5 Tips from Clay Shirky on creativity and innovation

innovation Clay Shirky -- the writer, teacher, and consultant on all things online -- recently told an audience of innovators, tech enthusiasts and creative minds what they’d least been expecting to hear. There are no rules for creativity. The event, organised by innovation news site PSFK is designed to inspire and impart knowledge from those who've taken risks and succeeded, with experience and insight to share. Shirky's talk underlined a point that had been illustrated by those who took part in ...

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Spaaza: The glue that brings together online and offline shopping

Spaaza Facebook app eCommerce changed everything, but beyond the convenience, choice and financial savings yielded by armchair shopping, there’s an armada of disgruntled brick and mortar businesses who find it hard to compete. Why? In the US, big online retailers such as Amazon are exempt from collecting sales tax from online shoppers in the majority of states. A 1992 US Supreme Court ruling states that online retailers don’t have to collect sales taxes in states where they lack a physical presence. The pressure is ...


What tech businesses need to survive in a time of flux

Flux The theme of the 2012 Skoll World Forum is "Flux: seizing momentum, driving change", which I think is a fantastic one. We’ve never had such upheaval in the way businesses work, in how citizens interact with government, or in how information flows in the world. It’s about change, and survival in a time of flux is best done through agility and creativity. "As an operating paradigm, it expresses the fluid nature of relationships, policies, institutions and human beings which are ever-changing ...

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The Goldilocks effect: Connected, but alone? [TED Video]

The more connected we become the more likely we are to feel alone. This is what psychologist Sherry Turkle believes is happening to us in our new connected lives. Turkle is a TED fellow who graced the cover of Wired Magazine in 1996 as one of the first authors to take a serious look at how people engage online. In her latest book, Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other, Turkle argues that ...


Facebook rolls out support for Indian languages on feature phone app

Facebook has added support for Hindi on its feature phone app, with plans to roll out support for seven more in the coming weeks. The languages include Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali and Marathi. The social networking giant has also added support for Vietnamese and Malay to the app. The move is widely seen as a bid by Facebook to make deeper inroads into India’s 1.2-billion strong population. According social stats site Social Bakers, India is already has the ...


Facebook takes power saving social

Facebook is looking to make going green, social. The social networking giant announced a new social energy app that allows people to track their home electricity use. According to Facebook the app will initially reach around 20-million households in the US. It claims that the app “allows people to quickly and easily start benchmarking their home's energy use against similar homes”. The app also reportedly allows people to “compare their energy use with friends, enter energy-saving competitions and share tips ...


6 Things people do when they interact with a brand’s Facebook Timeline

Facebook Pages When Facebook rolled out Timeline for brands it was a pretty big deal. Some companies went all out, including their entire history, others went for spectacular cover images. A few weeks on, how have ordinary users reacted to the change? As it turns out, most people don’t really notice how snazzy your cover image looks, they really like a current timeline and are more likely to interact with your brand if one of their friends does too. Those are some of the ...

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Discover the streets of New York with Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2

Pleasure hunt After last year's success, Magnum has returned with another pleasure hunt. This time instead of hopping about the internet Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2 takes you across the Globe. The high-paced, interactive game follows the same young woman as she runs through the world’s hot spots in a bid to seek out the "ultimate pleasure -- new Magnum Infinity". Last year's hunt across the internet reportedly attracted over than 7-million players worldwide who spent an average of five minutes in pursuit of ...


Meet the billboard that grows a beard with Facebook likes

Bronx Billboard Hey guys, what’s better than growing a beard? Growing one digitally, of course. But how would one go about doing that? Enter the world’s first fully interactive growing billboard. The billboard appears on the corner of two streets in central Cape Town and is presented by Bronx, “makers of the world’s manliest shoes”. It features a stubbled, but otherwise respectable-looking, man gazing piercingly out into world. Here’s the deal, every time anyone likes Bronx’s Facebook page the man’s beard will ...


Touch the rainbow: Skittles digital Easter Egg hunt

Skittles is in full Easter spirit with its "Touch The Untouchable" campaign. The campaign consists of five online videos asking people to touch their computer screens and wait for a surprise, which feature a baby werewolf, a zombie tennis player and a Cyclops doctor. The confectionery, currently produced and marketed by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, a division of Mars, Inc. seems to want revive the success of its 2011 touch campaign. The Easter portion of the campaign features five digital ...






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