Tablet users expect a faster web

Some people think the tablet is killing the PC. Others aren’t so sure. There’s no denying they’re popular either -- the opening sales figures of the latest iPad attest to that. But how much grunt do people expect to get out of their tablets? One good indicator is web loading times. Browsing is, after all, one of the things the tablet is supposed to be perfect for. According to online research company eMarketer, citing a worldwide survey by Equation Research, ...


There is hope for Africa’s internet progress

Broadband connectivity in Africa is set to help boost the continent's economy over the next decade. The road to better economy is, however, far from completed. Aidan Baigrie, Head of Business Development at SEACOM, reckons that broadband is to the 21st century what railways were to the last century -- the engine of social and economic progress that forges economic links between countries and supercharges trade and transactions. According to a World Bank study there has been a 1.3% increase in GDP ...


#HalfArsed-a chef: The tomato dance from hell

Apparently parody is still the best form of flattery when it comes to the web. Another tantalising, or not -- you be the judge -- episode of HalfArsed-a Chef has graced the YouTube populace. The web series claims to highlight the "essence" of South African cooking by asking contestants to create things out of old favourites like Boerewors (a spicy sausage), and make gumboot dance puree. In this week's episode, the 13 South African hopefuls participate in what is supposed ...


HCL launches two great new budget tablets, starts at US$160

Budget tablets are a dime a dozen these days, but it’s interesting to watch companies push them into new market segments. With the rise of the iPad it seems that tablets will soon be commonplace in the classroom. HCL agrees. The Indian company announced two new low cost tablets –- the HCL ME U1 and the HCL MyEdu Tab. While the MyEdu Tab is aimed squarely at India’s classrooms, the ME U1 displays a good low-end price and feature mix, making it ...


Nokia takes a swing at competitors with new ad campaign [Videos]

Wow. Talk about swinging with your back to the ropes. Nokia just got dirty in the latest ad campaign for its Lumia 900. The ads are supposed to be a series of insider recordings about smartphones available on the market today. Apple’s notorious antennagate comes up gets a dressing down with one insider telling another to “Stop acting like a spoiled child and use the approved grip”. How very droll of Nokia to mock a product from 2010. In fact, the Finnish communications ...


RIM to open first African development centre in Egypt

BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) is set to open its first developer centre on the continent. According to daily news site Ahram Online, the centre will be based in Smart Village -- a dedicated business and tech park -- just outside Cairo and will hire Egyptian software engineers. RIM says it was drawn to Egypt because of the role technology played in organising protests during the country's 2011 revolution. According to RIM’s North Africa head Ben Quirin, the company ...


Is tweeting profitable?

tweet The Next Web reportedly recently paid Paris Hilton US$3 000 for a sponsored tweet and while sponsored tweets are nothing new, we've got to wonder how profitable Twitter is both for itself and its users. Barack Obama has often used Twitter to broadcast his feelings on certain topics like tax (#40dollars) and the debt-ceiling (#Compromise) and, as a result, has also used it to drum up support for his re-election in 2012 -- so it clearly has a role to ...

Advertising & Marketing

How one court decision could change email forever

Law A few weeks ago, the Californian court made a new ruling about email sender identification that now has people everywhere scratching their heads on how to modify their campaigns to stay out of the legal fire. This new law is all about discouraging the sending of promotional emails that contain false or misrepresenting header information. It mainly demands that commercial email advertisements (in other words, email sent specifically to sell a product or advertise a service) must include a domain name ...

Africa, Innovation

What kind of disruption does Africa’s tech scene really need?

Africa What is it really to disrupt, or what is a disruptive innovation? And to put it in the African context, what does ‘disruption’ mean for the continent and what are the opportunities to disrupt? A dictionary definition of the term ‘disrupt‘ is: to throw into turmoil or disorder to interrupt the progress of (a movement, meeting, etc.) to break or split (something) apart Disruptive innovation is NOT making a good product better Clayton Christensen, the Harvard Business School professor who coined the term and came up ...


April Fools’ roundup: Google’s got big dreams

Conan O'Brien The jokes are over for another year. April Fool’s Day has passed and you can go back to enjoying your favourite news sources in peace (that is, unless they get taken in by another hoax). Some big names took part in this year's April Fools' party and even though we didn't (or maybe we did and you didn't notice because it was that good), we found quite a few of the hoaxes quite fun. So here is our round-up of our ...






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