Health and welfare mobile service Impilo is powerful, free

Impilo is a new mobile service that helps people easily locate health and wellbeing service providers in South Africa. It can also be used to give confidential feedback on the services received at public health and South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) service points. The service is free -- no airtime is required -- and as it is USSD based, it will work on any mobile phone. To use it, simply dial *130*448# and follow the menu prompts. Read more on ...


Does Bruce Willis read Memeburn? His ‘fight’ with Apple says he might

Last week we wrote an article about what happens to your digital legacy when you die. The basic premise being that whatever digital music or books you buy through Amazon and Apple doesn’t really belong to you and that you’re simply “renting” ownership until the day you die. The Digital Media has non-transferable rights and you are therefore not able to leave them to your descendants. News on the wire today announced that Bruce Willis is considering taking Apple to court ...


Rocket Internet woes continue with mass Nigerian layoffs

Looks like things aren't exactly rosy at ecommerce cloning giant Rocket Internet at the moment. A couple of weeks ago, he company revealed that it was scuppering its Chinese operations. Now it's downsizing in Nigeria. Rocket Internet only launched its Nigerian presence a couple of months ago, but is reportedly already downsizing its staff in the country. According to tech news site Techloy, the company fired 50 members of staff, mostly from its support division, on Friday. When the company ...


Mobile overtakes fixed-line web in India

It's finally happened, ahead of schedule too. More people in India now access the web via mobile than fixed-line access. The latest data from tech research company StatCounter suggest that 56% of the country's population now accesses the web via mobile, versus 45% who access it via desktop. Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile vs. Desktop Market Share Back in May, StatCounter's figures suggested that we would reach this point by the end of this year. That large numbers ...


Freddie Mercury Angry Bird is the most awesome yet

Check this out. It's Freddie Mercury re-imagined as a character from Angry Birds, mustache, hairy chest and all. The character is part of the "Freddie For a Day" initiative, which encourages people to dress like the renowned Queen front man on 5 September. The day is in support of Aids charity the Mercury Phoenix Trust. “Freddie For A Day and Rovio Entertainment are proud to announce a unique and innovative partnership that sees the most iconic Rock’n’Roll frontman of ...

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Why big data means big things for the future of marketing

data There has been a lot of hype and content generated about big data of late, but what does it really mean to people looking to push their business into people's minds? How can they take advantage? So the first thing to note is that big data is not solely dedicated to the world of IT. This is not something that IT managers and CIO’s alike can get excited about and then hide in their server rooms, never again to see the ...

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Is TV really still trouncing the web when it comes to ads?

TV Delegates to the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival were in need of some good news, accustomed as they are to the view that the internet is inches away from swallowing their entire medium and raison d’etre. So imagine their delight when they were informed that “most consumers still consider TV the most impactful advertising medium”, according to a new report released by Deloitte last week. The survey, conducted amongst 4 000 UK-based adults, confirmed that TV’s status had dropped ...

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Gangnam Style hits 90m views: Understanding the viral phenomenon

Gangnam style I was amazed the first time I read a post on Facebook from a friend back home in South Africa spreading the viral video that has become Gangnam Style. At first I thought that the Psy's Gangnam Style was just another Korean Pop (K-Pop) one hit wonder in South Korea. The catchy song is a satire concerning current Korean consumerism and has soared past the 90-million views mark on YouTube. K-Pop is part of Korea's much sought after K-Pop soft-power image ...

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Is Facebook a social network for narcissists? [Infographic]

Facebook ipad Log into Facebook and what do you see? Your cousin squealing about her promotion, or posting photos of her kid who has (finally) learnt how to walk. You scroll down to see your friend from school, who has just changed his relationship status to "engaged" and is subsequently tagged in 50 perfectly-Photoshopped photos in his fiancé's "Our Engagement


Windows 8 RTM — love at first sight

Like it or not, Windows 8 is about to take the world by storm. I had the chance to play around with the latest RTM build for a while and I have to admit Microsoft did a very good job. It’s been a year since I got my hands on the Consumer Preview, and every build after that improved a lot. When I got the first Preview back in September 2011, the first thing I complained about was the overall look ...






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