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Facebook changes: What ‘the public’ thinks [infographic]

Facebook Dislike Very little can get netizens around the world up and ready to riot like the discovery that Facebook has (yet again) changed its interface, and with the latest updates on the world's largest social network, the reaction has been no different.As Memeburn reported, The hashtag "#newfacebook" was where much invective and anger on Twitter was hurled at Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg as the revamped news-feed was rolled out. With even further changes in the pipeline the world's largest ...


Amazon’s Kindle Fire launching soon

Amazon is expected to unveil an Android powered tablet which may or may not go by the name of the “Kindle Fire” this week. According to reports, the Kindle Fire will be a 7” tablet which will look very similar to the Blackberry Playbook.The report continues by saying that the Kindle Fire will ship in the second week of November.Analysts predict that the Kindle Fire could become a rival to the iPad 2 and ensure that another competitor is ...


Michael Arrington, ‘unpaid blogger’ launches Uncrunched

ArringtonTechCrunch founder and former editor-in-chief Michael Arrington has launched a new blog. The site, called Uncrunched, recently went live with a solely user-generated post entitled “Here I am”. The post generated some 503 comments.Following this, however, a second post was put up explaining exactly what Arrington aims to do with Uncrunched now that he is, to quote the T-Shirt he wore at the recent Disrupt conference, an "unpaid blogger".The answer, it would seem, is pretty much the exact same ...

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Four big obstacles for cloud computing

cloud-computing Everybody seems hyped up about "the cloud," so there's a good chance you might be wondering whether your business should be getting ready to migrate many of its day-to-day functionality to a bunch of online services.Certainly, there is a fair chance that you already make use of a bunch of cloud-based services. If you're using Gmail or Google Calendar, then you're already making use of software in the cloud. Externally hosted Microsoft Exchange services have been around for a ...

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Moneysmart – a better way to manage your money

MoneySmart Featured ImageZulfiq Isaacs and Tobie van Zyl want to help you to understand your money better. Moneysmart, their startup, is a user-friendly financial management platform. Users aggregate their banking information into a single place, outlining budgets and setting goals. For those who were once scared of their finances, the enthusiastic founders reckon Moneysmart will put the control back into your hands and help you to "reach your financial dreams".I visited the Moneysmart offices in Gardens, Cape Town. Their workplace is ...

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We’re in a Jacuzzi: digital and the Loeries

Loeries - featured image Steve Jobs once said: "We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life." Excellence -- recognising it, rewarding it, inspiring it -- is the aim of the Loerie Awards. This year, the most excellent creative digital agency of all -- based on the amount of silverware they get to take home -- is HelloComputer. Following them are Gloo Digital Design, NATIVE, Pixel Project, Prezence, Digital Fabric, Leftfield ...


Google and the Israel Museum bring the Dead Sea Scrolls online

dead sea scrolls The Israel Museum launches its Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project today, allowing users to examine and explore these ancient biblical manuscripts at a level of detail never before possible. Developed in partnership with Google, the new website gives users access to searchable, fast-loading, high-resolution images of the scrolls, as well as short explanatory videos and background information on the texts and their history.Dating from the third century BCE to the first century CE, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered ...


Unlocking Android’s true potential

Android Android allows users full control and customisation of its devices through a process known as “rooting”, however, there are some risks involved. The big question, therefore, is whether it is worth rooting your device, possibly voiding your warrantee, just for a few more options? Simply put, yes. Here’s why.When I received my HTC Desire earlier this year, a lot of time and effort had gone into researching which phone I would upgrade to. I choose the Desire, not because I ...


How to get your personal data back from Facebook

facebooklogo1European law allows every individual to get access to all data that a company holds about them. Austrian Max Schrems has created europe-v-facebook.org to help Facebook users get a copy of all their Facebook data. Schrems has started analysing some of the data that users have shared with him with interesting results.Here are the highlights:According to Facebook's privacy policy, messages will never be deleted. Messages include chat messages and Facebook emails. If you delete a message it only becomes invisible ...

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How mobile money is bridging the gap to online payments in Kenya

mobile moneyMobile Money has come a long way in the last few years. Kenyan mobile network operator, Safaricom, introduced its MPesa service in 2007 and the service literally took off, setting the stage for a veritable revolution. Safaricom’s MPesa is today the most successful mobile money operation all over the world, and its numbers definitely prove it.There have been attempts to transplant this success elsewhere with varying degrees of success. Other mobile operators soon caught on both within Kenya and across ...






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