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FNB becomes first bank to add official support for 22Seven

22seven At least one major South African bank appears to have changed its tune on financial management app 22Seven. First National bank (FNB) has issued a press release claiming that it will "allow access to 22Seven". The bank claims that it made the decision as part of an "ongoing attempt to create simple and convenient solutions for its customers". "FNB has set a precedence of responding to our customer's [sic] needs with innovative products and services. We are now providing a ...


You can now pay for your meals via MXit

Popular instant messaging service, MXit, is expanding its mobile payment system. Last year the service signed an exclusive agreement with wiWallet, that made it possible for MXit’s 10-million+ active South African users to make use of its mobile payment services. wiWallet is a subsidiary of UCS Group Limited (“UCS”), a provider of retail software within South Africa, that services 95% of SA's retailers. When MXit originally announced its partnership with wiWallet it said it wanted to "replace our existing Moola payment platform ...

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Men care less about Valentine’s Day, at least on Twitter

Valentine’s Day gives us an extra special reason to be more romantically inclined than usual. I for one *heart* valentine’s day, but do other women feel the same as me, and how do men feel about the day? Considering that it’s actually MANentinesday the boys really have nothing to complain about as the roles have technically been reversed. If you buy into the whole leap year thing that is. However, it appears that the guys seem to be less in ...


On the comeback trail: Is Microsoft regaining its ‘cool’?

windowsphone During a cold December in Paris at a conference called Le Web, I was struck by an insight. It was a combination of what I had been feeling for a while and what a brilliant analyst was saying -- and that is, Microsoft is on the comeback trail. It really is. In recent times, Microsoft has struggled to exude that "cool factor" of companies like Apple, a coolness that is reflected in the companies' respective share prices too. It's a zeitgeist ...


The difference between Facebook friends and real friends: A case study

facebook banner My object of study, the 21-year old beauty who I call EmmaFB, has 921 Friends on Facebook. Her friends are from all the phases of her life, from pre- and primary school, high school, university, going out, friends of friends, and family members. This range of friends has been confirmed by international studies to be the typical set of friends a young person has. As EmmaFB told me in an interview I conducted with her, she goes out a lot, ...


7 Of the most popular ‘old school’ classics on YouTube

YouTube iPad There is a common misconception that only modern artists like Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber can rule YouTube and create videos that generate millions of hits. In fact there are plenty of classic artists whose staying power has earned them top spots on the video-sharing site. Stars like Elvis, The Beatles and many more may have had humble beginnings on a colourless square-shaped box (the television), but they now dominate the internet and millions of people are still listening to ...


Review: Nokia Lumia 800 – Achingly beautiful

Writing this review was emotional. I became deeply pensive, and at one stage called my mom to tell her that I love her and that I’ve found the perfect phone for her. It’s what the Nokia Lumia 800 does. It evokes emotive responses. It makes you, for the lack of a better word, gaga. I work with a panoply of personality types, and the Lumia 800 drew superlative praise from everyone. No hyperbole here, just plain, honest truth. Expletives were thrown ...


Google wishes you an adorable Valentine’s day

Google Valenteine's day doodle Google can be pretty damn cute! Unless you've been living a cave you know what day it is today -- Valentine's day. The day to show someone you love just how much they mean to you. The Candy hearts, blood-red roses and soppy cards are all ready to impress today, and so is Google. The internet giant has put together an adorable doodle for the romantics and even the not so romantics. The doodle follows the tale of a young man ...


Angry Birds flies beak-first into Facebook

Good news for anyone who loves Facebook and loves gaming, but hates Zynga’s slew of social titles. Angry Birds has arrived on the world’s most popular social network. For the most part, the Facebook version of Angry Birds is the same game anyone who’s played it on their smartphones, tablets or Chrome web browser knows and loves -- Kamikaze birds, devious pigs, and destructible scenery. Rovio has, however, added a few social elements for this particular iteration. People can, for ...


Google wants to bring Brazil’s Carnival to the world

Mention Brazil and a couple of things come to mind: golden sandy beaches, football, and Carnival. Now Google is trying to give everyone a taste of one of the world's most famous street festivals. In an official blog post the internet giant claims that it will be bringing people the "sounds and energy of Brazilian Carnival directly from the streets of Salvador (Brazil's first capital and one of the oldest cities in the Americas) through Google+, YouTube and Orkut)". Between 16 ...






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