Philips Fidelio: an Android docking station to be proud of

This a little difficult for me to admit, but I've always been jealous the docking stations available to anyone with an iDevice. So when the US$200 Phillips Fidelio Android docking station landed in the Gearburn offices my interest was very much piqued. Admittedly most of those docking speaker I was so jealous of were originally intended for iPods. Still, the fact that someone could just plug their iPhone (a top-of-the-line one is more than capable of handling all but the ...


Cloud Atlas trailer will leave you breathless [Video]

Watch this. It's the trailer to what may well be the most ambitious film ever made. Cloud Atlas is based on David Mitchell's 2004 novel of the same name. It consists of six nested stories that take you from the remote South Pacific in the nineteenth century to a distant, post-apocalyptic future. The official synopsis for the film meanwhile calls it "an epic story of humankind in which the actions and consequences of our lives impact one another throughout the past, ...


Is it really game over for Zynga?

Wow. This is kind of harsh. Social game maker Zynga's share price dropped 40% after reporting a dismal second quarter. The company, which had a roller coaster stock debut managed a net loss of US$22.8-million for the second quarter of 2012 compared to net income of US$1.4-million for the second quarter of 2011. While revenue was US$332.5 million for the second quarter of 2012, an increase of 19% compared to the second quarter of 2011, it was lower than analysts were ...

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Advertising to drive social’s $16.9bn in revenue for 2012

social media text Think General Motors', now reversed, decision to pull its Facebook advertising had the industry rattled? Think again. Social media is set to bring in US$16.9-billion in 2012, over half of which will come from advertising. According to tech research company Gartner social revenue is up 43.1% from 2011 and advertising projected to contribute US$8.8-billion worth of that. Social gaming is the other big winner. Revenue from the medium more than doubled between 2010 and 2011 and is expected ...

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Athlete banned from the Olympics after racist tweet

Voula Papachristou A triple jump athlete from Greece will no longer be taking part in the Olympics after she expressed racist views on her personal Twitter account ahead of this year's Games. Voula Papachristou was due to leave for London shortly, but a "joke" she tweeted earlier today lead to the Hellenic Olympic Committee cancelling her trip. She has deleted the original message, but according to an English translation from Keep Talking Greece, the athlete tweeted: "With so many Africans in Greece… ...

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Mobile in South Africa: more data usage, fewer voice calls and lots of BlackBerrys

BlackBerry Goodbye, voice calls, hello WhatsApp. Ok, so maybe we're not quite there yet, but the latest research confirms that it's definitely a trend to watch: data is becoming responsible for a larger portion of peoples' cellphone bills, as smartphone adoption rates continue to climb. World Wide Worx has just released the results of its latest Mobility study. Managing director Arthur Goldstuck tweeted the highlights, if you're more of a 140-characters-only-please sort of person. Their latest study of South African cellphone ...


Watch post-it note Mario take on other 80s icons [Video]

If you've ever wondered what your office stationery gets up to when you leave the office, the answer is probably a resounding nothing. In the mind of one geeky video maker however, it comes to life and Mario-style magic happens. The stop-motion video shows a post-it note Mario conquering the office, evading fellow 80s game legend Pacman and the Tetris bricks. The man behind the video is FinalCutKing, who also once made a little video about Jedi kittens that ...

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Smartphones set to change mobile banking for good

mobile money The way we do banking on our mobile phones is changing rapidly, very rapidly. While most cellphone banking in emerging markets like South Africa is still conducted via text messages, people are increasingly also using phone browsers for their banking. In fact, the latest survey results from tech research company World Wide Worx suggest that more than a third of South Africans now use their browsers for mobile banking. That said, only five percent of cellphone bankers exclusively use phone ...

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Online insanity: will the web leave us all in straight-jackets?

striaghtjackets We all jokingly confess our own internet-addiction sins: how we always find ourselves lost in a black hole of Lolcats the night before a big deadline, how we send off 20 emails before we get out of bed, how we only know what’s going on in our partner’s life by following their Twitter feed. But more and more research is mounting up to suggest that it isn’t a joke at all, and that our internet dependences actually might be making ...


10 must-follow rules for getting people to engage with your brand on Facebook

Social Media It has been widely established that the success of a Facebook Page is not its size, but rather the amount of people engaging with it. This is indicated by the amount of people “talking about this”. The reason why you want a higher percentage of people “talking about this” is to ensure that the brand’s content remains in peoples’ newsfeeds. That is why a high number of “likes” means much less. If only a very small percentage of fans ...






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