How multi-tasking online is messing with your brain [Infographic]

Ever feel like you're stretched too thin, flitting between fifteen different tabs in your browser and a few apps on your tablet all while scrolling through your Facebook notifications on your smartphone? Have you started wondering why you can't concentrate on just one thing any more, and feel the need to tweet when you're watching TV? Turns out you're not alone. In a hyper-connected world where messages are sent and received in real time, it's not surprising that you've got a ...


Is Windows Surface ready to take a bite out of Apple?

After a long wait of Microsoft "keeping it secret and keeping it safe", it has been revealed. A tablet named Surface. "It's hardware and software pushing each other" said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the press event in downtown LA. And now for the specs: It's 9.3mm thin and 576 gram light. There's a USB 2.0 port. The VaporMag case is "full magnesium". Users will be able to access Windows apps, like Xbox Live and Microsoft Office. The display is ...

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Check out Microsoft’s Surface event in its full glory [Video]

Look there's no disguising the fact that we think Microsoft's range of Surface tablets is pretty damn cool. We sure as hell can't wait to play with one. There's a chance that some of that's post-event hype though. So just to make sure we'll be watching the whole Keynote again. And thanks to the marvels of YouTube, you can too. Just don't go expecting any hard-and-fast details on pricing. We'll only find that in September or October when the device ...


New Apple ad reminds everyone about iPad amid Microsoft hype

Unless you were hiding under a rock somewhere, you know that Microsoft launched its Surface range of tablets last night. Apparently Apple thought it best to remind us about the new iPad on the same day. The Cupertino-based tech giant released a video explaining how its Retina Display rocking device allows you to "do it all more beautifully". The video ditches the celebrity endorsement style of the most recent iPhone 4S adverts and goes back to the more usual "show ...

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40+ amazing digital campaigns (Cannes)

Not Campaign Digital advertising campaigns are big business. Seriously big business. YouTube alone brought in US$876-million for Google in 2011. It makes sense too. Digital campaigns "fix" a lot of the issues that exist in traditional advertising. It's trackable, and third-party players such as Google Adsense mean that there's a lot more space for negotiation when it comes to price than there in traditional media. That said, you're still not going to sell any product unless you've got a good campaign. The ...


Fancy an ice tea? Just tweet the vending machine

BOS Ice Tea This is cool. Soft drinks company BOS is letting Twitter users get their hands on a can of its iced tea just by tweeting a vending machine. Here's how it works: the BOS ice tea robot, called BEV, connects to the Twitter Streaming API and registers the configured hashtag as a filter. All tweets containing the hashtag on the entire Twitter network are then streamed to the BOS sampling machine. It then checks every Tweet's location settings, and compares ...


Is Baidu about to enter the browser wars?

Chinese search giant Baidu is reportedly planning to acquire large stake in browser company UCWeb, with the rumours not dissimilar to those linking Facebook and Opera. According to Dow Jones report, a person familiar with the matter said the two companies were still only "exploring possibilities". The report does however follow rumours that Baidu was looking to buy the company outright. If the deal goes through, it'll be something of a coup for UCWeb. Its mobile browser is already ...


Facebook promises deeper iOS integration, buys

Facebook was one of the definite winners in Apple's recent iOS 6 announcement at WWDC. Now it seems the social network wants to get even deeper into bed with the Cupertino giant. In a short, cryptic post (because there's a real shortage of those at the moment), Facebook said it would be releasing a major update to its SDK for iOS: We're very excited about the Facebook integration in iOS 6 that Apple announced last week at WWDC 2012. ...

Social media

6 top tips for controlling your privacy on social media

Private Sign If you are concerned about your privacy online, social media is inevitably going to throw a couple of hurdles in your path. In its basic form, the social web encourages sharing and broader engagement that can translate to a much looser control over your private interactions and your personal information online. Every day we use our favourite social media channel to communicate, engage, and to maintain our relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. We also use the social web as a ...

Future Trends

IPv6: Is your business ready for a new web?

Internet connection The address space used by the current version of the Internet protocol, IPv4, is rapidly running out. The familiar four number code is fast being usurped by a new protocol -- IPv6 -- which provides over four-billion times more space, and infinitely more options for companies worldwide. Although IPv6 technology has already been deployed extensively in many large networks, it has yet to be implemented on a global scale. World IPv6 Day, which took place on 8 June, marked the ‘official’ ...






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