background. Users will only need to make a single subscription and can watch ad free videos across their devices as they are logged in on their YouTube accounts. This will be extended to users who are using the Gaming app and...

  • CcHub’s Bosun Tijani: ‘Nigeria can’t move forward if we don’t use technology smartly’ [Q&A]

    The story of tech entrepreneurship in Nigeria is incomplete without mentioning Lagos-based Co-Creation Hub (CCHub) considering its status as the first extensively recognised incubation centre and enabler of the startup ecosystem in Lagos. The tech hub's significant was also felt during the previous administration in Nigeria which, through the Communication Technology Ministry, partnered with CcHub on a number of projects including the development of Yaba, Nigeria's version of Silicon Valley. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • What the water-injected M4 GTS means for BMWs of the future

    The folks over at Bayerische Motoren Werke certainly know how to celebrate a milestone. No, we’re not talking about the little office party they threw when Lukas in accounts found out his wife was pregnant. We are, instead, alluding to the Munich-based automaker’s penchant for dreaming up tasty high-performance special edition models to mark its various achievements. The latest in a drool-worthy line that includes the M3 CSL, M3 GTS, and M3 CRT? None other than the 2016 BMW M4 GTS, which will serve to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the M3 (yes, this famed moniker has been around since...

  • Facebook tests a dedicated Shopping feed in a bid to revolutionise shopping

    Facebook has introduced a feature called Shopping feed in the favourites navigation menu on the company's mobile app. Shopping feed will make the way in which people connect to brands and products on mobile a lot easier and quicker. The company says that a lot of users are spending a lot of time on their mobile, connecting, discovering, and sharing and this presents businesses with the unique opportunity to reach consumers on mobile. The Shopping feed aggregates posts and photos about products that are on sale from retailers onto the users’ mobile app feeds. The feature is accessible from the...

  • Kaspersky test confirms humans couldn’t be bothered to protect themselves online

    In the latest confirmation that human beings really don't care about protecting themselves online, a Kaspersky test has found that almost a third of internet users do nothing to protect themselves when making online payments. The test, conducted online, included a number of potentially dangerous situations that users often encounter on the Internet, including online financial operations. Over 18 000 users globally completed the test. The results also show that only half of users check if a website is authentic before entering their financial details and that many are completely ignorant of the basic rules they should be following when...

  • Half-a-billion-dollar satellite launches to beam broadband to Australia’s most remote areas

    A rocket carrying a satellite worth an estimated half-a-billion Australian dollars (around US$350-million) has successfully launched from French Guiana today. The aim? To bring high-speed broadband access to around 400 000 homes and businesses in remote areas of Australia. ABC reports that the organisation behind this expensive initiative, the National Broadband Network (NBN), expects to connect 200 000 premises by the second half of next year, including Norfolk, Christmas, Macquarie and Cocos islands. NBN spokeswoman Frances Kearey told ABC that "It's one of the world's largest communication satellites and is purpose-built to deliver broadband to Australia -- an incredibly vast country". Kearey...

  • Chinese market can now access Apple Music, iTunes movies, iBooks

    Apple is getting cosy with China in a big way by launching Apple Music, iTunes movies and iBooks to customers in China. The Chinese government has not been kind to tech companies in the past, and Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all have suffered bans. After its success in the Chinese market with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple has every reason to want to expand in the territory. The California-based tech giant's entry strategy does not look at all that unique to the Chinese market. The services will have the usual international list of content on their catalogue but will...

  • 10 of our favourite snaps from the blood-red #SuperMoon eclipse

    Stargazers from the Americas, Europe and Africa were over moon this weekend, as they stared through their phones' screens to capture and share a very special astronomical event. Not only did the lunar eclipse make the moon appear red, the moon also passed closest to the Earth's surface -- appearing 14% larger than usual. The so-called supermoon or bloodmoon event is a rare celestial occurrence which was last observed in 1982 and won't happen again until 2033. Of course, the early 1980's lacked today's advanced telescopic and photographic equipment, meaning that this is the first time the Instagram and Twitter...

  • Google plans to roll-out WiFi to 400 train stations across India

    It comes as little surprise that Google plans to provide public WiFi in 400 train stations across India. Right now, India is a fast-growing market that tech companies are taking advantage of. The news comes at the same time Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is touring the US. As part of his trip, Modi visited Google's headquarters and also made a stop at Facebook for a Q&A with Mark Zuckerberg. The roll-out for the project, says Google CEO Sundar Pichai -- an Indian native -- will see 400 train stations across India receive WiFi. The plan is to have 100 of...

  • Marquez wins manic Misano GP: the motorsport roundup

    This weekend saw a plethora of motorsport action from all disciplines. In a way, it’s fitting that it got everything out of the way before the Rugby World Cup. And if the latter is anything as exciting as some of the action we’ve seen this weekend, we’re in for quite a tournament.

  • Apple iPhone 6S launch preview: iPads, a new Apple TV and more

    In case you’ve been living beneath a rather large rock for the past year, there’s word a new iPhone arriving this week. Everyone’s running around trying to get the latest scoop, while Apple’s readying it’s San Francisco venue for what will likely be the biggest launch event in Apple’s history.

  • Instagram plagiarism scandal: Skye Grove apologises, deletes herself off internet

    Amid a barrage of criticism and a bit of support on social media on Tuesday, top South African Instagrammer Skye Grove has literally deleted herself off the internet, after "owning up" to a plagiarism scandal as reported by Memeburn on Monday. Posting on her official Instagram account to her 40 000-something followers, she wrote: "I would like to unreservedly apologize to the Instagram community as much as to the artists whose photos I used. I am sorry that I disappointed you. I have learned and will continue to learn. I would like to thank the countless of people who sent...