Kickstarter darling Pebble announces RunKeeper as first app partner

The Pebble smartwatch set all kinds of records during its run on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Now the company is getting down to the business of business. The company today announced its first official app partner: Runkeeper, a fitness tracking app that incorporates elements of social. RunKeeper’s in-activity fitness data will be shown on Pebble’s E-Paper display, which the company says works as well in direct sunlight as it does indoors. Runners, cyclists, hikers, walkers and skiers will be able to use Pebble to ...


Man gets charged twice for iTunes song, sues Apple for $5M

In what some might say is a slight overreaction, a man in the US is taking Apple to court for US$5-million after it charged him twice for a song on iTunes. The class action suit alleges that Apple "double bills" for purchases made on iTunes with "troubling regularity". Robert Herskowitz filed the suit after buying an Adam Lambert Song from iTunes for US$1.29 before being charged again. After he lodged a complaint, Apple reportedly sent Herskowitz the following response: Your request for ...


Mobile porn subscriptions to be worth $1bn by 2015

As the cast of the musical Avenue Q once sang, “the internet is for porn”. Given that we increasingly use smartphones and tablets online, it’s hardly surprising that mobile adult content revenues are expected to hit US$11-billion by 2015. Yup, that’s right. Our mobile gadgets are set to become just as dirty as our desktop computers. According to tech research company Juniper Research, the massive growth in adult content will largely be down to more people buying smartphones and tablets. ...


Why the new iPad might not be the tablet that saves journalism

Asus Transformer Prime TF 101 “Sorry, it is not available,” the shop assistant told me. Ordering online wasn't a possibility either; the ASUS Transformer was nowhere to be found. My rooted, white Pandigital tablet was too clumsy and slow for the job of mobile reporting and reading. I needed a real, powerful tablet. After quite some time, I decided to change my church -- if there was no open source Android tablet, then I would take the new iPad. I had almost bought one, when ...

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Does Denny’s have the ultimate recipe for online marketing success?

1000px-Denny's_logo.svg copy Denny’s is America’s breakfast diner of choice. But it also seems to have got the recipe right (excuse the pun) when it comes to serving up (I can’t stop!) excellent online content that gets its audience’s mouths watering and coming back for more! But what exactly has it done and are there some real world lessons for the rest of us? Denny’s was going through a bit of a revenue slump a few years back until it hired Frances Allen as ...


4 awesome sports games for iOS

pool Sports games have always been a firm favorite of mine over the years. From the days of NBA Jam on the SEGA Mega Drive ("Boom-shakalaka!") I've always felt that sporting titles are a must in any gamer's collection. Since the introduction of smartphones and tablets, many of the larger sports gaming titles have inevitably made their way on over to the newer touch screen devices and have just as much success as their console-based cousins. Below are just four of ...

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Twitter updates Discover tab, makes trending topics more relevant

twitter discover Another day, another Twitter update. Twitter released a new version of the'Discover' tab on its website, which will display topics, news and trends that are more relevant to your interests. Previously, the Discover tab displayed suggestions of who to follow, trending topics and categories of interest. Now, the update does all of that, but also gives greater prominence to the social aspects of trending topics - so, if a few of the accounts you follow (and the users they follow) ...


Google to host VC hangouts on Google+

Google is reportedly planning to organise a series of Google+ hangouts with top Silicon Valley VCs. The programme, called VC Office Hours was officially announced today. According to the people behind it, VC Office Hours is “an experiment that will use the power of Google+ Hangouts on Air to bring together prominent Tech VCs and entrepreneurs”. Google's vice president of product, Google Apps Bradley Horowitz says the programme already has a number of prominent Silicon Valley VCs lined up, including John Lilly of ...


Samsung, Apple take the lead in smartphone wars

The war between Apple and Samsung has seen the two tech giants battle it out in court and in the advertising arena. The prize at stake? Smartphone dominance. The two are already the biggest players in the field, with tech research company Juniper Research estimating that nearly 60% of the 139 million smartphones shipped worldwide carried either the Apple (35.1-million) or Samsung (46.9-million) brand. That’s a fairly substantial increase from the 46% that did so in the last three months ...

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Can RIM strike it lucky with BlackBerry 10?

Blackberry2 (650 x 430) BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) is not in the best of health at the moment. Its latest hope for a miracle cure comes in the shape of the BlackBerry 10 platform, which it launched today at BlackBerry World in Orlando Florida. The company claims that developers and top brands are already on board with the new platform, although it's clearly hoping to woo more in. Any developer that attends the company's BlackBerry 10 Jam will be given a BlackBerry ...






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