More than Angry Birds: Rovio launches Amazing Alex

amazing alex Angry Birds made Rovio. The game, downloaded over a billion times, made it a household name. Now the Finnish game maker has launched what it hopes will be the next big thing in mobile gaming: Amazing Alex. The game, which is available to iOS and Android users takes gamers though 100 levels and requires them to use 35 interactive objects. Sound familiar? That's because it follows more or less the same well-worn formula that made Angry Birds such a wild success. ...

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Tweet your support for student race team, power a Scalextric replica car

Twitter Racetrack This is cool. It's a Scalextric model of British racing circuit Silverstone and you can move cars along it using just the power of a tweet. The initiative is support of Cape Speed, a student team from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), who will be competing in the Formula Student cup. The cup is Europe’s most established educational motorsport competition, and will see the team pit their formula built car against 110 teams from around the world. By sending ...

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Things you might not know about cellphones in Africa [Video]

Praekelt Foundation mobile stats It's no secret that mobile is the medium for Africa -- millions use mobile-only social networks, young cellphone users are driving the growth of Twitter on the continent and mobile payment systems are major ecommerce players. Wondering why? It may have something to do with the fact that mobile penetration in Africa is currently around 65%, it's the second biggest mobile market in the world and smartphones are outselling traditional computers four to one. The Praekelt Foundation, a South African-based ...

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Want your mobile platform to win? Prepare for war [Infographic]

If you want to win the mobile platform game, prepare for all out war. Android and iOS are very much at the top of the pile right now, but they weren't always. Chances are they won't stay on top forever either. There will be casualties too. Just ask the people who helped develop BlackBerry OS, Symbian, or even Web OS. All of them had their time in the sun and all of them know just how quickly a platform can ...


Mobile money in emerging markets: is the operator-led model broken?

mobile money The runaway success of early operator mobile money products in East Africa held out a future for mobile network operators (MNOs) eager to generate new revenue streams, beyond voice and data by boldly grabbing the public mind and private purses of previously low and UN-banked emerging market society. These services have become a much-referenced ‘gold standard’ of not only what mobile technology and financial services can achieve in emerging markets. Four years on, with over 200 mobile operator mobile money services ...

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Facebook: a shrine for the digital age

Facebook ipad About two years ago a friend of mine died. He was a kind, genial and fun-loving man, and his death at a too young age came as a shock to his vast circle of friends and family. I remember the first time I accidentally came across his Facebook profile after his death: his profile photo was still the same, and for a moment it felt like he was still alive. His wall was being used by many of his friends ...


RunwaySale: selling high-end fashion in a flash

RunwaySale Recently launched RunwaySale is a new and exciting flash-sale website that brings high-end designer labels to the consumer at hugely discounted prices -- all at the click of a button. Although this concept is already entrenched in the minds of European, American and Australian fashionistas, the idea is relatively new to the South African market and RunwaySale has hit the ground running, taking the South African public by well-dressed storm. We spoke to Elmien Smit and Karl Hammerschmidt about some of the ...


See if you can spot any secret projects in Apple’s latest corporate video

Recruitment videos tend to make me think of Veridian Dynamics from the short-lived comedy Better Off Ted. But when Apple does one, we tend to sit up and take note. The latest one is pretty special because it gives us a rare glimpse into the company's Cupertino headquarters. Most of the video is the standard corporate fare about how dedicated the company is to incredible design and how you don't get to work there unless you're pretty special. What has ...


The age of networked intelligence and peril unrequited [Video]

The technological revolution has propelled us into an open world with powerful tools available to empower us. Futurist Don Tapscott, speaking at a TEDGlobal event explores how recent generations have been "bathed in connecting technology from birth". He believes that this has resulted in a world that is transforming into a far more open and transparent place. Yesterday's internet was a platform for the presentation of content. The internet of today is a platform for computation. The internet is becoming ...

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New iOS, Android versions of Twitter get expanded tweets

twitter expanded view If you're rocking an iPhone or a smartphone running Android, you might notice something a little different about Twitter after your next update. The 140-character-or-less social network has rolled out a series of changes in the latest versions of its smartphone apps, including expanded tweets. Anyone using the web version of Twitter will be familiar with the fact that you can expand tweets, allowing you to view videos and photos, or get previews from selected sites. According to Twitter you ...






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