StumbleUpon joins the Facebook Timeline party

Web users the world over love StumbleUpon as a procrastination tool. Now the social discovery engine has become the latest big name to launch a Facebook Timeline app. In an official blog post, the company says it hopes to bring "the things in life you're most passionate life" with the app. Stumbleupon claims its app is like a number of other Timeline apps in as much as it groups your activity "in a more streamlined format". Rather than ...

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Nando’s wishes Jacob Zuma a happy 70th in typical style

Happy-Birthday-Mr-president[12] He shares initials with a famous rapper, loves to dance, and always seems to have forgotten where he put his machine gun. Yup, it’s South African president Jacob Zuma and he turns 70 today. Fast-food chain Nando’s decided to celebrate the occasion with one of its trademark ads. The ad makes light of Zuma’s efforts to keep the ANC Youth League under the control of the party as well as his numerous wives and children. Full Size Come to think of ...


CNN’s Anderson Cooper giggles over Pussy Willow beating [Video]

Remember when Anderson Cooper started giggling on live television during is his RidicuList segment? It's happened again. Cooper seems to be suffering from a giggle fit here while doing a report on the Polish-American end-of-Lent holiday known as Dyngus Day -- yep apparently that's a real thing. Cooper's fit begins when a reporter mentions that it is traditional on Dyngus day for women to hit men with Pussy Willows. Seriously? I can't say I blame him for laughing, really Pussy Willows? ...


5 Reasons Facebook Timeline’s time is limited

facebook banner By now, most Facebook users have made the transition to the new Timeline profile page, and it’s only inevitable that the resistant few will be forced to follow, as Facebook make the changes permanent in the next week or so. The change has been advertised as a way in which to “rediscover the things you shared”, but more importantly, as a way to map personal milestones that occurred in the days pre-social media. As with all Facebook updates, user response ...

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Are the BRICS building legal barriers to social media?

map-emergingmarkets2005 Are emerging market countries, notably the BRICS, clamping down on internet freedoms? Google's Chief Internet Evangelist Vincent Cerf warned last year of an "authoritarian" trend particularly among certain emerging market countries. We know about China. Western social networks are often blocked by a series of filters colloquially called the Great Firewall of China. Authorities in the Asian superpower are also clamping down on native social networks such as the incredibly popular microblogging site Sina Weibo. Most recently, China ...


4 Lessons from the PSFK Conference on creativity, business and technology

It took some time to digest the insight given out by speakers at the recent PSFK Conference in New York, but the information imparted was well worth the tech time-out. 1. It is possible to have deeper and longer-lasting ways for people to tell stories about their lives Even as we hurtle towards this over-load of information that seems to be disposable and created by someone else, Jonathan Harris believes we have an opportunity to create something more tangible. He’s behind the ...

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Digital publishing conduit Snapplify launches Android platform

If you haven’t heard of Snapplify, it’s a solution that enables publishers, authors and content providers to convert their books, magazines and brochures into digital publications. If the concept sounds compelling to you and you happen to be in London between 16 and 18 April this year, Snapplify will be on hand at the London Book Fair to launch its new Android platform. Its iOS version currently supports publishers such as iMaverick, Random House Struik, New Holland Publishing and Fiell ...

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Why every business should become a digital media producer

News Image The Guardian newspaper’s plans to offer courses in digital media production is an important development and one that should be followed by newspapers around the world. It would provide much-needed revenues to many struggling media businesses. I've written many times that the future of journalism is in helping communities, which includes businesses, to tell their stories. Media literacy is important but that’s just one side of the coin: knowing how to produce and publish digital media is just as important, maybe ...


Facebook post lands KFC in hot water

Wow. Giant fast food chains just can’t seem to get social media right. First McDonald's had its nightmare badtag run and now KFC is in hot water over post it put up on its Thai Facebook page. As tsunami warnings were issued to countries around the Indian Ocean yesterday the fried chicken giant told Thai citizens to evacuate to their homes, but to order a bucket of chicken on the way. Classy. According to the Associated Press, the post said: ...


Google angers developer with Google+ redesign

Every found yourself asking: "Why is Google trying to be so evil to the developer community?" You are not alone. Following the search giant's recent unveiling of the new Google+, a Google Plus developer has come forward with a rather ranty blog post on how Google broke all his "apps and extensions". The developer in question, Mohamed Mansour, posted extensive details of his issues under the title "Thank you Google for breaking all my apps and extensions without warning!" on ...






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