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Hitler displeased about revelations concerning SA internet radio stats

If you thought you've heard the last of the internet radio racket caused by IT sleuth, Shaun Dewberry's sensational exposé on listenership stats, think again. A German radio station conglomerate with radio stations in South Africa has now caught wind of the revelations and thanks to a tipoff, we have a video depicting the drama as the station's boss comes to terms with the station's true listenership numbers. Take a look as its moustachioed boss prepares for the ruin of the station ...

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User-generated content: How customers form opinions

Online Shopping Anyone who regularly shops online knows how influential customer reviews of products have become. This form of user-generated content (UGC) shows up on the e-commerce sites of internet giants such as Amazon as well as up-and-coming web entrepreneurs across the globe. And there's good reason why businesses have encouraged the growth of customer reviews. These little nuggets of opinion do more than company-produced content to help people make up their minds about products. Consider these statistics from a recent MarketingSherpa case ...

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3 key factors to bear in mind when developing a social strategy

social media Facebook believes in "social by design." In other words, something is not social unless your deigned it to be social. Social needs to be a core part of what you do and not just utilising social websites. Understanding this concept is key to designing social media strategies. A strategy becomes social when it leverages the social aspect of life rather than uses a social network. There are three primary social elements that we should be thinking about when we develop a social ...


Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea': a fundamental guide to business

Atlantic white marlin big game sport fishing Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea is a timeless, Pulitzer Prize winning novel, both rich in symbolism and conspicuously relevant in its contemporary application. As a parable for entrepreneurs, it is practically without parallel. A simple tale that sees a man set out to achieve a goal, and tackle the challenges that befall him and his determination to realise his ambition. The Old Man and the Sea's succinct, powerful grit registers as a fundamental guide to business. It’s ...

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Are we underestimating Skype’s potential as a social network?

skype1 One thing missing from most social networking sites is the most basic form of communication: talking. Sure, conversations are happening all the time, but generally take on a written form as opposed to a verbal one. Online sharing platforms (that don’t involve actual speech) are increasingly becoming the commonly and socially accepted way to converse. To let people know where we are, we check in. To arrange or RSVP to a party or event, we do so on Facebook, or Google+. ...


Social wine discovery service Real Time Wine uncorks delicious mobile apps

The world of wine is about to get super social and dramatically less snooty. Real Time Wine, the 140-character wine blog is now available in the form of beautiful apps for iPhone and Android phones. Real Time Wine makes it easy for those who don't consider themselves intrepid wine connoisseurs to venture out and try something new “Most wine buyers are not wine experts,” says founder Andy Hadfield. “The challenge of discovering new wine at the right price is so great ...


Google axes more products, Microsoft employee pins them

Google Graveyard Pintrest "More wood behind fewer arrows". That's been the operating rationale of Google ever since Larry Page returned as CEO in 2011. Hardly surprising then that the product cull that began with Google Labs is ongoing. As part of what it calls its "spring cleaning" efforts, the internet giant is killing off iGoogle, Google Mini, Google Chat Talkback, Google Video, and the Symbian Search app. Although it wont be officially killed off until November 2013, we've got to admit we're pretty ...


CERN finds particle consistent with Higgs Boson

Scientists at the CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research have found a particle consistent with the illusive Higgs Boson, sometimes referred to as "the God Particle". That's big. Finding the Higgs Boson particle is one of the primary reasons the multi-billion dollar Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was built in the first place. If you're not sure what the hell a Higgs Boson is, Business Day science editor Sarah Wild has a fairly comprehensive explanation that most people should ...


Google’s been looking buy Yahoo’s ad tech for a while now

Google is looking to get its hands on Yahoo's ad technology. In fact, it's been looking for some time now, having made its first offer three months ago. An inside source speaking to Business Insider said that offer, made while Scott Thompson was CEO, didn't make it past corporate development. According to Business Insider, the likes of Accenture and IBM have already looked into buying the embattled internet giant's ad technologies. This is one of those "inside source" stories that sort ...

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Tencent, Activision Blizzard to take ‘Call of Duty Online’ into China

This is interesting. One of China's biggest social networking powers Tencent has been granted the exclusive rights to distribute Call of Duty Online in the country. The multiplayer game, which involves missions familiar to anyone who's played the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series, has been in development for the past two years. Free to play, it makes its money through in-game purchases. The game's publisher Activision Blizzard today announced the deal with the Chinese company, in what it ...






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