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5 top tips on making LinkedIn work for your business

LinkedIn Logo When it comes to social media campaigns, LinkedIn isn't always at the top of people’s minds. Using LinkedIn for business is quite different to all the other popular social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. It is, however, worthwhile. The professional social network boasts more than 150-million members and it gains two new members every second. Unlike most of the social media marketing channels available, LinkedIn can help you achieve your business objectives and goals quite effectively in a professional ...

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Alan Knott-Craig Jr on birthing World of Avatar, sealing the Mxit deal

Handshake In the third and final extract from his book "Mobinomics", South African entrepreneur Alan Knott-Craig Jr details how he took World of Avatar from concept to company. As was the case with some of his previous ventures, there were speedbumps along the way. At one point Knott-Craig had less than R2 000 to his name and kept the business afloat with emergency loans. Slowly though, things began to turn around, until he was ready to make another play for Mxit: ...

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Onswipe is leading mobile-friendly content with new offerings

OnSwipe In today's market of mobile-friendly websites, mobi-sites and mobile device apps, it can often be difficult to choose the best medium to showcase a website's content on a mobile device. Enter the concept of responsive design, where a website can be restyled and adjusted to suit varying screen sizes, from large cinema displays down to the smallest of mobile device screens. While responsive design is not always desired by a website owner or by a client, what are the other ...

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Facebook’s official WordPress plugin is here, bloggers rejoice

facebook_wordpress_plugin Facebook has announced a new plugin for WordPress that will allow bloggers to tap into Facebook features, such as social publishing and mentions directly from their WordPress dashboards. According to Facebook engineer Matt Kelly: “Once the plugin is installed, you can cross-post content published to WordPress to your Facebook Timeline and the Facebook Pages you manage. You can also mention the names of Pages and friends as you post to further distribute your content.” According to WordPress, the plugin will allow bloggers ...

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Meet 19 of Korea’s hottest startups

South Korea South Korea is a leading player in the global tech industry with Korean brands leaving their mark in various sectors. Thing is, you don't usually hear all that much about the country's startup ecosystem. If BeLaunch, which calls itself "South Korea’s first and biggest global startup-tech conference", has its way all that could soon change. The conference aims to connect the emerging startup ecosystem in Korea with global players through a two-day event taking place over 13 and 14 June. ...

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3 up-and-coming Asian startups to keep an eye on

drop my email It's a crowded marketplace for startups, but there are quite a few companies who are doing something interesting. Hopeful startups battled it out in pitch sessions at the recent Echelon 2012 event in Singapore, hoping to walk away with the title of the top startup and a smattering of prizes. Builk, a niche social network for construction industry professionals, eventually came out on top, but some of the other finalists are just as innovative. Here are three startups working in ...

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Gamification: just another step towards the post-digital business world

Gamification. Stop thinking twelve year olds with an Xbox and start thinking about how you can incorporate leaderboards and reward systems into your business strategies. According to the annual Tech Trends report from Deloitte, gamification is one of the key disruptors that will have a major effect on companies in the not-so-distant future. Along with social media, enterprise mobility, user empowerment and cloud technology, it is one of the five main forces changing the way people do business. The increasing popularity ...


Turns out there were some unexpected winners in Apple’s map announcement

When Apple announced that iOS6 would come with a built-in maps app featuring turn-by-turn navigation there were a couple of different responses. The hardcore phandroids smugly reminded everyone that Google maps has had the feature for a while now. Others lamented the fate of navigation apps that had clearly just been screwed over. One of the first apps that sprung to mind in the latter category was Waze, the community-driven navigation and traffic app. As it turns out though, Waze ...

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iOS 6: Is Apple loosening up?

Image courtesy of The Verge Apple announced a new Safari “feature" in iOS 6 last night that made me grin. And when you’re posting a photo or video to eBay, Craigslist, or another site, you can take photos and video -- or choose from your Camera Roll -- without leaving Safari. If you’re a web developer, you might have noticed that it wasn’t possible to allow iOS Safari users to upload a picture or video to your website using the standard HTML file input type (input type="file"). ...

News sites get infinite scrolling, ‘the future of the web’

This is cool. Well for people who read the web at any rate. For advertisers, maybe not so much. sites are set to come standard with scrolling. What this basically means is that when you reach the end of a post, you can just keep scrolling down and the next post will load. According's Lance Willet, this is the way the web will work in the future: Instead of the old way of navigating down a page by scrolling ...






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