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  • SAVCA CEO: we need to be ‘realistic’ about SA’s growing VC sector [Q&A]

    Venture capital is on the rise in South Africa. According to a recent survey by Southern African Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (SAVCA) this year’s total assets under management presents nearly R2-billion (R1.87-billion), with the total value of deals struck valued at R865-million. While these figures are likely to put a smile on stakeholders’ faces, there’s a lot yet to be done to fast-track this sector and ultimately become globally competitive and uplift socio-economic conditions. Some obstacles in the ecosystem continue to persist, including the inability to establish constructive dialogue between entrepreneurs and fund managers, implement forward-thinking government policy...

  • What I learned from building a pan-African network of angels

    Innovative early stage ventures that have the potential to yield high social impact, but require less than US$1-million in capital, are the most difficult segment of the small business pipeline to reach. Often times they have a minimal track record and lack the collateral needed to secure capital from a local bank. Moreover, local banks and traditional financiers too often do not appreciate the dynamics of the entrepreneur’s specific business and therefore cannot add necessary value beyond capital. It is exactly through direct equity participation that entrepreneurs learn from angel investors, often experienced entrepreneurs themselves with domain specific expertise. Read...

  • 7 ecommerce trends to watch out for in 2016

    Trends are always changing and ecommerce trends are no different. While this is a great thing, it also presents a challenge. Changing technology can improve and impress, which is why ecommerce store owners need to constantly be on their toes, and keep their eyes and ears open for what’s in the pipeline and figure out how it can help them better their products and services. One can say that technological trends are like fashion. Women’s costumes and men’s suits are always changing, and you need to keep up with the latest to stay relevant. This principle applies to ecommerce technology as...

  • 5 things startups can learn from rugby

    It’s estimated the average rugby player runs about seven or eight kilometres during an 80 minute match. No matter how quickly your team dips or how well they throw, if they’re unfit, it’s worth nothing. It’s the same in business. Prepare for your day, prepare for meetings, and plan how you’ll split the day to get everything done. Think ahead People underestimate the importance of mental preparation too. Identify objectives for every task, then analyse whether you’ve completed them or not. Be conscious of what’s ahead. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • LulaLend is a true fintech company mixing tech and finance

    Fintech is a buzzword that tends to be applied to any financial company doing anything with tech in some way or another. LulaLend is a fintech company that actually uses the word in a meaningful way as it successfully meshes technology and financial services. LulaLend is South Africa's first and only online, automated short-term business funding solution. The company allows for prospective clients to apply for short-term business loans in minutes and have their request approved within hours. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • 10 unpredicted things every business plan needs

    The biggest question for businesses is whether its business plan is doing all it can to handle unforeseen problems. Some businesses may be bold enough to argue that there is no such thing as a plan for handling unexpected events. However, there will be some who go by the book by planning ahead and picking a right business plan template, create a holistic step by step strategy and then hire a team that can execute the plan. During the whole planning process, a lot of things can go wrong, this publication seeks to rectify such thoughts by providing you with ten...

  • ARTICLE RETRACTION: Digital All Stars 2015: 13 South African tech entrepreneurs on the rise

    Digital All Stars is a new series of articles on Ventureburn and Memeburn, which recognises and celebrates achievement in a variety of digital fields that includes entrepreneurship, media & marketing, technology innovation, general business and education. Our aim with the Digital AllStars Series on Ventureburn is to celebrate entrepreneurial achievement in South Africa, and the African countries in which Ventureburn is popular in, which includes Kenya and Nigeria. Each of the articles in the series is carefully researched and scrutinised widely by a number of industry professionals. We consult with a number of experts in the wider industry to ensure...

  • Parlez-vous français? How language is isolating Francofrique’s startups

    Startup conversations in Africa are largely on developments in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. Little is often said about development in the Ivory Coast, which Francis Yapobi, the CEO of duty-free shopping startup Airshop, said could be due to language barriers. Speaking to Ventureburn in Lagos, Yapobi -- whose startup is the first Ivorian tech company to be among those that pitched at DEMO Africa -- said other Africans don’t hear about what is happening in the Ivory Coast’s startup ecosystem because of the existence of language barrier. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Domestly is SA’s new online marketplace for requesting domestic workers

    The cleaning industry is one of the biggest employers in South Africa with millions of people making a living from cleaning homes and offices. Historically however, the industry has had very little to do with helping cleaners take charge of their lives and futures, and for many, cleaning has become a way to support their families if they are unable to find other employment. Similar to local startup SweepSouth, Domestly (an online marketplace for requesting domestic workers) is changing all that with an exciting new platform that’s giving cleaning professionals the chance to empower themselves by giving them the opportunity...

  • Why we really need to take South Africa’s informal entrepreneurs more seriously

    South Africa's informal economy is booming. However, the lack of reliable data and realistic policies from government means millions of people are without security and support on the one hand, while potential opportunities are wasted on the other. If trends revealed by Leif Petersen from the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation are to be taken seriously, townships are well on their way to becoming the future of the country's cities and thus its economy. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • A dummy’s guide to why reporting is essential for your online startup

    These days most small businesses know that they need a website. Some also realise the importance of email marketing and social media in marketing their business to their target audience. However, not all small businesses realise the importance of tracking the activity on their website and social networks, and how it can help them to save money and grow their business. Brands have access to an incredible number of resources offering free insights about their website traffic, social media and email marketing. Utilising this data and more specifically, real-time data, has become a reality in the day-to-day running of a...

  • Everything you need to know about the East African startup landscape [2015/2016 Update]

    Update: Are you a venture capitalist or an angel investor looking to invest in a company? Are you an entrepreneur looking for capital or other opportunities? Are you an aspiring startup owner looking for assistance? Well, you have come to the right place. Ventureburn presents an updated guide to East Africa’s startup scene. This article is the most comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to get involved with, or have a better understanding of, the region’s fast-growing startup space. It’s the second of our inaugural series, with others focusing on South Africa and West Africa.

  • Africa is the new frontier of impact investing

    In the endless search for global development opportunities, the supply is limited for the first time in history. Africa is truly the last frontier. In fact, 44 percent of its population in 2006 was 15 or younger — and members of the Millennial generation synonymous with innovation — making sub-Saharan Africa the youngest region in the world.

  • 3 simple tips for small business to boost productivity

    In the business world, productivity is king, queen, and all the members of the royal court. Where employees produce quality work on a routine basis, businesses can thrive. But getting to this point is never easy. It takes vision, compassion, and a willingness to both stick with what works and abandon what doesn’t. This article offers some helpful ideas for reaching a state of increased productivity.

  • Startups: forget consumer, B2B is where it’s at

    Pssst! Startups. Lose your fixation with consumer-facing services, take a look at solving problems for enterprises and start riding the “techquisition” wave. Techquisition is what Gartner is dubbing the acquisition of clever technology by businesses -- in any sector, and is one of the ways they are advising enterprises to get ahead as a digital business. What’s the background to this? Well businesses are entering a "bimodal" phase, says Gartner. On the one hand, they need to keep the lights on, minimise risk, keep costs down and steer a slow-and-steady course when it comes to technology. On the other, they...