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The 5 stages of your Facebook Timeline

louise lundberg facebook timeline hack Before Facebook, people had to rely on outdated things such as photo albums or genuine human interaction to keep track of their progression. Now, the kind of interactions you have on Facebook can help tell you exactly where you are in your life. Which is on Facebook, mainly. But here's what else Facebook can tell you about what stage of development you're going through... 1. The tentative teens Facebook is not yet an extremely important part of your life. You use ...


Oops — ICANN published the home addresses of new domain applicants

Whoops. It seems that the people over at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) accidentally included the home addresses of the people who applied for new top-level domains when they published the list of the applicants earlier this week. The organisation received almost 2 000 applications for new generic top-level domains (GTLDs), which, once the process is completed early next year, will allow websites include more than the standard .com, .biz, .org, etc, in their web address. ...

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How to hack your way to your first tech job

Job Search Entering the job market is impossible; at least, it is if you round down to the nearest level of possibility. Getting a first time job for a skilled role or changing jobs without having several winters' worth of experience means that you're in for a tough battle. The problem is exacerbated when the same regurgitated career initiating advice is plastered all over job guides in popular magazines and on Alexa top 100 websites, in articles that are SEO'd to match ...

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UK council unbans 9-year-old from blogging about school lunches

One of the great things about blogging is that you're free to write about whatever you want. Unless you're in the UK, and you want to blog about school lunches. A town council in Western Scotland banned nine-year-old Martha Payne from posting entries rating her school lunches. Payne's blog Never Seconds recently passed 2-million page views and gradually became about much more than photos of what came out of her school kitchen. When people from around the globe began submitting ...

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Online? At work? Your company will soon know what you’re doing

Big brother watching. Thing is, it's not the made up avatar of an overarching, all-powerful, state. It's far more likely that it's a piece of software implemented by your company to see what you've been doing on social media. In fact, some 60% of corporations are expected to implement formal programmes for monitoring external social media for security breaches and incidents by 2015, up from the less than 10% that currently do so, According to tech research ...

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Online store starts taxing Internet Explorer 7 users

IE7 ban It's about time someone took a stand against archaic browsers. Online gadget store Kogan decided enough was enough, and has started taxing customers who use Internet Explorer 7. According to the store's official blog, visitors who use the "antique browser" to navigate the shop will be taxed 6.8% on all their purchases. They'll also be met with a delightful pop up box, approved by the international authority on all things web, the "Department of Internet Justice", warning them to upgrade ...

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Microsoft to buy Yammer for $1bn: Could this be its big reveal?

Microsoft is set to buy business-focused social network Yammer for US$1-billion, according to a Wall Street Journal article, citing the ubiquitous people "familiar with the matter". The news comes just hours after the Redmond-based company sent out an event invitation for a “a major Microsoft announcement”, sparking speculation that it would announce the deal at the event. According to the Journal however, "it is unclear when the Yammer acquisition will be completed and announced". Microsoft and Yammer representatives both ...


Naspers continues OLX rollout, scuppers Dealfish Nigeria and Kenya

Naspers is shutting down Dealfish, its Nigerian and Kenyan free classified sites, and replacing them with OLX. The move comes as the emerging markets giant attempts to make the most of the service which it owns a 71% stake in. According to Nigerian tech news site Techloy, the two major reasons for this consolidation are: technology and branding. Given that OLX has a presence in more than 90 countries, and is doing well in most of them, it's logical that ...


8ta slashes BlackBerry BIS offering, concentrates on social

South Africa's fifth mobile operator 8ta today announced that it would be offering a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) package for around half its usual price. There is a catch though, but it's not a big one. Under the 'BlackBerry Social & Email' plan you still get full access to online browsing to BlackBerry's native messaging app BBM, BlackBerry mail, internet browser, social networking, and BlackBerry App World. The only real difference between it and the full BIS offering is that ...


Virgin’s Crimson Bandit revealed

Crimson Bandit After apparently losing his diary a couple of days ago, Virgin founder Richard Branson sent the company's global social media following on a hunt for the book. The thief it, it seemed, was a mysterious actor called The Crimson Bandit. After an initial period of uncertainty over whether there was genuine social skulduggery at play, Sir Richard made another appeal, saying the company would offer rewards to anyone who helped find his beloved diary. At this point, it became clear ...






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