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Endangered fish causes a stink on Facebook

Fruit 'n Veg fish A fresh food retailer caught selling an endangered fish species has Facebook users' emotions running high. Facebook user Cameron Johnson posted a photo of a large fish in one of South African retailer Fruit & Veg City's stores. Johnson claims that the fish in the photo is a Garrick, which is on the South Africa Sustainable Seafood Initiative's (SASSI)'s "No Sale" list. The list separates fish into three lists: Green -- which is sustainable, Orange -- which includes species that are ...


RIM vs. Nokia: The fall from grace, divergent strategies and the future

Nokia In the wake of Nokia’s announcement of an additional 10 000 layoffs, the media has devolved into histrionics. Some are writing eulogies, while others are citing the announcement as a harbinger for the "end of the European dream," referring to Nokia’s reported fall from grace as Europe’s strongest mobile phone competitor. There’s no denying things are dire for Nokia. As it stands today, the total number of layoffs since Stephen Elop took over as CEO in September of 2010 stands ...

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All hail your new digital overlord: Joe Fernandez of Klout [LeWeb]

You would expect the person that wants to rank everyone on the internet by their popularity to be a total douche bag. For all the crap that Klout and it's CEO, Joe Fernandez, get, he's actually a surprisingly mellow guy. Klout wants to rank everyone by how influential they are. If you are a normal person then Klout seems like the stupidest thing in the world. On the other hand, if you're at involved in marketing (which, let's face it, ...

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Why it might not be time to jump on the HTML5 bandwagon just yet

html_5_wallpaper_for_ipad_by_bqra-d382pll copy In April 2010, Steve Jobs published an open letter on Flash on Apple’s official website that he called “Thoughts on Flash”. In it he openly explained why the Cupertino giant had refused to use Flash player on its mobile devices. The Flash vs. HTML5 debate had long been on the lips of developers across the world by then, and this letter fuelled the fire even further. Two years on we’re still reading about the demise of Flash and the rise ...

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7 reasons why Microsoft’s tablet announcement shows that it’s cool again

surface_01 You've got to hand it to whoever handles Microsoft's marketing, they sure know how to drum up hype. The tech press hadn't been this excited for an announcement since, well, the last Apple launch. Wait, does that mean we actually expect Microsoft to be cool again? Totally. In fact, we think its big tablet reveal shows that the Redmond-based giant is getting its groove back and (dare we say it?) becoming cool. Here's why. 1. Venue A photography and film studio ...


Nokia treats us to more ‘Dark Knight Rises’ magic [Video]

Are you getting frustrated waiting for the Dark Knight Rises to finally come out? Well here's a little more trailer action to tide you over. The trailer comes off Nokia's official YouTube channel and is packed full of insane action. Why, you might justifiably ask, does an embattled phone manufacturer get first dibs on the new trailer for a film as big as this? Well it's largely down to the exclusive Batman themed Lumia 900 partnership Nokia has going with ...


How multi-tasking online is messing with your brain [Infographic]

Ever feel like you're stretched too thin, flitting between fifteen different tabs in your browser and a few apps on your tablet all while scrolling through your Facebook notifications on your smartphone? Have you started wondering why you can't concentrate on just one thing any more, and feel the need to tweet when you're watching TV? Turns out you're not alone. In a hyper-connected world where messages are sent and received in real time, it's not surprising that you've got a ...


Is Windows Surface ready to take a bite out of Apple?

After a long wait of Microsoft "keeping it secret and keeping it safe", it has been revealed. A tablet named Surface. "It's hardware and software pushing each other" said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the press event in downtown LA. And now for the specs: It's 9.3mm thin and 576 gram light. There's a USB 2.0 port. The VaporMag case is "full magnesium". Users will be able to access Windows apps, like Xbox Live and Microsoft Office. The display is ...

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Check out Microsoft’s Surface event in its full glory [Video]

Look there's no disguising the fact that we think Microsoft's range of Surface tablets is pretty damn cool. We sure as hell can't wait to play with one. There's a chance that some of that's post-event hype though. So just to make sure we'll be watching the whole Keynote again. And thanks to the marvels of YouTube, you can too. Just don't go expecting any hard-and-fast details on pricing. We'll only find that in September or October when the device ...


New Apple ad reminds everyone about iPad amid Microsoft hype

Unless you were hiding under a rock somewhere, you know that Microsoft launched its Surface range of tablets last night. Apparently Apple thought it best to remind us about the new iPad on the same day. The Cupertino-based tech giant released a video explaining how its Retina Display rocking device allows you to "do it all more beautifully". The video ditches the celebrity endorsement style of the most recent iPhone 4S adverts and goes back to the more usual "show ...






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