10 of the funniest tweets around Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo! appointment

Today is Marissa Mayer's first day on the job as Yahoo! CEO. Taking the wheel of an apparently sinking ship isn't going to be an easy task, however upbeat Mayer herself might be about the decision. Of course going from "employee number 20" at one of the biggest tech companies on earth to heading up a company whose shares have gone into free fall, declining more than 40% in the last five years, was bound to draw reaction from Twitter. In ...


Microsoft Office 2013 installed, previewed, loved

After what seemed like ages installing Office 2013 I was good to go. A word of advice to anyone ready to try out this new version of Office, don’t listen to what the dialog boxes are telling you. Anyway, when it was finally installed I gave it a whirl. As a person who practically lives in Office I was interested in how this new version of Microsoft's productivity suite would affect my everyday life. As I type this article on Word ...

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Marissa Mayer to take Yahoo! top spot

682px-Marissa_Mayer This is big. Google exec Marissa Mayer is set to take the top seat at Yahoo! According to the New York Times Google employee number 20 announced her resignation via phone earlier today. Interestingly Mayer, who has been at Google for 13 years and was its first female engineer, said the decision was a relatively easy one. Mayer seems intent on taking the ailing Yahoo! back to its glory days, when “people didn’t understand the difference between Yahoo! and the ...

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Microsoft Office 2013 launches, head firmly in the cloud

New Office The all new version of Microsoft Office is here. Sort of. The Redmond-based tech giant today released a customer preview for the latest iteration of its wildly popular productivity suite, Office 2013. The familiar names -- Word, PowerPoint, Excel-- are all there but everything has distinct taste of "cloud" about it. In Outlook, for instance, you can view multiple email accounts, Facebook updates, and LinkedIn. You can also get ongoing updates on specific documents, sites and people delivered to ...

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Online job trends: your next job should be in mobile, not SEO

Job Search Thinking about a career change? Well, you should probably think more about mobile, and less about Facebook and SEO. According to the latest online jobs trends report by, the number of jobs for iOS and Android developers is continuing to grow, but jobs relating to the world's biggest social network declined 14% from April to June. In the wake of more updates to Google Panda, SEO jobs took a seven percent hit as Google made life more difficult for ...


80% of Chinese households could have smartphones by 2017

China is well on its way to becoming a global smartphone superpower. It already accounts for 22% of global smartphone shipments and by 2017, the vast majority of households will have at least one smartphone. According to mobile research company research2guidance, a rising middle class and the falling price of tech hardware means that 80% of Chinese families will be able to afford at least one low-end smartphone within the next five years. The company reckons that the average Chinese ...


New FNB app feature set to bring timeline love to your expenses

This is interesting. Those notification SMSes you get when from your bank whenever money leaves or enters your account could soon be a thing of the past. South African banking giant FNB says that it's looking at converting the notifications into push messages that will appear on its smartphone and tablet app. The move could potentially save the bank millions of Rand a year in SMS fees. At this point however, there are no promises that the new service will ...

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Preparing for the worst: can someone please back up the internet?

internet cables I have a t-shirt created by Dinosaur Comics. It's a nerdy shirt with way too much text on it, but its premise is pretty cool: what would happen if you travelled back in time and you had all of the information to create the technology of today way back in the past? Of course, take the credit! Actually, when I bought this shirt, a friend and I had been discussing what we would be able to do during a technological ...


Why we shouldn’t blame Wall Street for tech’s poor IPO run

Facebook IPO I recently saw a TV interview with Elevation Partners founder Roger McNamee. In it, he lays the blame for Facebook's IPO drama. I think that's a load of crock. McNamee's claims of a corrupted process for the Facebook IPO, involving NASDAQ and Wall Street firms, seems too perfect an explanation for the flop. The real reason the Facebook IPO failed is much simpler: the "smart money" couldn't convince the "dumb" money to buy. Here's what happened: In every IPO, the ...


Is Microsoft announcing the new version of Office today?

microsoft xbox nokia windows 8 Sneaky. Microsoft has decided to attempt to recreate the pervasive air of suspense that hung around the Surface launch by sending out invites to a special event without clarifying exactly what it's about. So in a few hours (21:00 CAT), Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (yes, the man who basically declared war on Apple) is expected to take to the stage in San Francisco to announce the new Office Suite. It may be called Office 15 or Office 2013 -- it's ...






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