Google set to fight violent extremism online

Google wants to tackle extremism, not with a full-scale invasion of a conveniently oil-rich country, but with an online network. The network, called Against Violent Extremism (AVE), is the brainchild of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) with support from the internet giant’s think/do tank Google Ideas, the Gen Next Foundation and other partners. According to Google, AVE brings together “former extremists, survivors, non-profits and private sector leaders from around the world” with the aim of tackling “the ...


Can you use BBM to fight pollution? One community thinks so

BlackBerry’s native messaging service BBM hasn’t always had good press. It’s been blamed for inciting riots, and a number of governments have sought to control it. But how effective is it when it gets used for good? The answer, apparently, is very as one South African community found out for itself. The residents decided to harness BBM in their fight against the pollution of a man-made lake. When the lake began giving off a foul smell, the suburb’s Residents and ...


Lou Ferrigno says gaming is sexy [Video]

Readers of our sister site Gearburn might recall an infographic detailing how many gamers were dating other gamers. But what if you wanted to make the information from it better, what would you do? Add Ferrigno. Lou Ferrigno, that is. The former Incredible Hulk star straps a pug to his chest and feeds a deer in this video explaining why online gaming is now sexy. Ferrigno cautions, however, games like World of Warcraft “may be a more effective medium for ...


Transform an iPad into a MacBook Air with ‘Brydge’

According to rumours, the MacBook Air will phase in as the MacBook Pro is effectively killed off. There’s no better time then for an iPad which morphs into a MacBook Air, care of this dazzlingly innovative project named "The Brydge". The description on sounds promising. Read more on

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Linked Content Coalition — The answer to online copyright law woes?

Copyright SOPA/PIPA/CISPA/ACTA. Intellectual property (IP) and copyright laws are hot right now, but none of the proposed laws are sticking. Why? What should be exercises in altruism usually provoke incendiary public outcry as these laws either threaten the fundamental tenets of the internet that made it what it is today, or reveal underlying motivations rooted in greed. Legacy IP and copyright laws awkwardly extrapolate to the Information Age. The power has shifted. No longer do traditional media companies have the final ...

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Ad Dynamo goes on a Brazilian adventure

brazil There are a good few people who think that the next big thing in tech could come from Latin America. It makes sense that foreign companies would want to invest there too. The latest to do so is Ad Dynamo, an online and mobile advertising marketplace with a global presence. The company today officially announced its entry into the Brazilian market, with CEO Sean Riley saying the country represents "an enormous growth market in both online and mobile advertising". Ad ...


Premium WordPress theme developer WooThemes hacked

WooThemes is a bona fide South African startup success story. The premium WordPress theme developer was already raking in over US$2 million in sales in 2010. The latest news from WooThemes is less rosy. Adriaan “Adii” Pienaar, WooThemes co-founder released a statement today, confirming that WooThemes were the target of a recent “very malicious & severe hack, which has been the reason for being offline for this time.” Pienaar notes that despite possible data loss related to recent user accounts, ...

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‘Lessons worth sharing’: TED’s super cool educational videos

ted ed website Have you ever sat in a classroom and listened to a fantastic lesson that piqued your curiosity, and wished you could share the experience with other students that may not be as lucky as you? Or, conversely, have you sat in a really boring class and thought that physics would be a lot more interesting if your teacher was that guy from Mythbusters? TED may have found the answer. The global non-profit organisation recently took another step into the world of ...

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Brandcast: Google’s bid to help brands target YouTube audiences

YouTube Brandcast YouTube has stealthy launched Brandcast, a new site that gives brands insight on the best ways to reach their audience through the video sharing platform. The launch comes on the heels of Google's announcement of an ad sponsorship model for brands which will help them target their audience through specific packages. These packages will relate to original content shared on YouTube. Google seems to be working hard to make it easier for brands to find the right fit for them on ...

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Women in tech: Leading the geek world one stiletto at a time

Women in tech It seems no matter how much society evolves, women are always left just that little bit behind. No, this is not an article about gender equality -- this is a tech site for crying out loud. As Google's Marissa Mayer recently wrote about IBM CEO Virginia Rometty for her inclusion in TIME magazine's 100 most influential people of 2012, "women in the workplace and women in technology will be key drivers of global competitiveness and innovation in the future." Interestingly, ...






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