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Emerging market fund launched for digital media innovation

digitalnewsventures A well-known New York-based fund that focuses on emerging market media has launched an early-stage fund for entrepreneurs developing digital news and information businesses. The fund, called Digital News Ventures, has been launched by the Media Development Loan Fund (MDLF). The MDLF, which operates out of Prague, has invested more than $113-million in 79 independent news companies in 27 countries, mainly emerging markets, since 1995. It backs up all of its debt and equity investments with strategic advice and business ...


LulzSec leader turns out to be FBI mole

LulzSec A leading player in hacktivist group LulzSec has been feeding the FBI information for months. That's according to a report from Fox News. The report claims that Hector Xavier Monsegur, whose online moniker is 'Sabu', helped officials locate five top-ranking members of the group across two continents. Two of the suspects are from the UK, another two are from Ireland, and the fifth is a US citizen. Speaking to Fox News, an FBI official claimed the arrests would be “devastating ...


‘Personal cloud’ access to be included in 90% of devices by 2013

Futuristic Cloud Computer Dropbox, Apple iCloud, Mezeo...There are a fair number of personal cloud products out there and they’ve changed the way we view storage. Taking your documents with you once meant carrying physical storage devices everywhere you went. Now all you need is an internet connection. Thing is, we all know this. What we might not know is that the cloud could also completely change the way we access content across our devices. Think about it. If your smartphone is grabbing ...


Google rebrands Android Market, other entertainment services as Google Play

Playground What’s in a name? Quite a lot if the latest announcement from Google is any indication. The internet giant is changing the name of the Android Market to the Google Play Store. Well, it’s actually a little more complicated than that. Google Play is a cloud-based service that will consolidate Android Market, Google Music and the Google eBookstore into one destination. Google calls Play “a digital entertainment destination where you can find, enjoy and share your favourite music, movies, books ...

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The hows and the whats — 5 tough questions VCs ask

questions Over the past six months I have spoken with a wide variety of people who have shown, in varying degrees, interest in investing in my company. Many of these VCs have specific ways that they conduct a call, interview or meeting. Many of them have lead me down long and wasteful due diligence processes, many have been kind, some have been blunt and harsh but all have been pedantic and specific about the types of questions they ask. I have found ...

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How M-Pesa disrupts entire economies

m-pesa-1-0910 Back in 2011, I was asked to give my thoughts on what I thought would trend in mobile within between then and 2020. One of my predictions was that: “Mobile money will shift economies on a large-scale and across borders.” It came as an interesting discovery to learn therefore that according to recent Africa Development Bank (AfDB) research, increased uptake of M-Pesa, which is the literal mother of mobile money, is said to be contributing to inflation in Kenya. Inflation was ...

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How do 11 of the most popular athletes on Twitter rank on Klout?

athlete It makes sense for athletes to be social media-savvy. After all, they’re constantly in the public eye and can go from being treated like deities to dirt in an instant. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow them to interact with the public on a more human level. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that sports people are among the most followed on Twitter and most well-liked on Facebook. It’s well and good having loads of fans, but how well does that translate ...


Facebook Messenger for Windows goes live

The Facebook Messenger app is now available for your Windows desktop. The social network claims that the app allows people “stay in touch anytime, no matter what you’re doing” and without clicking away from anything else they might have open. The app includes a window that moves all your chats to your desktop, provides you with instant notifications, and “an active stream of posts and activity from your friends”. “Millions of people log into Facebook every day to keep up ...


Driving with Siri [Comic]

Driving with Siri I was browsing through The Joy of Tech, a popular webcomic site, earlier when I came across this hilarious comic. Siri's abilities have amazed us since Apple introduced her to us last year. She can do almost anything and if she is unable to do it, she will find a way to get it done. She's a dream, she doesn't argue too much and you don't really feel the need to argue with her because Siri knows best. She could ...


How your desk job is killing you [Infographic]

“Each hour you spend watching TV increases your risk of death by 11%.” The average person has a 100% chance of dying, so if you watch an hour of TV after work today, you’ll increase that to a 111% chance. Watch out, your flatscreen is deadly! This is just one of the shocking statistics in a recently released infographic. It’s pink, it’s an infographic, it has meat cleavers scattered throughout... what’s not to like? It also contains some pretty scary statistics ...






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