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Coca Cola’s winter wonderland happiness machine [Video]

Coca Cola loves Christmas and has specialised in creating ads that tug at one's heartstrings during the festive season. The soft drink giant has released another viral Christmas video as part of its happiness machine, this time in Argentina. The video, though mostly in Spanish, spreads a universal message of happiness and the magic of Christmas. It follows encounters at a Coca Cola machine on a street in Argentina, passersby who press a button on the machine are shown a ...


HTC wounded by Apple patent lawsuit

Apple now has exclusive rights to use “one-tap screen commands” for its devices. This lays an all-mighty smackdown on HTC, which is now forced to end deliveries of “offending units” to the US by April 2012. A limited exclusion order now places HTC in a tight corner. Is the loss of one-tap screen commands a blow for HTC phones running the Android OS? Yes, as features such as calling a business via a mobile web page, sharing content and running embedded ...

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Social media and the evolution of the fourth estate

The Fourth Estate With the spread of internet access, and of social media use,journalists have had to deal with two identity crises related to their role as the "fourth estate". The first identity crisis relates to their own positions of power as the other estates of power (which number far more than three) no longer rely on the media to communicate with citizens, diminishing the power of the media as middleman. Secondly, the 'people formerly known as the audience' have become an important source of ...

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Regulation, education and ‘high impact entrepreneurs’: Q&A with Anthony Farr

anthonyfarr Entrepreneurship cannot thrive if it is not given the right environment to do so. That’s according Anthony Farr, CEO of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation -- a non-profit organisation that looks to assist young entrepreneurs through learning programmes and educational scholarships. "Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned, and is not entirely dependent on natural ability or talent,” he says, “However of equal importance to the skill of the entrepreneur is ensuring an environment that encourages and rewards high-impact ...


Hi-Tech personalities: The winners and losers of 2011

We’ve reached the end of 2011 – and it’s time to look back on the winners and losers of the year. Those who made our gadget life more awesome, and those that ruined it for everyone. Those that rock, and those that suck. So, without further ado, Gearburn’s Geared and Burned personalities of 2011. Burned Leo Apotheker of HP He was bounced out of HP in disgrace, consoled only by the $25-million payout he trousered for less than a year’s work (a healthy ...

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How Google made the organic link irrelevant [Infographic]

Aaron Wall over at SEOBook, has put together an infographic explaining how Google has made the organic link irrelevant. It's ironic that Google's actions have largely devalued the search rank benefits of a link from another website. Yet this "PageRank,"named after CEO Larry Page, was the heart and soul of the Google algorithm. It was his eureka insight into the structure of the web that made Google into Google -- PageRank generated stellar search results. Spammers soon figured out that creating a ...


Gearburn’s top iPhone apps of 2011

December. That time of the year where we all make lists. Lists of what we enjoyed, what we hated, what we achieved, what went wrong and what we are going to do in future to make sure that we keep growing as people. Top 10’s, Top 50’s, Most Promising, the list goes on. As you would’ve picked up over the last few months of reading my articles, I love lists…so without further ado: my Top iPhone Apps of 2011. Apple App ...


Google makes four big updates to Google+

Google has made a series of what it calls "big improvements" to its social effort Google+. In an official blog post the internet giant said that some of the new features and functionality were made following widespread requests from everyday users and hopes that others "will be welcome surprises". There are four predominant changes, Google says, including the ability to "equalise" your main news stream, sneak preview notifications, improvements to Google+ pages, and "a bevy of improvements to the Google+ ...


Win a CyberShot W530 with Sony and Memeburn

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED Memeburn and Sony are giving you the chance to win a Sony CyberShot W530 camera just in time to take some amazing pictures over the holiday season. How to enter: Tweet @memeburn your top Sony device and include the #SONYGADGETS. Please note that you MUST be following Memeburn on Twitter to qualify for the competition.The competition runs for one week, from today. Tweet The Sony Cybershot W530 is a 14.1Mp stunner with Sweep Panorama, Steady Shot Images stabiliser, ...


Calling all next generation entrepreneurs

At the end of the year, most young adults are chilling out, taking a break. One South African project is, however, looking to give them a break of a different kind. From 20 December to 14 January, a five-ton truck equipped with 10 free internet stations and a walk-in meeting area -- will travel to five South African seaside cities to meet matriculants and univeristy students to discuss the idea of being an entrepreneur or an "intrapreneur". The enterprising project is ...






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