Meet the billboard that grows a beard with Facebook likes

Bronx Billboard Hey guys, what’s better than growing a beard? Growing one digitally, of course. But how would one go about doing that? Enter the world’s first fully interactive growing billboard. The billboard appears on the corner of two streets in central Cape Town and is presented by Bronx, “makers of the world’s manliest shoes”. It features a stubbled, but otherwise respectable-looking, man gazing piercingly out into world. Here’s the deal, every time anyone likes Bronx’s Facebook page the man’s beard will ...


Touch the rainbow: Skittles digital Easter Egg hunt

Skittles is in full Easter spirit with its "Touch The Untouchable" campaign. The campaign consists of five online videos asking people to touch their computer screens and wait for a surprise, which feature a baby werewolf, a zombie tennis player and a Cyclops doctor. The confectionery, currently produced and marketed by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, a division of Mars, Inc. seems to want revive the success of its 2011 touch campaign. The Easter portion of the campaign features five digital ...

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Stop wasting time and money on bad social media marketing

Social Media The concept of “Social Media” was inspired by a bunch of very clever people who understood that if people were provided with an environment that enabled them to connect and share information easily, that it would proliferate like wild-fire in a relatively short space of time. Popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ are given away for free to anyone willing to go online and register on these social networks. Anyone hoping to “monetise” these platforms spends a ...


What are the limits of free speech on Twitter?

Black Twitter Caution: not for sensitive readers.  What are the limits to free speech on Twitter? Is the “report spam” function enough? Should trolls be censured? In the UK, racist trolling will get you arrested and jailed, as student Liam Stacey discovered recently after tweeting racist comments about footballer Fabrice Muamba and then referring to people who complained as “wogs”. Stacey was jailed for 56 days after being prosecuted under the Racially Aggravated s4A Public order Act 1986. He initially claimed his account had been ...

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4 Factors shaping social impact investment in Africa’s tech scene

Innovation I recently took part in a panel discussion focused on “investing in tech in Africa”. It was a good session, as it was very much a discussion between the audience and ourselves. There were a number of points that came up illustrating both the current difficulties and future opportunities when it comes to investing in the African tech space. Using what's there There are a number of tech hubs and labs coming up across the continent, and each have a different ...


BlackBerry PlayBook tablet OS 2.0 review

BlackBerry fans, rejoice. Your reason for believing in the beleaguered Canadian manufacturer is here. The PlayBook was throwaway nonsense, an expensively wrapped tablet with a broken OS irritatingly tied to a smartphone. OS 2.0 breaks the shackles and allows the tablet to stand on its own. BlackBerry has opened my eyes to one of the best tablets on the market, one that now I hold in a higher regard than the iPad 2, thanks to the refurbished OS. Let’s see why. Messaging powerhouse It’s ...


Google brings African rock art, Brazilian graffiti to the world

Google is expanding its Art Project in a big way. In fact, it wants to take everything from South African rock art to Brazilian graffiti and make it available to art lovers around the world “with a few simple clicks of a finger”. The internet giant claims that people will be able discover paintings, sculpture, street art and photographs from 151 museums in 40 countries. The project now includes some 30 000 high-resolution pictures, with Street View images for 46 ...

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It’s Startup Month at Memeburn

startup cover image1 Every month is startup month at Memeburn, but we’re doing something special for the month of April. We invite you to let us know about which killer startups -- your own or ones you admire -- we should be covering. Share on Facebook or Twitter Tell us about deserving startups by using the hashtag #memestartup on Twitter or by posting a short motivation on Memeburn's Facebook page. If you’d like us to feature your own startup, be sure to complete Memeburn's startup ...


Marvel rewards Avengers Facebook fans with early screenings

Being a fan, be it of a sport’s team, franchise, or band can be frustrating. But that dedication can also, very occasionally, have massive pay off. The rewards being offered by Marvel to fans of its upcoming movie The Avengers is a case in point. The studio announced that it would be offering advance screenings of the movie all over the world in those cities where the movie has the most fans on Facebook. People in those cities will get ...


Tablet users expect a faster web

Some people think the tablet is killing the PC. Others aren’t so sure. There’s no denying they’re popular either -- the opening sales figures of the latest iPad attest to that. But how much grunt do people expect to get out of their tablets? One good indicator is web loading times. Browsing is, after all, one of the things the tablet is supposed to be perfect for. According to online research company eMarketer, citing a worldwide survey by Equation Research, ...






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