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SEO jobs to ‘suffer’ but mobile, open source jobs to fly

iStock_000017236140Small If you're in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) game, you may need to think about a career change. A recent report from Freelancer.com suggests that SEO jobs in the future will "suffer". Why? Well, says Freelancer.com, Google has "intensified its fight against low quality content". SEO is the practice of ensuring that a site occupies the highest position possible in Google, effectively the largest gateway to the quality web. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this but it does mean that if ...

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Google Drive is out, but where is your privacy and ownership?

Google Drive "Ok so the new Google Drive is out, but what about ownership of your files and the privacy that comes with it?" This was my first reaction when I heard about the launch. I have a great understanding of Google and I am sure there is more to the purpose behind this new product than meets the eye. Microsoft SkyDrive and Dropbox are the two largest online storage services today, and yes Google took its time to join. As Google already ...

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Nando’s delivers final word in ad battle with Santam

nandos-logo-with-barci copy The advertising battle between Nando's and Santam has been one of the more entertaining ones in recent history. And just when you thought it was over the fast food chain decided to deliver one final salvo. After Nando's ripped off an ad from the insurance company which illustrated how easy it was to miss the details, Santam fired back with a challenge: Nando's was to drop off a very specific order of food at a children's home. As we reported ...

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5 ways to use Pinterest for recruiting great talent

pinterest logo Many companies are often looking for ways to recruit new talent. But finding the right person to not only suit the position, but suit the company and its corporate culture can prove to be trickier than you would imagine. As an employee, a company might look fabulous in the interview process but do you know what working for that business is really like? Pinterest can be a great tool for companies to use for recruitment, but also great for potential candidates to ...

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The death of BlackBerry [Infographic]

When I read this infographic about the death decline of the once all-powerful BlackBerry, my first thought was "Ag, shame." Ever wondered how it all went from QWERTY happiness to US$15 a share for the crowd over in Canada? Here is the sad story, all neatly packaged into this infographic along with a progressively balding BlackBerry fan. Ok, so opinions vary on exactly how 'dead' BlackBerry really is. There are still a fair number of loyal users and other human beings ...


SA govt runs to MXit to engage younger crowd

It has become commonplace for politicians to engage audiences through social media. Whatever your views may be on the efficacy of, or motives behind these campaigns, one thing is clear, the public can engage with candidates and those in office like never before. MXit is a South African social media success story, the largest network of its kind in Africa. On the eve of Freedom Day, a significant South African public holiday which celebrates the country’s first post-apartheid elections, MXit hosted ...


Samsung organises flashmob protest at Apple store down under [Video]

Tsk tsk. It wasn't all that long ago that a US judge was telling Apple and Samsung to play nice. Apparently the South Korean tech giant took that to mean "organise a flashmob at Apple's Australian headquarters". The flashmob comprised a bus full of protesters telling Apple customers to "Wake Up". It seems that the "protest" is probably an attempt at generating buzz around the Galaxy S III, set to be released on 3 May. An Aussie marketing blog did some ...


Take a stunning look at every transportation route on Earth [Video]

Humans have always been a species on the move; it’s why we have presences in all but the most inhospitable parts of the planet. But we‘re also a species that thrives on connections. That’s why technologies that make it easier for us to stay connected tend to do so well. Those which fulfil both needs tend to do even better. Prior to the industrial revolution the best you could hope for when it came to moving and staying connected was ...

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Prometheus trailer to produce Twitter ad response

The buzz around Prometheus just keeps on growing. After all that has been done to promote the Ridley Scott flick, you've got to ask: what more can they possibly do? Glad you asked. UK's Channel 4 is kicking things up a notch with live tweets, reports MediaWeek. Channel 4 will be airing the world premiere of the trailer to Prometheus on Sunday 29 April, which will be followed by viewers responses to the trailer from Twitter. The selection of tweets ...


Samsung Galaxy Nexus — bow to our Android overlords

If brilliance is a crime, Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus is a mass-murderer. From tip to toe, the Nexus exudes class. It doesn’t have the glass and metal knockout combo of the iPhone 4S, rather a plastic shell with a screen which seems to melt into the sides of the phone. At 135g, the Nexus is a heavyweight which is baffling considering the all-plastic exterior. We can chalk this up to the massive battery which lurks inside. Read (a lot) more on Gearburn.com






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