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What’s going to happen to social media in 2012?

Social networks Memeburn asked me to give my thoughts on trends in social media for 2012. I had a look around to see what other people were saying and discovered that the Net is jam-packed with predictions for the coming year, so writing this article feels a bit like I'm pissing in a river and watching it rise. While many writers are posting about how Facebook will cross the 1-billion user mark or Facebook will decline in popularity, I'm more interested in ...

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5 big tech stories to look out for in 2012

News Image I saw a joke going around recently … according to tech-experts at Apple, 2012 is actually 2011S. Rather funny, considering I just got myself an iPhone 4S a week ago. It looks and feels exactly like the iPhone4. I upgraded from the iPhone 3GS, so it was a big shift for me, but it really does look the same. Hopefully 2012 will be a little more exciting than a rehash of 2011. So what do the big giants in the Industry ...


Not a Review: Verbatim Netbook USB drive so small it’s almost not even there

Not a cricket chirped. Not a tumbleweed rustled in the chill wind. I sat contemplating the tiny little Verbatim Netbook USB solid state drive squatting on the mound of the fleshy part of my thumb. It sure is tiny — imagine you take the metal bit of a USB plug in hand, and with a sharp lightsaber cut off everything but a little plastic nubbin to grab hold of, and you would have the Netbook USB drive. I looked up, bemused. ...

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8 Great holiday ads on YouTube [Videos]

YouTube2 More and more companies are recognising the diverse array of holiday occasions out there and tailoring adverts to each one. Depending which side of the fence you sit on, you might call it the height of cynicism or good customer relations. Whatever your feelings, there are times when special occasions and the world of marketing come together to produce special adverts. Memeburn decided to scour the depths of YouTube and find, in no particular order, eight of the best. 1. ...

CES, Gearburn

Meet Acer Aspire S5, world’s ‘thinnest, lightest’ ultrabook

Acer has lifted the lid on the Acer Aspire S5, a 15mm supermodel, thinner than a MacBook Pro (24.1mm). At CES, the “thinnest and lightest” laptop which “sets the bar for the rest of the ultrabook vendors” moved into the bustling ultrabook spotlight. With a 13.3 inch screen, 15mm thickness and weighing just 1.35kg, the Acer Aspire S5 is a razors edge in a world filled with dull knives. Read more on

CES, Gearburn

Gorilla Glass 2 to debut at CES 2012

Without it, your fancy smartphone would have been cast to the back draw of your gadget graveyard years ago. It’s installed in a half-billion phones globally. It’s Gorilla Glass and version two is coming out at CES 2012. Corning, the manufacturer of Gorilla Glass announced its latest iteration, Gorilla Glass two. Gorilla Glass protects against scratches and the floor, which it seems most smartphones are magically attracted to. There is no word on what Gorilla Glass two will deliver, but senior ...

Online media

Online music sales beat CDs for the first time in 2011, says Nielsen

music-charts Spend enough time on the internet and you would be forgiven to think that physical music sales died a long time ago. In the real world, though, plenty of people still by CDs (and a few buy vinyl as well). 2011 was a watershed year for digital music sales, though, as, according to Nielsen SoundScan's year-end report for 2011, in the U.S., digital sales finally trumped physical sales for the first time last year. Digital accounted for 50.3% of all ...


Bangladeshi man to be prosecuted for Facebook post

facebook banner A Bangladeshi high court has ordered police to prosecute a student for sedition after he wished for the death of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Facebook. The same court handed Jahangirnagar University teacher Ruhul Khandakar a six month jail sentence last week for contempt of court after he failed to respond to repeated summonses to explain his Facebook posting. "The court has directed police to file a sedition case against Khandakar immediately," deputy attorney general Altaf Hossain said. The hearing was held in ...


Google 2012: An internet odyssey

Google In 2011 Google had its most tumultuous year since its inception in 1997 and acted very much like a teenager would. It surprised us by changing up the leadership; it defied "corporate sclerosis" accusations by taking on Facebook in the social media race; and it made a bold move in the patent war with Apple by acquiring businesses like Motorola. Google's leadership promised more wood behind fewer arrows, but with the industry talking up top-secret facility Google X and reports ...

Africa, Startups

10 African tech startups worth watching

Africa It’s practically a tradition to follow a post like this with a good old-fashioned flame-war where everyone reveals his or her own sense of inadequacy. In order to save time I’d like to encourage you to stop reading now and skip to the bottom and start doing that right away; that way I can continue by typing Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet and get away with it. Disclaimers: I have left out Motribe, my own company, because I think ...






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